Nokia Facehugger face sensor?

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I thought at first it was a ‘The Onion’ style spoof or some error in translation to “Facehugger”. But the aim of this R&D project is quite interesting.


The whole point is to add more sensors, this time, sensing the movement of your face, measuring facial expressions and so forth. Finnish is apparently a very difficult thing for online translators to cope with so there might be quite a lot lost in translation.

The article says it may be useful in sport and for those with disabilities. I’m not sure what the implementation may be, but it could span from either text based communication based on facial gestures or activation of certain features.

It mentions something further about attempting work on sunglasses. Indeed we’ve seen R&D concept videos of Nokia’s venture into what looks like project glass years before google ever came up with the their version.


Cheers rishabh for the tip!


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  • Janne

    PureView Phase 3.

    • Matt

      lol! nice one 🙂

      I saw the pic and thought “Wow! Automatic smilies!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Rinslowe

      But they put all phase 2 on a truck mate! And gone, puff.

      But there may not be a minimum safe distance for phase three, competitors take note…

      Eye tracking software for visually controlled focus control, aperture control and shutter speed. Changing from still shot to movie by selecting the icon at a glance through glasses to mobile integration.
      And making a call for live streaming front and back cams while taking that panarama utilising glasses, mobile and utilising latest connection speeds…

      Point me in the direction of future now please, I’m not so good with waiting….

      Or Airports/ transit, trains, buses and public toilets…

  • jiipee

    Is that really necessary? Cannot camera do the same without such a nuisance? Ofcourse the camera(s) would then need to be in a correct angle/direction.

    • Janne

      But then you wouldn’t look like The Borg.

      Where’s the fun in that.

    • Pökö

      Hard to say what is necessary when we don’t really know what they are doing.
      This is technology study and thats it.

    • Bloob

      With a camera you would (likely /) basically have to rely on edge-detection, which has its own challenges with different kinds of faces and lighting conditions.

    • Gäst

      Well i think it’s more for people thats paralyzed from the neck down.
      At least projects like this shows that Nokia is the true innovator in mobiles even for disabled people.

  • BJ

    Real artists ship.

  • incognito

    Am I the only one who immediately thought of the Alien Facehugger upon seeing the picture? Scary stuff…

    • Janne

      That’s Elop for you. He will eat your face right after implementing 1984 rule.

  • Sefriol

    Everyone who participated in the event had a chance to win Nokia Lumia 800. But since it wasn’t 920, I didn’t bother. I had other studies to do.

  • Peter L

    Next generation Rich Recording. Three microphones for each ear.

  • torcida

    BELLE FP2 is there!!!!

  • Chris


    Anyone? 😀

    • torcida



      yes facepalm for sure,
      looks like a face massager.

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  • Series 1

    This was published today.

    I can’t find the tipping section on the MNB so here it comes.

    During the summer of 2012 we interviewed current and ex-employees from Nokia. People who worked in the OSSO, Maemo and MeeGo teams. By using right questions the big puzzle of Nokia’s MeeGo started to take a shape.

    The story enlightens the development of Linux based Maemo Operating Systems and devices before and after the Co-Operation of Nokia and Intel. We tell you about the Harmattan concept and the difficulties of the UI design.

    Very interesting material.

    The story is in Finnish.

    • Sefriol

      Heh, I actually posted about this aswell. Shit happens.

      I have to say that this article is beyond awesomeness. SO much great information and makes me understand their decisions much more.

  • Sefriol

    To Janne, Jiipee, Viipottaja and other Finnish readers. Have you read this:
    I have to say that this article is AMAZING. For a long time I haven’t been more exited when reading an article of Nokia Meego and reasons going for WP. It sums up all the difficulties Nokia had last 7 years.

    • Janne

      Agreed, a good article.

      It also portrays a fair-sounding summary of why MeeGo was swapped to Windows Phone.

      • Sefriol

        And because of WP, N9 exists. Oh the irony.

      • viktor von d.

        janne, please translate the article. it would be cool to read it

    • Jiipee

      I think I made a translation bunch of others 😉

      After reading it I have trouble understanding why Öistämö and the guy who was in charge of Qt still have jobs. Such a massive mgmt failure.

      Some things it still does not explain:
      – why kill Meltemi?
      – Didnt they approach instances such as Yahoo, Amazon, NCC Docomo, tv manugacturers? If they talk about ecosystem, there was no real need for other OEMs.
      – how fast the qualcomm implementation could have taken place (LTE info was news to me since I dont follow hw that much)

      • Jiipee

        btw coming back to the chipset snd lTE theme. The comment 20 opens it slightly. Snapdragon could have potentially been adapted fast.
        Hasnt there been news that ST Ericsson might supply hw to Nokia’s WP devices, why was that not an option?

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