Video: Lumia 920 PolyCarbonate Body Scratch Test (Vs. N9)

| October 5, 2012 | 53 Replies

Earlier this week I wrote a post about my issues regarding glossy phones, and why I probably wasn’t going to be getting a glossy 920, after which I was kindly reminded that I already had a Lumia 920 body, so why not do a scratch test? I decided to compare the glossy yellow polycarbonate body of the 920 vs. the Matte Black finish of the N9:

(apologies for the lack of proper focus but the 808 has some serious issues focusing on the reflective gloss, especially since there is no proper contrast)- Be sure to watch in HD, you can’t see much on Standard Definition.

It’s worth noting that the yellow color hides the scratches better than the glossy white, also the phone was hardly scratched when rubbed on the wooden surface of the desk, most of the damage came from the coins.

*After testing it the scratches on the Yellow 920 seem alot less of a issue than they did on the stromtrooper; or maybe I’m just falling for the color regardless of the issues with it.

(click on the images for a larger/clearer view)



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  1. Rinslowe says:

    I wish umm and this video was a lottery…LOL

    Terrible Video, is this just because of the negative comments you received from the previous blog? Umm…

    And more just another nit pick from Ali, the Umm man.

  2. David Hsu says:

    Thank GOD the cyan version’s got a matte finish!

  3. erzhik says:

    Oh well.. this video just made it easier for me to decide on the color. Cyan it is then.

  4. Matt says:

    “Oh no, there’s a little scratch on my phone!”

    That’s something you’ll never hear me say. No cases, ever. Scratches, who cares?

    I’ve lost count of the number of Nokia phones I’ve owned, every one of them is scratched and battered by the time I’m finished with it, but they keep on going.

    My 808 has been dropped a few times cos I’m not careful at all, I just expect it to keep going like a hero soldier.

    Remember the scene in Jaws when they’re comparing scars? That’s what I do with my Nokias when people are inspecting their precious iphones and samsungs :)

    • shdv says:

      Phones have a body for a reason – to protect the phone components. Having a case to protect it is like having a shield to protect a shield – defeats the purpose! And while I’ll never have a case on my phones, I can see how cases can be used for aesthetics – there are only so many colors a phones comes in, but there are tons of cases you can choose to your liking. One thing that has no justification whatsoever and bothers me the most is people having screen protectors on gorilla glass (or similar) screens. You are paying for your phone to be scratch-proof out of the box, why degrade the touch sensitivity and display visibility without getting any advantages?!

      • Daniel says:

        As far as I know, Gorilla Glass and Gorilla Glass 2 are scratch-RESISTANT, not scratch-proof. My C7 is a testament to that, though it had to fall on rough, uneven concrete from torso height to get that scratch. Also got another one from a pen’s pointed metal cap while in my skinny jeans’ very tight pocket. So 2 scratches, my C7 has. Just sharing.

    • James says:

      Comparing scares against those phones, wouldn’t you lose bigtime if their’s have any though? ;-)

  5. JGrove303 says:


    The only useful cases I’ve seen are watetproof or extended battery cases. Nokia’s sleeve cases for thr N9, Lumias and the snap on case with lens protector for 808 are cool too, not adding much to dimensions or interferring with screen edges.

    • Grendell says:

      I’m totally getting a sleeve for the Lumia 920 if they make one! My N9 looks good as new though the charging port cover looks like it’s been to hell and back. Then again, the new buttons/back panel look to be addressing that very problem.

  6. Rove says:

    Dude, aren’t you a tiny bit anal regarding ‘microscratches’?!

  7. sandandan says:

    ffs.. I’ll still take the yellow one. Glossy definitely as it looks amazing!! This is totally bullshit and you are nitpicking.. Normally it’s easier to see the scratches from darker surface. So yellow should show them easier than white one. Maybe 920 polycarb is different compared to polycarb on 900.

  8. Jesseri says:

    As i mentioned earlier, those scratches are pretty easy to remove by buffing with automotive polishes. I was equally anal about micro scratches on my car when it was new :). Now it’s just a car.

  9. Raj says:

    even before clicking the link, i knew the post would be from Ali

  10. cmo says:

    crikey, let it go man.

  11. Jack says:

    I’ll probably still get the yellow version but I’m gonna put a case on it first day, I’d consider the grey or cyan versions too but grey isn’t gonna be available on release day and cyan probably won’t be available on my carrier of choice.

  12. Pjonk says:

    Thx for the video Ali!
    Of course there are people that are picky, or anal if you perfer, about this things. I am. For some folks these things matter and for some they don’t. Don’t read it if you do not care about scratches easy as that!

  13. craspo says:

    what about the grey color is it matte ?

  14. JGrove303 says:

    It is matte. So Cyan, grey and black are matte, white, yellow and red are gloss.

    Curious if Magenta will make an appearance again. T-Mobile exclusive!

  15. Rinslowe says:

    Once and for all there are no differences between Nokia now and WP, at least for the immediate future. So nitpicking a WP, which is actually a Lumia phone with Windows mobile os is not doing Nokia any favors.

    It’s like when the immune system turns on itself for no real reason other than to weaken the host…

  16. Edwin says:

    AliQudsi: Ali…. the first time I saw it, I was like: “how dare you scratch the beautiful N9″ hahahaha but thanks for doing this “rough” job for us…. You sacrifice your N9 =) nice video to illustrate durability of Nokia’s polycarbonate approach

  17. Jay Montano says:

    My experience:

    Fact: Matte polycarbonate is more durable than the gloss.

    N9/800 in matte cyan/black is looking much better than my 900, (and will likely be the same for the gloss 920 unless they’ve done something different).

    Gloss in general, is more prone to minor scratches becoming more visible. Gloss looks great when it’s a seamless surface. Any minor breaks becomes visible. Matte finish seems more forgiving. It’s just less visible.

    I am shocked by the people thinking this is an actual N9 thing and that somehow the N9 is being made to look bad.

    BTW, I think the shininess of the matte finish is due to picking up oils in the hand too.

    • lmiked says:

      and yes the shininess on the matte definetely is from the oil/greasse from the hands!
      Anyway, I like the Red L920 so much that I really won’t care about a few tiny scratches, specially cause after a few months of use, they’ll be evenly spread through the body, that it will make it look like it’s a part of the phone, also the vibrant red plus the shiny gloss will make the scracthes go unnoticed (hopefully) unless you look really close.
      the only scratches that would annoy me would be scratches on the camera metal plate since it’s clearly easier to notice, but since the camera plate on the L920 is more resistant!
      I can live with it!


    • Rinslowe says:

      I think the N9 thing is coming from only one person specifically…

      I’ll most likely be picking up a Yellow 920 and when the micro scratches become too much to bear, it’ll be time to buy the next phone…

      • Daniel says:

        Or could you just fix those scratches with automotive polish and still stick with your phone? LOL

        • Rinslowe says:


          Um, yeah defo won’t be throwing away my 920 just because it gets riddled with micro scratches…

          But generally I like to upgrade my phone every 12mths, just for something new, or different.

          Most times I’ll get multiple different brands throughout the year to really expand the difference factor.
          Personally I don’t have any real hang ups about using other OS’s but I always seem to come back to Nokia as my main everyday phones. Dunno why… I guess Nokia have the special spot in my mind where I’m most comfortable…?

  18. Simo says:

    Matte grey it is!

  19. Rinslowe says:

    Centre, top, front page fair?


  20. tim says:

    Soo today i walked in a o2 Shop in Germany and askes if they know when the lumia 820 arrives there. he stares at me and said do you really want a nokia lumia?? he said look here the s3 a new motorola and one x this is a real smartphone. i said do you even know what a phone the820 is, he said no i didnt even want to know because windows phone und nokia sucks.

  21. guest says:

    My only complaint to Ali is that he did not go so far as totally sheared and teared and punched and hammered the piece of shit that is called N9.

  22. DV says:

    Thanks for the info. Very useful comparison… made me decide not to get a case for my black Lumia 920 😊.

  23. WJJ says:

    Just wondering if you would be willing to do a drop test of the matte 920 vs the high gloss 920. When dropped on the back, it makes me wonder if the high gloss will shatter like the iPhone 4S does, and if the matte will turn out better.

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