Indepth MeeGo Story by Sampsa Kurri

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I’m a little bit strapped for time but I thought I’d share this instead of waiting before I get the chance to read it myself. The original story is in Finnish but you can translate it if you don’t know that awesome language (though do note the high likelihood of translation error).

  1. Nokia MeeGo story
  2. Nokia before MeeGoa: Osso and Maemo
  3. Nokia Maemo + Intel Mobil = MeeGo
  4. Harmattan, Maemo 6 UI & Problems
  5. Nokia developed Harmattan and MeeGo Devices
  6. Nokia and Intel collaboration
  7. Stephen Elop CEO of Nokia 2010
  8. Burning ferry and Nokia’s new smartphone strategy (February 2011)
  9. Which continues Nokia’s MeeGo development
  10. Epilogue

This is an indepth story of MeeGo, by Sampsa Kurri.

Cheers ukko for the tip!


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  • ukko

    It is currently under translation. I’m sure that english version will be out soon.

    • jiipee

      I did a rough translation around midday, but it seems to be “under moderation” still.

  • viktor von d.

    this deserves a translation for a finnish speaker

  • Kalis

    Great article that gives some more background about all this. Still, Nokia and Elop appears to be idiots, although greedy/genius idiots since i honestly believe that the Lumia’s will sell better then any Nokia-Meego would.

    I have just went back to my N9 after a few months “using” a Xperia S, i could not stand it any longer and the N9 gives me just about everything i need and adds that extra little something everyday!

    Great device, awesome OS and it’s beautiful as well!
    Now lets hope for an awesome JOLLA phone soon, or else i will have to give in for the urge to get a Lumia 920 (even though my conscience says NO to supporting Stephen “Flop” Elop for killing the N9)!

    Best Regards,

    • arts

      some one on twitter said its because of the WP strategy, N9 saw the light of day. =s are they bullshiting?

      • Pdexter

        If you read the article you might undesrtand why they are saying it.
        It’s not just Nokia workers telling this story, there’s also leaks to prove it.

        Harmattan as all over the place and already 2 years late when N9 arrived. Why N9 arrived at all was likely because of strategy change that cut parts of the team and focused it to one project.

        • Pdexter

          Imo if anything it kind of shows what Elop was saying.
          OS and UI was great, but nothing was done in time.

          • arts

            google translate is weird dude. Im waiting for the open source translation to finish before reading it in detail.

            skimmed it with googl translate and i came out of it none the wiser. =/

            • Bloob

              Well, Google translate is like Android, great for some little things, but you can’t really rely on it. 😉

              • nn

                Bing translator, too, is a good analogy for WP.

                • arts

                  Like symbian too. And Meego. And iOS, and you, and bloob, and me.

                  Bloob im sorry but this is entirely your fault.

                  You allowed this thing to perpetuate a meaningless conversation.

                  • Bloob

                    Yes, yes it is. And so I did. And it is not like nn is totally wrong.

          • nn

            Well, then his duty as top manager was to make sure it will be on time, especially if the problem is in managing the work. Instead we got nonsenses like MeeGo isn’t capable of delivering more that three devices in three years or teh ecosystems. It’s inevitable that the man, who isn’t clearly capable of logical, informed thinking based on reality, brought down whole company with his mad strategy in the fashion he did.

            • Bosh

              Imagine you are hired as a CEO of a company, you get there and their currently selling software is sh*t and their good software is not ready, and then the biggest software company in the world offers you $250 millions per quarter to use their software. What would you do?

              • jiipee

                Id would ask 400 a quarter to ensure business viability and use 50 mio of it to maintain own competence 😉

              • nn

                I immediately start the work on eradicating one billion of profits per quarter with 30 % marketshare and turn it into into one billion of loses per quarter with few percent marketshare. I will make my company forever dependable on that other company, which btw proved to deliver repeated failures in my industry, depriving me of future revenues from the ecosystem and ability to shape it as I need. I will also make absolutely sure that all this is one way route, no alternatives, no hedging of risks, no change in later stage possible.

                If you can promise me at least $ 7M bonus for all this, I’m able to start working tomorrow morning, thaks.

                • jiipee

                  +1 😉

                • Harangue

                  You speak the truth, losses are being made. But it is so easy to point out how bad Nokia is doing now. Yet one could never predict how it would have been if they continued along the path they were on pre-Elop.

                  Yes, they were doing well before, but would that continue? Do keep in mind that it is a highly volatile and fast changing market we are talking about here. Or in other words, results from the pas guarantee nothing for the future.

                • GordonH


            • migo

              It was OPK’s job to make sure it was done on time. It was already a year late by the time Elop got there. You can’t blame him for that (well, you can if you’re a Symbiot, but nobody intelligent will take you seriously).

              • jiipee

                It was OPKs and more Öistämö’s job to do it since he was in charge of mobile devices when the worst errors were made.

              • Harangue

                If there is anyone to blame it is Nokia and the monster it became over the years.

                Bureaucracy is what ‘killed’ them and made them oblivious for what happened around them. Nokia became too large for itself to handle, a common phenomenon with large corporations that become a succes quickly.

                Probably one of the reasons it is taking so long to see a turnaround. Restructuring a company takes time. And yes, WP haters, there is also a factor of lack of demand for WP that is killing profit of course 😉

          • jiipee

            And that is what Elop & Green were hired to fix. Instead Elop killed Nokia’s own competence pool and got rid of Green.

            Nothing was done on time was not really the issue according to the article. The actual issue was that management was full of incompetent fools, who were not able to get over silos and work for common good and had no vision. Harmattan base was probably ready for ages, but the UI was done three times partially due to design mgmt changes and weak UI design function in general. Id like to learn, who pushed the Simple Dali UI. If it was Ahtisaari – as the timing would suggest – he’s also one of the past failures together with öistämö and Nyström (VP, Qt Software 2008-2009 in LinkedIn).

            • migo

              Would be interesting if it were Ahtisaari. All the MeeGo fans here idolise him. Would shatter their world view if it were his fault that Harmattan was so damn late.

              • jiipee

                Ahtisaari started as SVP design on October 2009 and the text says that the Simple Dali was started December 2009. Though, the text refers to UI managers not the whole design. I bet it is a bigger group.

                Not all Meego enthusiasts idolize Ahtisaari. One shouldnt generalize too much.

              • Harangue

                Ahtisaari is a tool. To me at least. He had my respect when he first became more visibl, but after the 211th time he mentioned that stupid analogy about the man and woman in the restaurant he lost it all.

                All talk but not trousers.

            • Rezza

              And that’s still Nokia’s problem – it’s still the same company but now with different OS (and for the good outsourced, otherwise it would be even worst).

              • migo

                It is forcing them to focus a bit, and Elop’s cutting off a lot of the extraneous ideas.

                There’s also far less models being released than there used to be. It’s actually easy to keep track of them, and most of the Asha model glut comes from having a different number for the single and dual SIM models.

              • GordonH

                Very sensible to reduce profits, revenues, market share, developer trust and brand loyalty. I get it now … If a business cannot manage itself then the best option is to downsize drastically. /s

                • migo

                  Nokia never had developer trust and brand loyalty had eroded before Elop got in charge.

  • Grendell

    Can’t wait for a decent translation as well. Here’s something to tide a few of us over til then. Its an old story.

  • Bob

    Interesting read.

    It shows there was a lot more behind the scenes that was still off issue with Meego development (e.g. with the chipsets there would still be no LTE support even today).

    • jiipee

      They could have changed the chipset. The comment nr 20 for exaple says that Qualcomm was already working on HW adaptation, but scrapped all their efforts on Feb11. Didnt it take until March 2012 for WP to get LTE? They could have easily get HW adaptation ready for new soc H2 2011, if they wanted. Also, as said in the article, they already had a proto of actual Meego with Swipe running late 2010. It had ST-Ericssonin NovaThor U8500.
      The rumours are saying that Nokia will start using NovaThor for WP maybe next year. If it is good enough for WP, why was it not good enough for Meego?

      The real question that still remains: is/was the ecosystem argument valid or not vs Nokia’s profit potential. Im not able to comment with the current info. Going with Android and selling the location platform now for the highest bidder may well have been the best interest for shareholders.

      • jiipee

        According to a mobile developer friend of mine the OMAP4 SOC (N9 has OMAP3) is fully LTE capable and performs well.

        Eg. Kindle Fire HD uses it.

        • migo

          The OMAP4 with LTE does not have good battery life. And TI is considering getting out of the mobile chipset business, which suggests they don’t think they can compete with Qualcomm. It shows WP was right to go with Qualcomm only, but on the other hand it really looks like Qualcomm will become the new Intel (unless Intel gets their mobile chips working well in time).

          • Harangue

            Qualcomm is probably one of the best in the business when it comes to integrated solutions. Although I’m saying this from the top of my mind, Qualcomm is one of the very few that has so much stuff on a single chip or SoC.

            • migo

              It does look like Apple’s doing a decent job with their custom SoCs too, they consistently deliver good battery life and snappy performance (until the OS gets upgraded…).

              Curious to see if Samsung can get the Exynos working well with LTE, as with TI out, they’re going to be one of the few companies left, aside from cheap bit players like Rockchip.

          • joyride

            The reason for TI’s decisions likely stems from Feb11. Nokia was a HUGE customer preElop but the WP strategy killed that relationship with its hardware restrictions.

        • jiipee

          There was an interesting update to the article: The N9 version to US was to use Snapdragon S4 instead of OMAP and the HW adaptation was already underway.

          That also helped to ship the L800 faster since that N9 version was more similar to L800 than N9-01.

          Oh, I would have loved to have that beauty!

          • migo

            Pretty sure it would have been an S3 back then.

          • Harangue

            Doubt that Qualcomm would have gone with Nokia. After all the quarrel those two had was pretty heavy and only reached a status of peace when the WP move came about.

            So no, I honestly doubt that Nokia would have used Qualcomm designs if the WP thing didn’t come around.

            Granted, I haven’t read the article yet. Google translate sucks and my Finnish isn’t what it used to be. But Qualcomm delivering chips to Nokia sounds so wrong in the pre WP days.

          • Sampsa

            Just Snapdragon, not S4 (fixed now, was added in a hurry)

        • Harangue

          Yeah, and guess which company just ‘quit’ making mobile chips? That’s right TI did.

          While it probably wouldn’t mean much for the existing OMAP designs it does say something about the whole OMAP line which apparantly isn’t satisfying needs of OEM’s.

      • jollafan

        Meego whit QT doesn’t really don’t care ecosystem, it’s suitable for all for a minor changes. This would be a killer if…

        Luckily Jolla will make it to us and this will be a huge success story. Nokia management did make same huge mistake like Honda F1 management when they desided draw back on F1 circuit when they did have the fastest car on their garage ready for a race.

        • migo

          Meego wasn’t close to being the equivalent of the fastest car in the garage. OMAP3 for one…

          • jiipee

            That is Maemo, not Meego proper. The latter had for instance NovaThor adaptation ready already end 2010. Also confirmed in the article on the Meego proper tablet with Swipe UI.

            In fact what I was missing in the article was the status of Meego proper. How finished it was? Some sources claim that it was pretty ready early 2011.

            • migo

              MeeGo was nowhere near ready. People were running it on the N900 and it was incredibly basic. MeeGo for Netbooks was pretty unfinished too.

              It takes years to get something really polished. Elementary OS is a good look at that. Once it’s finally released for public use we’ll have an example of a very polished, open source OS.

              • kues

                People were running it on the N900 and it was incredibly basic.As Meego on N900 was a backport and only the Opensource UI available – no surprise.

  • jiipee

    Funny tweet: go and check the video 😉

    “Konsta Karsisto ‏@kkkonsta

    “The Story of Nokia MeeGo” (in Finnish) by @taskumuro: … For non-speakers, here’s a video: … ”

  • nabkawe

    This is the first article i read that made me finally at peace with the switch to windows phone.
    the amount of details are amazing and fun to read.
    The fact is Nokia invested in too many bad things in succession , that made for a shitty couple of years. (Invested in OMAP but OMAP Wouldn’t support LTE and it was very hard to switch to other CPU > Invested in Intel and after 2 years Intel doesn’t have LTE > Invested in QT, Turns out to be unfinished and limited in some areas…
    The most amazing thing i learned about in this article that the UI conception was a USA outsource … !!! N9 rest in peace.

    • As an asian, let me be mean for a sec.

      The most amazing thing i learned about in this article that the UI conception was a USA outsource … !!! N9 rest in peace.


      Anddddd people were pointing to the swipe as PROOF nokia could do software. lulz.

      • Error

        Concept is not software. Nokia did the OS software inhouse the UI concept came from 80/20 design.

    • jiipee

      Where did you read the UI concept of being outsourced from US? Which one, the Harmattan original, Simple Dali or Swipe?

      • jiipee

        ok, I found it. What was the role of Peter Skillman then, or did he introduce the studio? If Nokia had nothing to do with Swipe UI innovation, then Ahtisaari’s credibility is also thin.

        • Series 1

          Ahtisaari’s credibility has always been thin. People like him because he can speak English without that Finnish accent. Almost every Finn is ashamed of the way they speak English.

          That’s the reason he is so popular in Finland.

          • jiipee

            I dont think he is that popular in Finland. He keeps repeating the same stuff over and over again.

            Why he is know is due to his father.

          • Viipottaja

            Hold on, Finns are ashamed of the way Ahtisaari speaks English and that’s why they/we like them? 😀

            I am more ticked by his zen downward glances, oh so thoughtful breaks in the well thought out narrative, and coy smiles, and the “I am the Barry Manilow of tech world – luv people, luuuv… ” aura overall. 😛

            As you can tell I am just jealous.

            • jiipee

              Barry Manilow – love the comparison 😀

      • Series 1

        ‘Useiden haastattelemiemme mukaan Seattle- eli Swipe UI -konsepti oli newyorkilaisen 80/20-designstudion suunnittelema, jossa työskentelee muun muassa entisiä Applen ja Adoben työntekijöitä.’

        In short: The Swipe UI was designed by 80/20 design studio from New York.

      • migo

        Swipe was outsourced. Some of the ideas came from the original one, with Simple Dali being entirely overlooked. It seems they say Swipe was 80% external, which I would guess means that the 20% was from the original UI.

        Also interesting is that the original UI was mostly ready and got scrapped by someone who came in in 2009, bringing about the Simple Dali UI, and a major delay. This was before Elop.

        So potentially the original Harmattan UI could have been ready in late 2009, and running on a slightly upgraded OMAP3 would have been fine. (Assuming the HW passed muster).

        Also interesting is that they started on Swipe a month before Elop became CEO, which likely explains why there was that oh shit moment. Literally, hardly anything had been done.

        • jiipee

          Ahtisaari’s appearance fits with the 2009 timeline. I dont think he hag guts to challenge anything related to UI, hence, there has to be someone else. Skillman got in for Swipe.

          I agree with the analysis of Oh shit moment. They started from scrap and had nothing that works to show. Realizing the UI in – was it 6-8 months according to Konttori – was really fast in Nokia’s terms.

        • Viipottaja

          I think the 80/20 is just/actually the name of the studio, nothing to do with how much or little of the Swipe came from outside and inside, per se. 🙂

          • Bloob

            There was a mention that the swipe-to-close -functionality was internally suggested, but was quickly dismissed…

          • migo

            Heh, that makes sense too. Some names aren’t very good for marketing purposes.

    • Series 1

      Yes. It’s actually funny. The Swipe UI used in the N9 was designed by ex Adobe And Apple engineers.

      • As an asian, let me be mean for a sec.

        I suppose one could argue they have european roots no? 😉

      • Harangue

        Ow, Adobe? That company that killed Macromedia and where Elop was CEO of at that time? Man, all the connections. Illuminati are at play here. Tin foil hats for all I guess.

        Joking here, people. 😉

        • migo

          That’s amusing actually.

    • As an asian, let me be mean for a sec.

      European Innovation!

      Made In USA.

    • Don’t Be Silly

      So your point is? Every company does some outsourcing. Even for designs, you can of course hire external consultants.

      You have obviously never worked in a big company I gather.

      • migo

        The point is, Nokia had to hire someone else to do the design for them. Swipe was not developed in house.

        The natural Nokia UI is highly widget based. Amusingly enough, live tiles are like widgets, so WP is more Nokia than Swipe is.

        • jiipee

          Id guess that also the earlier UIs were consepted with studios, but no this one. Nokia’s UI team has been very much in the UK and they probably have used external help. Who can say that Metro is fully done by Microsoft? My bet is that Skillman knew that Skillman knew the company before and brought them in and wanted to have the best from Palm included. On the 80/20 website is also SonyEricsson presented btw.

          “As an Asian..” should go and read what is said about the Asian subcontractors 😉 I’ve heard so many horror stories from within Nokia, how the idiotic managers wanted to outsource stuff to the cheapest firms, when they could have used internal resources and selected more close partners.

          • migo

            Simple Dali maybe had a studio brought in too, but the original Harmattan UI looked pretty consistent going back through Maemo’s history, and had the characteristics that you’d expect a geek to come up with rather than a designer.

            • Jiipee

              😉 the end result yes. Im not convinced, if the devs would be so keen to base the UI on psychological theory 😉

  • Topi

    HOLD ON! Muropaketti is still translating and it’s coming out very soon. We are making in Crowdsourcing project, because we don’t trust that because the sites would use misuse by google translator which is very worse to translating finnish.

    Muropaketti is promising to publish this when it is ready.

  • durrrrr

    Great article. Just show how clueless e.g. Tomi Ahonen is.

  • Vikas Patidar

    Whole problem was caused by the word “Eco-System”

    • migo

      No, it wasn’t. Nokia was trying to build their own ecosystem years ago. That’s why they were running around doing acquisitions. I remember one of my file storage services getting bought up by Nokia and being changed to Share on Ovi. Nokia knew years ago that cloud services were going to be important. They tried making a good mail service, a good file sharing service, a good music service… unfortunately Symbian was what would get everyone using it, and it was too much of a mess to actually get it integrated. Plus, I imagine the carriers didn’t want to have anything to do with Nokia providing all the services.

      • jiipee

        The last part is also true. Nokia had too much to loose in comparison to Apple for instance. What Juhani Risku (ex-Nokia design and part time loonie) has written is that they were overly cautious with creating, selling and promoting their services. Heck, I didnt know they had cloud service to store contacts before it was closed 😉

        The same applies to app store. Nokia planned to do it, operators wanted to keep that business, Nokia retreived and forgot it for too late. Forgetting stuff was also what they have been good at (also touch interface)

        • migo

          Had they wanted to really get in, they would have needed to look at BlackBerry. Until Apple came in with their clout, data prices were insane. Everyone had a BlackBerry because only a BlackBerry provided you with a month’s worth of usage for the monthly rate you paid. Hell, it’s still the case that with regular usage, only a BlackBerry will keep you under 500MB that most data plans provide. With Android you need more around 2GB.

          With my S60v2 phone I’d have a $5 data add-on that gave me 500kB for the whole month. I’d rarely use it, pretty much only in emergencies to contact some people I only had on MSN.

          Nokia would have needed to provide data compression services from the start. By the time Apple changed the game, it was too late for them to respond.

          • Jiipee

            excellent point

  • Trexus

    I’d be reluctant to take this as “The definitive source”, lots of it sounds *really off*….
    The guy isn’t even someone well-known in the maemo/meego community (i.e heavily involved as a dev or other over many years).

    • jiipee

      That is also what several commenters say in Finnish on the original article. There are factual errors also. However, it is good synopsis and good start 😉

      • Trexus

        I hope the real community oracles (bearers of knowledge/history) step-up & correct everything that’s wrong.
        There’s some I recall off-the-top-of-my-head who could do a FAR better account than this.*
        Then again, I suspect most of them are still quite restricted with the sort of detail they can reveal in many areas.

        *in fact, some already have done something like this in their own BLOGS.

    • Sampsa

      Hi there, I’m the author of the article. Correct, I’m not heavily involved as a dev or other over many years but I’m a guy who managed to get lots of information from current and ex Nokia employees and wrote a full story with lots of background research and crosschecks. It’s not definitive source, it’s a story.

      • Trexus

        Thanks for confirming that it’s little more than a story, & not a chronological acct of everything exactly as it occurred.

      • Trexus

        I look forward to the day when those known to the community, can go into much more detail* when they write accts like this.

        *some have written accts like this, but they generally omit quite a bit of detail, for obvious reasons.

        • Sampsa

          Lets say this was the first step. I was only able to reach mostly Nokia’s Finnish employees and I’m hoping to raise interest of people in knowledge to contact me and tell more for part 2. Lets see.

  • Tommy
  • ukko
  • Ei Nimeä

    Here is link to the translated article in english, feel free spreading link to sites may interest this stuff.,10

  • Harangue

    Reading a bit more of the translated version, it appears the whole MeeGo move came about because of 2 things. 1) Intel wanted to co-develop the OS and could provide chips because TI were quitting their baseband line. And second, Nokia wasn’t the biggest of buddies with Qualcomm who also offered their services to provide chips.

    I’m guessing Nokia had some hatred left towards Qualcomm and felt Intel was the better partner since they would help develop the OS. Only in early 2011 a Qualcomm powered N9 was developed and my guess is that that only happened after Elop started to cozy up with Qualcomm again in light of the upcoming WP move.

  • Don’t Be Silly

    According to the article, the first move of Elop’s tenure was to find an alternative strategy.
    It seems that BOD who hired him was giving up on MeeGo already.

    • Series 1

      Very possible.

      Nokia fired OPK only after they started over with the Swipe UI. When Elop was hired the MeeGo Swipe UI was just a rough draft and Nokia knew they had to do all the work all over again.

    • migo

      Yeah, that’s what I’ve been saying to people who were complaining about Elop shifting the strategy. That’s what he was hired to do. The BoD knew something was wrong with Nokia, and they wanted to bring someone in from the outside who could figure it out and fix it.

    • Dave

      Specifically, to compare the current strategy with alternatives and choose the best one to continue. They were not “giving up” already, but they were seriously wondering whether they were doing the right thing.

  • viktor von d.

    what i read made me really sad at all the lost oportunities. i always hated apple being number one and always believed that nokia should have been there with the flawless os,and great quality devices with superb’s good to finaly have a timeline of what happened. and it seems indeed that that elop was hired when the bod saw they were swimming in shit and needed a change of strategy. so they hired elop to supervise or come up with the new direction. it’s also good to see hou much trolling is happening on this blog, only based on asumptions.

    one thing i don’t understand however. why doesn’t nokia bring elements of the swipe ui to wp? they could leave the interface untouched cause that would ruin the feel of the os, but add a swipe to the right for notifications and change the multitasking view from cards to the grid view of n9. it would greatly enhance the experience.

    also it seems that the tile ui has a lot of things in common with what nokia originally had in mind for a ui, and again wow, i can’t believe the amount of stupid that went on in the leadership department of also sucks that the whole ”burning memo” fiasco was more like a sabotage than a leak. if that would have stayed in the company all the bad press and anger could have been avoided, but it seems there were many competing parties inside the company, that didn’t care too much about nokia, but more about what they were developing and securing their positions.BOOO

  • Mike

    Still difficult to understand why Nokia (Elop) choose Windows? With the successful introduction of the N9 and the hype surrounding the N9, Nokia finally nailed it regarding touch driven UI and UX.

    Nokia has lost a lot of customers because of Windows. It would have been better to stay on MeeGo and sort out the problems. With the N9 they had a winner and could have built the future around it.

    If they continue with Windows it will be the end of Nokia in smartphones and phones.

    • viktor von d.

      i guess you didn’t read the english translation. no lte suport for the chipset used in the n9 and a snapdragon version took more time. the os wasn’t finished yet and it only cattered to the high end, and not the middle range and low end.the device was deemed absolete in the hardware department by the time it was released compared to the android counterparts. nokia’s ecosystem wasn’t going anywhere. the carriers in europe dumped nokia and the suport for meego. samsung,lg and sony ericsson didn’t want to support nokia in developing meego. so nokia had to continue the meego development on it’s own, and that takes a lot of money, hundreds of millions of dollars, not counting all the money wasted on the previous development, and it still wouldn’t have a ecosystem of services to tie into.

      as for the choice of wp, who knows what were the things they looked at. a few things are certain- if they wen’t with android they wouldn’t have had any control on the os, no special favors from google, and forced to use the google ecosystem and that wouldn’t play well with nokia’s location services. they could have gone the amazon way and modify android but that would lock them out of the ecosyetem and they would be back at step 1 like meego.with ms they share development with microsoft, get money from the deal,cut back costs for inhouse development, make money in new deals like wp using nokia maps.also enter a aleady established ecosystem-windows-xbox-zune-outlook,linkedin,skype,office,bing. if there were other alternatives like web-os i don’t know

      • Saul

        This is rubbish, there was still some hw OEM’s who were interested in developing for meego when the strat. change was announced.
        They just weren’t needed yet, as meego proper was still some way off, harmattan was needed till somewhere between Q1-Q3 of 2012.*
        There’s no way of knowing how many would’ve ended-up contributing in the end…
        I know this w/o holding-up the article as some kind of Rosetta stone, as I was actually heavily involved in the community at the time.
        Go search the old threads a & the mail-list archive etc, what’s left of it (some has been lost).

        As for your claim it could only cater for the top-end, total bollocks, it could easily be re-geared for lower-end, but they had no interest in going much lower than 710 price territory.
        Not until they hit MeeGo proper anyway, then things may have been different, had they decided to totally obsolete Symbian or S40 longer-term (the former was def. likely).

        Much of the other stuff you claim, is actually stuff that came into effect AFTER the strategy change was announced, how very convenient for you.
        A fraction of drop-off’s did occur before the announcement, but that was in the context of mths of rampant speculation that a radical change was about to occur (probably in MS’s direction).

        I’ve never said it was a guaranteed success LT, but it certainly wasn’t the total dud you’re trying to paint, there’s way too many unknowns that you’re painting as facts.
        I’ll never get why they didn’t ditch Symbian *a bit* faster (& far more gracefully), keep the Maemo>MeeGo strategy but pare it back to roughly 2x device /yr, & make WP the main focus UNTIL they had more stability.
        MS wasn’t holding all the cards, Nokia could’ve struck a deal similar to that with a different leader at the helm.

        *Harder to predict now, if we’d kept going along that path we’d have had a much clearer idea.

  • jamel