Camera Shootout: 808 Pureview Vs. iPhone5, SGS3, OneX, Xperia T

| October 14, 2012 | 13 Replies

Image credit to AAS

I could sit here and justify why we love camera comparisons, and how useful/reliable they are for our everyday life; but one of the simple facts is that Nokia usually make great cameras; so we like to play to our strengths. Here’s a comparison the folks over at recombu carried out pitting the 808 (the undisputed king) against the iPhone 5, the oneX, the SGS3 and the Xperia T; none of these phones are slouches when it comes to cameras in any way (except perhaps the Xperia T- first I ever hear of it). By their standards the 808 came out on top 4 out of 5 times, losing only  once in normal landscape mode to the iPhone 5 and coming in second.

The very best of the bunch is unsurprisingly the Nokia 808 PureView. A Xenon flash is worth its weight in gold when you’re trying to take a low-light photo and you just need to glance over the results to see how incredible detail is on the subjects. Once


Check out the review with all the beautiful pictures here:

Side note- I know that in terms of sheer photography the 808 is a winner, but for people who don’t understand the concept of a good picture the iPhone (mostly the 4 & 4s) always seemed to produce more appealing images since they Over-exposed Over-saturated some of the colors The iPhone 5 seems to have cut down on the over Saturation and upped the quality, while keeping the pictures looking crisp and attractive; so kudos to them, however it seems to struggle in direct sunlight producing a horrible purple flare, but then again we’re probably holding it wrong.



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  • Madratz

    U mean over saturate Ali?

    • Woops-Sorry terms got fumbled up 😀 Thanks.

  • BJ

    I don’t think it’s really fair to compare after all. If 808 had camera the size of iPhone 5’s camera then it’d be another matter. Right now it’s a huge bulge. Apple would’ve done it and they will do it when the tech is right (small enough).

    • dss

      No way to get quality without having a bigger sensor, at least not yet. So apple will have to wait for quite a bit..

      I have both phones, and the yes.. the iphone 5 is slimmer and easier to carry in a pocket, but the difference is not really as big as most people think. Considering what it offeres in terms of imaging, I would take the 808’s size over the iphone 5 any day.

    • who knows

      It sounds like you’re saying that it is only the aesthetics that prevents Apple from implementing PureView tech. I do think you actually have to invent it before you can actually chose to use it or not.

      • BJ

        It’s not exactly rocket science or magic. Just a very hi-resolution sensor with some software added on top of that. I have no doubts Apple will have no problem with implementing that given their extraordinary experience with hardware in general. When Elop says it’s been 5 or so years in the making, well so was MeeGo. They’re just slow for some reason. I can’t recall exactly but Jobs said it took 3 (or 5) years to develop the original iPhone when it was presented on stage.

        • who knows

          Obviously it is only the aesthetics that keeps apple from using a physical Optical Image Stabilization as well. I mean, it isn’t rocket science, right?

          You do realise that it was only 6-7 months ago since Nokia displayed publicly how oversampling worked and you think Apple would’ve time to implement it but choosed not to? You do have faith in Apple, I have to say.

          Your initial statement was that it wasn’t fair to compare the phones because the 808 is bigger. Ok, do you use the same logic on battery life? The screen is bigger on the Lumia 920 so if there is a difference in battery life it wouldn’t be fair to compare.

        • N9-user

          Well actually I think you are showing your complete ignorance. It’s not so simple as slapping in a 41MP sensor, wham bam there you go. There’s the other “small” matter of the optics to resolve that level of detail and quality in such a compact package. How many 12MP phones have you seen by HTC that look worse than an old 5MP Nokia camera from years ago…. nuff said.

  • dss

    Ali, that purple flare issue is not really an issue.. or at least is really hard to reproduce. I’ve tried to get it on my 5 .. and no luck. I tried shooting against the sun, the sun showing behind a building, behind a tree.. whatever, its not there.

    Its blown out of proportion.. it seems to be common practice these days.

    • Dave

      I managed to get it on my 808 yesterday; direct into the sun.

      But the “problem” is very definitely being blown out of proportion, there really isn’t any problem at all, but everyone has to take pot shots at anything Apple.

    • Markus

      I got purple flare with the second shot in the damn cellphone shop so it is realy true 😀

  • Mutumba

    I think the 2 yr old N8 would come second after the 808

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