Stephen Elop interviewed at CNET (and CNET asks if you can tell Nokia Lumia from HTC’s absurd KIRF?)

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The blogosphere is getting some time with Stephen Elop and it’s CNET’s turn.

What caught my eye is their question to their readers on whether you could tell the phones apart if the logos weren’t there?

Well, to me, they’re obviously lumia designs. Not one thing, such as colour, but the combined combination of curved glass, polycarbonate unibody and bright vivid colours. It’s just a shame that HTC were so arrogant as to call these designs something unique that they’ve made when clearly, they’ve just looked at Lumia and said “it’s easier if we just copy these”. It’s true, isn’t it, HTCrap? Oh well, as long as people recognise the design as Lumia and search for Lumia and not their wannabe KIRF.

When asked whether Nokia would pursue legal action against HTC, Stephen Elop says:

We don’t comment on specific legal things like that. Always we make sure that our trademarks, our intellectual property, and designs are protected, so we do that routinely. But I think also when people see the quality of design, the fit and finish, and so forth, copying is one thing. Doing it correctly is something very different. We’re very proud of what we’ve done with these devices.


CNET asks whether there is any truth to the rumours about not carrying on with the dividend in order for Nokia to keep a healthy cash balance – this is asked on two occasions:

The way that works at Nokia is that in the early part of each calendar year the board of directors reviews it, makes a series of recommendations, and then in the April-to-May time frame when the shareholders meet, they decide when dividend is paid. So any speculation or commentary on dividend is just that at this point, because that sequence doesn’t begin until the early part of next year….

The board will look at the financial conditions of the company at the time, expected cash requirements in the time ahead, expectations of shareholders. They’ll put all of those things together. Any possibility is an option for them. People making or generating stories now, however, are doing that based on no information, ’cause that only happens at the beginning of the year.

Source: cnet

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