Nokia launches portable solar charger in Kenya

| October 10, 2012 | 23 Replies


Nokia have apparently launched the DC-40 solar charger in Kenya. This is aimed at a surprising 80% of Kenyas that are said to lack regular access to electricity. At 1250 Sh, that’s only around 14USD or 9GBP.

When under direct sunlight, the Nokia DC-40 will take only 4 hours to charge a 1000mAh battery.

General manager for Nokia, East Africa says:

There are numerous advantages to this solution, including being able to service consumers outside of regular electricity supply, or those who need a quick charge on the go…

However, perhaps the greatest benefit is the cost saving achieved by being able to harness the natural resource of the sun…

Nokia prides itself on its ongoing sustainability programs to minimize power usage. This solar charger provides an extremely environmentally friendly solution that is free of CO2 emissions.

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Cheers Viipottaja for the tip!

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  1. Omar BHR says:

    That what i call inovation

  2. Silthice says:

    I want one

  3. Greggers says:

    This could actually be quite useful in sunny countries such as Mexico, America or Australia. They should sell them here as well, would lessen the impact on the environment

  4. hemedans says:

    am from east africa too this is good news for us, i hope nokia they will do more research for us like reduce size of the solar charger and make it more portable.

  5. Janne says:

    Remember when Nokia had a solar charging battery/battery cover for the, was it Nokia 1610? This was somewhere in 1996 or so. Just flip the phone upside down on a table in sunlight and it charged.

    I wonder now that Nokia has those removable covers/wireless charging covers for Lumia 810/820, could they maybe consider a solar cover again. The smaller size-requirements for modern phones (as well as the power requirements) obviously make that a hard proposition.

  6. Muerte says:

    Nokia once more showing that they are the only real global mobile phone company, fulfilling the needs of the local markets. That being said, I want one also :)

  7. JGrove303 says:

    i’ll take 2

  8. emmanuel says:

    with the current level of sun in KE, the charger may need to charge for only 2 hours instead of 4.
    want 1.

  9. stound says:

    Bravo, that’s what I call caring for your consumers

  10. mark says:

    I’m from Kenya and I think 80% is a bit of a big number…..but the concept is a good idea. I might consider getting one myself

  11. torcida says:


  12. says:

    nokia has a soul,
    and the charger is very reasonably priced.

  13. Lumianer says:

    Verry nice :)

  14. Ztuka says:

    This is what I call rather great news.
    It is even better than the wireless charging that had been mention for numerous times.
    Nice indeed!

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