Video: Lumia 920 PolyCarbonate Body Scratch Test (Vs. N9)

| October 5, 2012 | 53 Replies

Earlier this week I wrote a post about my issues regarding glossy phones, and why I probably wasn’t going to be getting a glossy 920, after which I was kindly reminded that I already had a Lumia 920 body, so why not do a scratch test? I decided to compare the glossy yellow polycarbonate body of the 920 vs. the Matte Black finish of the N9:

(apologies for the lack of proper focus but the 808 has some serious issues focusing on the reflective gloss, especially since there is no proper contrast)- Be sure to watch in HD, you can’t see much on Standard Definition.

It’s worth noting that the yellow color hides the scratches better than the glossy white, also the phone was hardly scratched when rubbed on the wooden surface of the desk, most of the damage came from the coins.

*After testing it the scratches on the Yellow 920 seem alot less of a issue than they did on the stromtrooper; or maybe I’m just falling for the color regardless of the issues with it.

(click on the images for a larger/clearer view)





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  • tim

    Soo today i walked in a o2 Shop in Germany and askes if they know when the lumia 820 arrives there. he stares at me and said do you really want a nokia lumia?? he said look here the s3 a new motorola and one x this is a real smartphone. i said do you even know what a phone the820 is, he said no i didnt even want to know because windows phone und nokia sucks.

  • guest

    My only complaint to Ali is that he did not go so far as totally sheared and teared and punched and hammered the piece of shit that is called N9.

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  • DV

    Thanks for the info. Very useful comparison… made me decide not to get a case for my black Lumia 920 😊.

  • WJJ

    Just wondering if you would be willing to do a drop test of the matte 920 vs the high gloss 920. When dropped on the back, it makes me wonder if the high gloss will shatter like the iPhone 4S does, and if the matte will turn out better.