Why I Won’t be Buying a Glossy Lumia 920 (Yellow, Red, White)

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If you’ve ever read a single post written by me regarding the Lumia 900 you’re sure to have picked up on my obsessive love with the glossy white Stormtrooper Lumia 900; till this day I stand by the fact that it’s possibly one of the best looking devices out there, if not the best (the darker contrast of the CBD screen gives it a leg-up against the N9 & the Lumia 800). The stormtrooper (and any glossy phone in that fabula form factor) will look amazing-it’s a law of physics, the gloss paint won’t fade or darken over time (unlike the matte- my Cyan 800 got a couple shades darker after a month or two); the problems begin when you set it down on ANY rough surface. The gloss surface is completely smooth, unlike the matte surfaces which have tiny little bumps/roughness on them (which is the reason they darken, dirt and yucky stuff get stuck in those holes); this smoothness means that it’s more prone to little scratches from any object that’s slightly rough.

My Stormtrooper is only outside my pocket when it’s in my hand or on my wooden nightstand, which isn’t really the roughest surface out there (it’s not polished sooth but it’s not an asphalt surface); yet the nightly stay on the nightstand seems to have taken it’s toll. Completely ignoring the horridly scratched backplate (which has hopefully been fixed in the 920 by replacing the stainless steel with that beautiful black ceramic- which I pray isn’t the same as the backplate on the 808 either); the back of the phone is still a pain to look at.

Both the 900/800/N9 as well as the 808’s backplate are scratch-a-holics, the darker shade of the 808’s backplate helps hide the scratches but they’re there, lurking in the darkness.

To be fair the scratches on the phone’s body aren’t visible from afar, or even when your holding the phone at an arms length; but when you bring the phone closer to your eyes and bounce the light off it (more in florescent lights than sunlight), you can definitely see those tiny annoying scratches.

Taking pictures of the scratches is practically impossible, the white-on-white provides absolutely no contrast for any camera to focus on; I tried almost every configuration on the 808 but to no avail, I even tried an external light source while capturing at full zoom. Eventually I took a video (with the LED light on) and captured screen shots off my PC later.

The point is that I can’t stand having such a beautiful phone tarnished by these tiny flaws (HP Reference: I imagine this is how Mrs. Weasley felt when her best looking son was mauled); over-all it hurts to have imperfections on something so close to the heart. So even though I was all set out to get a yellow Lumia 920 I think I’ll be settling for plain old black (seeing how the ash Gray- the only other matte color- looks like a layer of paint primer or a cinder-block).

So am I nitpicking or does anyone else consider this an issue (possibly a deal breaker on Gloss in general?)?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the reason I don’t use a case on my stormtrooper is cause I didn’t want to cover it’s beauty- the only case I’ve ever used were the silicon covers that came with the 800 & N9; I tried getting a black bumper for the 900 (no back just around the sides- it’s supposed to keep it slightly elevated) but I couldn’t find it; it only comes in Blue and Green which is pretty stupid

Also according to the “what’s in the box” for the Lumia 920- there is no silicon case in box, which is a bit of a disappointment.

Sales Package

  • Nokia Lumia 920
  • Nokia Fast USB Charger AC-16
  • Battery BP-4GW 2000 mAh
  • Nokia Charging and Data Cable (CA-190CD)
  • Nokia Headset WH-208
  • Quick guide



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