Awesome Nokia 808′s Rich Recording tramples iPhone 5′s hollow sound recording (+Keane 808, Philippines)

| October 8, 2012 | 59 Replies

This was left as a comment in the last post comparing the iPhone 5 against the Nokia 808 PureView. The newer iPhone 5 still has nothing on the Nokia regarding audio-visual quality.

Listen to the richness from the 808 vs the empty hollow sound from the iPhone 5. Where is the bass in the iPhone 5? Some parts sound like a studio track, or even being there at the gig itself when the crowd chants.

I guess the iPhone is acceptable only until you meet the forceful nature of Rich Recording from the Nokia 808 PureView.

Also note that the guy with the Nokia 808 PureView seems to have been recording for 1 hour and 20 minutes! Zoom is in action but not helped by the jumping and hand waving.



Via: 808Recordings

Cheers EasycapExpertti for the heads up

Oh, as I replied to someone in the comments excusing the quality of the iPhone 5 because no one takes professional photos on a phone cam (or thus in this case professional recording)

Nobody takes professional shots with a phone camera? FALSE. Nokia 808 PureView is not just a phone camera. It’s rare, but you can take very high quality shots on a Nokia 808 PureView. The brilliance is that unlike my DSLR, I only ever need to bring the 808 that slides into my pocket. My DSLR? Ha. It’s nice to have the option of having great pictures all the time, and not, “oh I’ve only got my phone with me, this will have to do”.

I couldn’t even take this kind of audio recording with my DSLR if I wanted to. I’d need an external boom mic.

Here’s some Keane from MOA, Philippines.



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  1. guest says:

    And your point is? If you want a good camera and video recorder, why not buy a dedicated device. We are talking about Smartphone and 808 definitely is not a smartphone with the Symbian OS. It’s a half baked attempt at camera and phone.. Go buy Lumia 920.. that is the thing of beauty.. real smart smartphone with real usable camera. not like the shitty 808 .. which is hardly a smartphone but a camera with some limited phone functionality.. If you want 808, just buy a decent mirrorless because you don’t want to carry two devices, one of which is not as good a camera as a true camera and neither is it a phone. I mean symbian.. that shit.

    • qromodynmc says:

      Symbian is not a smartphone os? You dont know anything about os. Yeah its not shiny as android and ios but,it can do Real Multitasking,and it have native programme language,not **** java and its not using stupid dalvik engine. Being smartphone is not about visual looking damn you..

      • guest says:

        Never underestimate the appeal of shiny.

        • open_douche says:

          I don’t want live on this planet any longer…
          This OS has more to offer than any other OS (appart from Maemo). How about FM-transmitter? Dual TV-out (HDMI and RCA cinch)? How about USB on the go? How about a dedicated processor only for image sensor? WP8, Android and iOS will be f#cking blown up by this insane flood of data! NFC? Xenon and led flash (implementation of both is now only possible on symbian)? DLNA?…
          GO AND F#CK YOURSELF YOU PIECE OF MICROSOFT SH#T! WP8 IS BULLSHIT! You have no idea about smartphones! Only thing you need is a f#cking over9000 core processor and a f#cking display to see some “smoothness”.
          Yes symbian is a bit clunky and hasn’t got all the apps which “make your phone waterproof” for retards like you but the it works well with all of the functions nokia implements in it and it is indestructible! N8 and 808 users know that!

          • Sparxx says:

            Actually you aren’t right, all other mentioned OS-es can do that, it’s actually not implemented(actually I would love those to be available on the OS i choose) but in the end it was the OS maker’s choice not to support them, in WP8 MS can support all you mentioned and beyond, they just don’t want to, or those are in progress for an other release, because the NT kernel if you know what it represents, is capable of much more things than Symbian(don’t get me wrong, I love Symbian too, but it’s just not as flexible as Windows, if to talk about hardware support).

            • open_douche says:

              Then why aren’t there any devices with all of those features?

              I mean it is closed source code and nokia won’t be able to change it for their devices and that makes their products average. But back in days (n-series) had a technological overkill and it is the only reason I bought their phones and the 808 is the last true nokia in my eyes. It has tons of features, bonkers camera and a clunky os. That’s how a Nokia should be! :)

              • Sparxx says:

                You’re right, 808 is a great device(I miss my Symbian device much)but you can’t simply say all other OS’es or devices are crap just because 808 is so great, Nokia decided to switch to WP for many reasons, you’ll understand this in time, you’ll see WP is a great OS(it isn’t as mature as Symbian now, but it has a greater potential than Symbian)

      • Nyan Cat says:

        Shocks guys don’t believe this poor Filipino guy named Guest or Bisita (Bisita=Guest in Filipino).

        He is a troll from the Philippines.

        He deserves to be thrown far out in the seas lol Filipinos love Nokia but this guy is an asschute

        and was never loved as a kid that’s why he is trolling here.

        There’s only one person behind Bisita and Guest. Gosh.

        And I still want to slap Chelsey Stark when I see her in person for being a dumb hippo girl reviewing the Nokia 808 PureView over at

    • says:

      but the 808 showcases some amazing new technology, hardware and software,
      i guess it shows what nokia can really do and gives hope for future products,

      • guest says:

        Are you serious? The Pureview brand got tarnished by being associated with the shitty Symbian! If you stand on top of shit, you will smell..

        Nokia is in deep shit because it was in deep shit called Symbian. They never should have released 808 .. what a wasted opportunity. Pureview tarnished. Brand is something more valuable than even technology and you should carefully manage it.

        • Andy says:

          Your iPhone can’t support 41mp.your shitty iPhone has less function than what you call a os that is not a smartphone os.your shitty iPhone has no NFC,no wireless charging,no fm transmitter,no had I out,no USB in the go,no fax….and many more.go get a life and stop sucking apple dick

        • Pökö says:

          No, Pureview didn’t get tarnished by using Symbian OS. Pureview got praised everywhere even with having Symbian OS.

          • Nyan Cat says:

            Except in Mashable where that dumb Chelsey Stark reviewed the 808 and she doesn’t have a clue. I want to slap her night and day!

    • Andy says:

      You shitty iPhone can’t multitask.your shitty iPhone have very little customising.your shitty iPhone can only have 1 wallpaper.your shitty iPhone cannot have moving wallpaper.your shitty iPhone need lots of press to get things done has there’s no widget.symbian widget can scroll.your shitty iPhone have shitty build quality.your shitty iPhone have no inovation.your shitty iPhone have no flash.your shitty iPhone can only play childish games for 12 years old kids.your shitty iPhone use the same browser as Symbian.your shitty iPhone have shitty screen that is worst that shitty china phones.your i
      Shitty iPhone can’t do a thing smartphone must do unless jailbreak.your shitty iPhone has shitty speakers.sound like some child toy phone.your shitty iPhone has maps that lead you to a river.your shitty iPhone have horrible w
      Camera quality.i can continue to sayy but I have no time

      • guest says:

        yeah.. that’s way we are all waiting for WP8.. No more iPhone!

        • Andy says:

          Wp8 can’t multitasking.symbian is on par on wp8 or even better in some ways.

          • guest says:

            Please don’t mention Symbian. I can’t take it anymore. What has Symbian ever done for us except giving us grief?

            • andy says:

              symbian has good mutlitasking,open source and lots of function that today smartphone dosen’t have

            • yourmama says:

              You mean giving you grief, not me nor a lot of people here. Gosh u sound like a loser. It’s just a phone. People are giving valid counter arguments, you’re just bitchin like our grandmothers. Look, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is. I say my 808 can smoke your latest shiny windows phone in any given situation. If anybody’s willing to come up with some sort of ‘real world’ test method, i’ll put my 808 on the line. Let’s record it and put it on YouTube. Your bitchin’ is boring and juvenile. Get a life.

            • rafaelinux says:

              Really? Didn’t you enjoy throughfully your Nokia N82/86/95, 6500, N8, etc?.. All amazing devices, and a joy using them. Why the hate on symbian?

    • Tiv says:

      If Symbian isn’t a smartphone OS then neither is iOS, Android, MeeGO, WM, or WP.

      Oh and “limited phone functionality”… really? What functionality are you missing?

      • guest says:

        Let’s not talk about the insignificant details here. It does not matter which functionalities Symbian does have. It IS DEAD. Let’s not behave like archaeologists.

    • JD! says:

      And where to buy 920 from???? Wake up man… Appreciate where it is due! and stop being a MS bitch!

    • RVM says:

      Actually, 808 is the best smartphone on the market, better than SGS3 and much better than iP5.

    • asasin says:

      define smartphone please… LOL!

    • Matt says:

      Symbian IS the real smartphone OS. It suported true multitasking since forever and had usefull apps not social s*** apps like facebook, instagram and so on. I curently use an iPhone 3GS (my first and last iPhone) but only as a secondary phone, my main phone is still a Nokia E52 with Total Recall and Advanced Call Manager installed. This apps realy make the phone smart. When this kind of apps come to the iOS (or any other modern OS for that matter) let me know.

    • Phil E Phenau says:

      Na-ah, the Nokia 808 is way smarter than iPhone5 in so many ways!!

      But wow to this post.. the rich sound recording in 808 is just amazing! Blew me away! I am so proud to be an 808 owner!! unmatched!! Hurray!

    • dss says:

      no need.. the 808 cover most imaging/video recording/sound recoriding needs for almost anyone, in one small package called a smartphone.

    • I see coderror has been relegated to guest status.

    • Nyan Cat says:

      Shocks guys don’t believe this poor Filipino guy named Guest or Bisita (Bisita=Guest in Filipino).

      He is a troll from the Philippines.

      He deserves to be thrown far out in the seas lol Filipinos love Nokia but this guy is an asschute

      and was never loved as a kid that’s why he is trolling here.

      There’s only one person behind Bisita and Guest

  2. zymesh says:

    WOAH! never thought my videos would be posted here!? Thanks Jay. I have a lot more that i havent uploaded yet…

    I was shooting from the VIP Lounge area. We have a seperate private box with couches and a kitchen, I was outside the balcony so crowd noise was on a minimum. If ever i was in front with the crowd all you would here would be screaming fans. You could hear my brother and some friends talking sometimes since they were just behind me.

    • Jay Montano says:

      Thanks for the videos. I think we also previously shared a video of yours in another 808 related post (might have been the Disney one) – also rich recording related.

      • zymesh says:

        really? i might have missed that one. If your a Keane fan i might have a recording of a song you like. Ill upload it as soon as i get home.

  3. Harangue says:

    Ok, I get it. The 808 is a very very good camera phone that has all camera like features one could ever wish for. But why the pointless comparisons with the iPhone? A devices half the size (so to speak) of the 808 and a very small camera assembly.

    The iPhone is an alround device that does decent pictures and video, the 808 is a stellar camera that can do some telephony and smartphone tasks.

    808 vs. iPhone, pointless comparisons even if the iSheep say the iPhone is the best camera in world.

    • Jay Montano says:

      Why the pointless comparisons? Because I want to help drum it down people’s throats with whatever way I can do to educate that the iPhone isn’t the end all and be all; that there are devices out there that can do certain things much better; that Nokia has many of those technologies superior to iPhone which can go into other Nokia phones.

      Celebrating this helps in the long run as people will recognise that Rich Recording and PureView is something to be reckoned with in future Nokias.

      • Harangue says:

        Simple, the iPhone is a pretty complete package. The 808? Not so much. It is fat and bulky, you and I know that it needs to be that way and would be fine with it since we would buy it for the sheer technological advantage.

        Average buyers want something that is more, well, purrrdy. There are people with $6k DSLR’s that make crappier photo’s than what I could do with an iPhone 3G. As long as it is decent, which the iPhone now finally does, it is fine for most people.

        I’d really want RR and PV in my phone and always look at minute details in stills and video’s to determine the quality of a device. Most people just don’t. Look at the whole VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome) that just says it all about peoples standard towards imagery. Most people just don’t care, it might change in the future, but right now the iSheep won’t care since that piece of ‘jewelry’ they bought will always be the best untill the next thing comes out.

      • Gary [Manchester] says:

        how about, just reviewing it for what it is and not going on a pointless childish tirade of calling the iPhone 5 [which is a infinitely better phone than the 808]

        Let’s not forget that iOS is built on a Mach Microkernel with a Darwin BSD Layer with API’s on top, this is a REAL OS, Multitasking? well i seem to be able to multitask just fine, running Spotify and TomTom in the background whilst driving.

        Lame article.

        PS i have a N9 for work phone, Pile of ****

    • dss says:

      Its not pointless at all.. I have both phones and I like the 808 better as a smartphone.. we all have different preferences, not everyone gets an erection when they see an iphone 5.

  4. timple says:

    Loved the Keane tracks. Everyone focuses on the photos and says “Buy a DLSR” but the video and audio is stunningly good.

    808 retails in the UK for £425 – if i wanted to buy a video recorder would £425 get me a device that can surpass it? A quick look on Amazon and this looks pretty well regarded (albeit at £500)
    Would love to see a shoot out comparison here…….

  5. Peter L says:

    This feature can also be found from Lumia 920, albeit in a mono version.

    Mono version performs equally well in concert recording situations though, where the stereo image is impossibly to record.

  6. Mapantz says:

    The sound quality of the 808 cannot be matched, however, i do find that after uploadiing the vids to my PC or internet, i have to turn my master volume right up to hear it, that has always niggled me.

  7. bisita says:

    What has symbian done? It has provided smartphones for us forsaken 3rd world people when all US has to offer are shitty expensive WinMo, which ironically, has more functions than WP.

    • Pdexter says:

      US OS’s control 91% of all smartphone OS’s with WP, Android, and iOS….

      • Dave says:

        Not to get into this flamefest, but Android is hardly a US OS. Almost all of the heavy lifting comes from Linux itself, most OEMs add their own code, it’s just Google’s branding and adware and advertising layers, as well as the services they basically lock you into.

    • Nyan Cat says:

      Shocks guys don’t believe this poor Filipino guy named Guest or Bisita (Bisita=Guest in Filipino).

      He is a troll from the Philippines.

      He deserves to be thrown far out in the seas lol Filipinos love Nokia but this guy is an asschute

      and was never loved as a kid that’s why he is trolling here.

      There’s only one person behind Bisita and Guest

  8. PinoyAko says:

    what symbian does for u? A lot. It has just made u so bitter to the world. I bet android and iOS and other platform will not be delivered in this world if not because of this shitty symbian you are referring to. Dumb asshole! Looser!

  9. winson says:

    jay can you do true multitask test with 808pv vs ip5 and sgsIII?my 808pv running opera mini,opera mobile,nokia browser,fmobi just for view different fb akaun..for the same time..and i can still download movie use torrent download..dis how gud symbian is…soo is ip5 and sgs3 can do this type real multitaskin?..sorry my bad english..

  10. torcida says:

    FP2 is there over the air!!!

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