#N9Apps: Collection of NFC Tag Writing Apps

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Firstly, just a huge thanks to SwipeMobile AU, for providing me with some free NFC tags. If you’re in Australia, and want to look at NFC development, check them out.

Now, after that little marketing spiel ( :p ), onto the the app reviews. In this article we will look at a few NFC Writing apps I’ve used since I got the tags.

First up, is NFC TagWriter. This app allows you to;

  • Read Tag
  • Write Text Tag
  • Write URI Tag
  • Write VCard Tag
  • Write Smart Poster Tag
  • Write Bluetooth Audio Tag

Most of the tags you create seem to only be readable in the app, but creating a Tag with a URI (which is just a weblink) works via the default NFC system, although make sure the app is NOT in the background otherwise it will be read by the app, which doesn’t allow a clickable link. I’ve personally had trouble when it comes to adding VCards, BT Audio, and Smart Poster Tags. VCards

Note: I am using PR 1.3, which has apparently had NFC improvements, so you may experience slightly different results if using another version of the N9 Firmware.

We also have NFC Tag Writing Plugin, a simple “Sharing” plugin that allows you to share various items from your device, by writing the content to an NFC Tag. Personally, this is my favorite, as I have used the tags to store my own contact information, and instead on giving out business cards (which I didn’t have until last week), people I met had the information I wanted to share, simply with a tap.

Thirdly, NFC Interactor. This app is one of the handier ones. You can use it to Read a Tag, Save the Tag (so it can be cloned later), and Write to Tag. You can write the following to the NFC tag:

  • Smart Poster
  • URI
  • Text
  • SMS
  • Business Card
  • Social Network
  • Geo
  • App Store
  • Image
  • Annotated URL
  • Custom
  • Combination
  • NFC Interactor Autostart

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