Ilari Nurmi, head of Product Marketing at Nokia leaves

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Reuters reports that Ilari Nurmi, previously head of Eseries and later head of  product marketing at Nokia, has left the company.

Seems people in marketing keep leaving Nokia. Not that it makes me surprised because the last thing Nokia understands is marketing. Well, marketing and execution.

Sometimes, I wonder if they ever bother to sit down and realise that their marketing is just not good enough. It is ineffective, inconsistent, incoherent. Money goes straight into the land of lost opportunities where Nokia and marketing is concerned. They could do better if they gave some pens and paper to the elephants at the zoo.

Do they raise awareness in the appropriate way? Do they give a concise, clear message? Does it allow the consumer to understand and desire your product? If you find something that works, can you do it again or will you try some odd crap that doesn’t work 100 more times than what did work? Are your adverts mainstream? Do they appeal to the largest audience? Do you understand it’s not simply volume, but efficacy? How’s the brand building going? Do you understand your consumers? What about your fans? What makes them fans? What made some leave? What made some come back?

Will you have an effective keynote that delivers why your product is so great so your awesomeness is spread verbatim, or will you ramble on about silly things like changing tile sizes and happily gloss over ground breaking pieces of innovation like you were telling your dog about how much you enjoyed butter on your toast? Will you not vet your adverts to make sure everything is labelled correctly as not to give your haters and doubters something to feast on? Perhaps, when trying to break the north American market, you would not shackle yourself to one carrier that cares less about you and more about how many iThings they sell?

Do you have someone at Nokia that can step out of your bubble, take a look at your marketing efforts and tell you honestly when things are crap or just simply not good enough (Because 70% of the time, that’s the case).

I guess it’s a little difficult to judge your Nokia Lumia 920 marketing efforts, since, you know, it’s not on sale.

Cheers DKM for the tip.


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