Rumour: Microsoft making their own Windows Phone?

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This has been rumoured plenty of times but it’s picking up steam again. It is believed by some sources that Microsoft might just give Nokia a stab in the back by releasing their own phone. Congrats. What a sure way of making sure Windows Phone dies a slow death.

It was bad enough having Nokia limited by WP7.5, and then struggle and wait for Microsoft peeps to decide to work and finish WP8, now there’s rumours that they’re going to try and go their own and release a Surface phone.

On the one side, it might be good to have a ‘Nexus’ type device, something pure as a reference design, like the surface tablet. But what’s the point for the phone range when Nokia’s already doing their best with what they’ve got in WP?

Apparently, Nokia have been focusing too much on the ‘Lumia’ brand as opposed to ‘Windows Phone’. Why should they? Samsung focuses on Galaxy and not Android. Some ramblings connect the dig at Nokia by naming HTC as the ‘signature’ WP.

Thank goodness Nokia did quite rightly focus on Lumia. Nokia Lumia. If people want a Windows Phone, they should go for Nokia Lumia. Lumia could still potentially be OS agnostic should Nokia’s hand be forced that way. Though they are too far into WP now to back out.

Whilst this is still a rumour, I feel it’s a shame to think that MS couldn’t see that they’ve got some great products ahead from Nokia, and even HTC and Samsung for WP. Much better now in comparison to the competition than they ever have been. What on earth are those manufacturers supposed to think?

Some other random ‘rumours’ I’ve seen say HTC and Nokia are supposedly merging. Or as per usual  Nokia is being bought by MS, hence MS making their own phone.

Source: BGR / WPCentral

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