Belle FP2 update fixed and back on air

| October 10, 2012 | 43 Replies

Quick heads up. Belle FP2 which was up and then subsequently taken down due to some faults is now fixed and back up for those waiting on the update.

Source: GSMArena

Cheers rishabh  for the tip!

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  1. salman says:

    miss alfanumerik for texting :(

  2. juwelrana091 says:

    i updated my nokia 700 symbianbellefp2.Am I able to get the update again via phone ? Sir,plzz reply

  3. anil says:

    n8 gets calender and colorizIT waste updates today via ota

  4. McCoy 10 says:

    Still waiting for fp1 for my Nokia 700 :(

  5. aboodesta says:

    Nokia Suite just doesn’t want me to reinstall FP2. ( I’m running on the first one). Whenever its about to update, it says my phone’s connection was cut. It wasn’t cut, and in seconds it says its connected again. Its an endless loop. Tried reinstalling nokia suite, tried changing the USB cable, tried changing the USB port all to no avail.

  6. Mapantz says:

    To my knowledge, the reason behind FP2 being pulled last week, was down to a server issue and updates not getting out to certain people correctly .. nothing to do with bugs in the firmware. I downloaded both .1506 and .1507 last week and kept them on my desktop, i then downloaded them both again today, and they’re exactly the same!

    • shallow ocean shoal says:

      I find this so hard to believe, there were so many problems this doesn’t make any sense.

      • Mapantz says:

        So many problems .. that I and many people didn’t have? As i said, the files are identical and i’m still running the same version that appeared on the 2nd, absolutely nothing wrong!

        • shallow ocean shoal says:

          Dude I’m just judging by the zillion posts here and nokia discussions.

          Does the Swype beta work ok, or is that broken?

          • Mapantz says:

            I don’t know, i don’t use Swype.
            As i said, the knowledge is that it wasn’t bugs in the firmware, but rather how the firmware was delivered to some people, so it’s quite possible that certain apps disappeared or didn’t work correctly. Everything was all there for me, Nokia music works, Video pro is there etc ..
            No 3G bug, and no problems with photo quality on my 808 either which a lot of people said, i don’t get how? None of that was messed with, just a fix for the ISO settings.

            I’ve been on the 1507 update since October 2nd now, working perfectly! :D

  7. Shriek says:

    Somehow the update seems to have screwed up my vibration (haptic feedback) feels that the bicrating thingy is not vibrating enough :P

  8. Diogo says:

    Better than Windows Phone 8!

  9. torcida says:

    FOTA or via Nokia Suite!? :)

  10. Dan says:

    did anyone noticed a change in size of the photos taken at 38mp on 808 after FP2?

  11. Gunnar says:

    is this update for the N8?

  12. Dave says:

    My N8 isn’t showing this update yet, but it just started showing a new update for Calendar and Social. It is also showing an update called “Colorizit”, which looks to be an photo editor like thing.

  13. Amey Nerkar says:

    The grey is worse, the deep blacks on the original one were superb……..

  14. jack says:

    i had 3 updates for my e7.
    1. Calendar update
    Didnt notice any diference after updating.

    2. Music player update
    The look has changed. Has a beter layout now

    3. Homescreen widgets
    It downloads, but while installing it says installation failed, try again later. But it does the same thing.


  15. Josh says:

    my 808 updated before pull off.

    And now…what actually it fixed? @.@

  16. Nixy says:

    Works perfectly. I like this update very much. Had some large problems with connecting to Wifi but a quick restart of the phone fixed that.


  17. Ratnesh says:

    i downloaded d belle fp2 nokia music on my belle refresh n8…frm n8fanclub…nw nokia music isnt launching…its says ‘homescreen : feature not supported :( :(‘
    wat can i do?
    Can i get the belle ovi music sis file frm somewhere??

  18. D Harries says:

    Mine says the update is available, but on the next bit I’m getting no response from the server

  19. Amey Nerkar says:

    Nokia music app does not work even now, the new ‘now playing’ UI is a step back from the earlier full screen one………this one looks like its trying to save space………….somehow devices are now with 4 inch screens and ‘now playing’ UI is for 3.2 inch screens…………..stupidity

  20. Adriano says:

    Wasn’t there a video editor? And what about the cool voice search in Maps?

    Also, whatever happened to the maps photo plug-in that let you see geotagged pics in Maps?

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