Rumour: Nokia Win8 RT Tablet coming 2013; Looks like “Senna”

| October 14, 2012 | 57 Replies

Also in last night’s email, I was tipped that we may be seeing a Nokia Tablet, coming early 2013, running Windows 8 RT. It is supposedly using the design of the “Senna” tablet, that was initially designed to run MeeGo-Harmattan.

Spec wise, all I was told was it will have an 8MP rear camera, and be available in a range of colours. It should presumably look like the Nokia Lumia “Coffee” Tablet we have seen in our MDN posts.

My assumption is, if this rumour is true, we may see this unveiled at CES  or MWC 2013.

This is still definitely a rumour, so I wouldn’t bet on it.

Update: Seems @NokiaPureView thinks the same


Hmmm nokia tablets announced at ces 2012???? Yes please


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Hi! My name is Michael. Like the others, I'm also a Student, living here in Sydney. I have a real passion for the latest technology and I'm a real Nokia buff! My aim is to keep those of you, like myself, updated with the latest in what's going on in the Nokia World. Currently sporting N9 & Lumia 820, with other Nokia devices in my posession. Get in touch on Twitter via @MFaroTusino, Google Plus or even simply drop me an email at mike.mnb[at] or tips[at]

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  1. arts says:

    Any indication that purebiew is a credible source of news?

    • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

      I think they had mentioned 822 before the main leaks, and info was correct. Seems a lot have been using their tweets as gospel lately, so thought it’d be appropriate to add

  2. shallow ocean shoal says:

    Boo Samsung TV. Boo

    • et3rnal says:

      The worst purchase I eve mad in my life

      Nokia should make TVs packet with lite xBox :D

      • maew_uan says:

        They used to, actually, but they sold those businesses almost 15 years ago if I recall correctly.

        • Marc Aurel says:

          Not with xBox, though. Nokia did make TV sets and computer monitors. The TV production was sold first and the monitor production a little later, in 1999 I believe (to ViewSoniq, which manufactured a couple of Nokia branded monitors for the European market).

          I once had a 19″ aperture grill (Diamondtron to be exact) Nokia CRT monitor, which was otherwise great, except the brightness started to creep up after a couple of years and after a while the software controls (not even the one in service menu) would not bring it down enough. Luckily you could fix it yourself without opening the chassis, because you could reach the hardware controls with a long screw driver. Oh those were the days when a 19″ monitor weighed 20 kg!

  3. nokiaaaaaouh says:

    Hmmm coffee tab how lovely :)

  4. andy says:

    they should launch with meamo7

    • StefanP says:

      Yes, please!

      • twig says:

        Maybe both win8 and meego together, since we already are seeing win8 and android together at shows. Meego being able to run android. Maybe that’s what they mean by “people climbing over each other to get the product”.

        • Dave says:

          Except nobody is climbing over anyone to buy Android tablets today.

          • Vedhas says:

            Unless that tab is a Nexus 7 or KF.

            • Rocky says:

              Exactly, plus there’s rumours Amazon’s interested in using MeR/Nemo (Jolla/Sailfish), & may tie it into their “ecosystem”, & possibly also include some sort of Android compatibility layer.
              Would be great if Nokia did something similar with their own flavour of MeR/Nemo, i.e. tie it into much of MS’s online/cloud infra & all of Nokia’s, & possibly even some sort of limited app compatibility layer.

            • Dave says:

              Which is exactly my point. The N7 doesn’t even run tablet Android, it sells a bit because it’s cheap. It’s also Google completely undercutting all their OEMs.

              The KF is NOT Android, stop promoting the Google FUD. It does not have any of the Google services or play store, it’s just a fork of the base Linux distribution which you’re not even allowed to call Android until you join the BendOverToGoogle, I mean, the “Open Handset Alliance” *cough* *bullshit* *euphemish*.

              I love how the KF does not give Google a cent or a single page click or ad impression. The KF exists to sell Amazon services, which is great for them, but it’s hardly a universal tablet solution. The reason it sells to well (In relative share) is that the rest of the Android tablets SUCK SO MUCH.

              • Dave says:

                (also, neither of those are available here. Amazon is a decent brand in Germany/UK but mostly huge in the US)

              • xxx says:

                The first generation of Kindle Fire devices run a customized Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS.[27]. The second generation devices run a customized Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

                This is my answer for your stupid opinion.

                • Dave says:

                  Which is not technically allowed to be called Android. That’s a trademark reserved for the OHS members.

                  It’s just a fork of the official Linux distribution on which Android is based.

                  Specifically: NO GOOGLE SERVICES. NO MAPS, NO PLAY, etc etc.

                  Most importantly: NO GOOGLE ADS, NO GOOGLE TRACKING. Google makes ZERO money and derives ZERO incoming from the KF.

                  It helps the “Android ecosystem” exactly ZERO. It helps inflate numbers which fandrois masturbate about, but it’s as useful to Android as a TomTom GPS device is to desktop Linux.

                  Android on tablets = completely crap and history very soon. KF will survive, yes, but it’s not an Android tablet, it’s an Amazon tablet.

                  That’s my answer for your stupid fandroidism. Die Android, die, you laggy adware infested copied piece of shit.

  5. Muneeb says:

    Everybody is waiting….!!

  6. dss says:

    I think a lot of people would go for the Microsoft Surface.. especially the PRO version.. I don’t see how Nokia can compete really, there is way to many OEMs on that factor.

    • Marc Aurel says:

      I agree. Tablets are sold mainly at electronics retailers which also sell traditional PCs. Nokia has very little presence in that sector, so the tablet would really have to be something special in order to win some attention among all those Dell, Acer, HP, Asus etc. tablets.

      • Dave says:

        A nice brightly colored polycarbonate bodied tablet with a sensitive touch sunlight readable fast refresh display, that doesn’t shatter if dropped from the couch, running RT and priced well, would stand out plenty between the weird and ugly (imo) laptop-folds-into-a-thick-tablet hybrids and the boring ugly plasticky uninspired designs we know from current Android tablets.

        • twig says:

          I have to agree. I can see why micro came out with a tablet because all the other tablets look alike and we’re not even seeing what Nokia brought to the 920 smartphone matched. I’m bored with all tablets looking alike already. Come on Nokia.

  7. Heron says:

    Nokia should make TVs, Coffee makers, speakers…

    Wait, I sound just like an Apple fanatic.

  8. zymo says:

    Nokia should also launch a Pro Tablet running on Intel CPU with a slide out keyboard just like the Sony Vaio Duo 11.

    • tom says:

      Saying the same thing differently, they are a pure OEM for MS and don’t have anything to differentiate. Dumbest move considering the largest OEM(HP) is trying to get out of being an OEM! There is no money in it.

  9. Deep Space Bar says:

    awaiting jolla tab

    • StefanP says:

      I am starting to accept WP and the HW is good. Only Jolla can keep me now away from buying another Nokia device after my N9. I hope to hear from them soon before I buy the L920 and maybe regret it when I see the first Jolla phone.

      • Vedhas says:

        Jolla will show their first phone this December.

        • Rocky says:

          “Show/demo” in Dec, they’ve never said it will be “available” soon after that.
          In fact I’d rather they take their time & get it right, 6-mth later is fine.*
          Especially since work on the entire Jolla/Sailfish platform has only been active for 1yr!

          *even 9mth, but more than that is getting a bit too long IMO.

  10. Don't Be Silly says:

    Ach.. 2 years wasted.. the Nokia tablet could have happened in 2011 running Meego.

    • Oswaldo says:

      This is what I was telling a year and a half ago.

      They lost the great success by not launcing a meego tab alongside with the N9. Just imagine a techically ideal tab with some more processor power compared to N9 and the SWIPE! I always when I try those android tablets, try swipe them and my first thought is “this isn´t working” …

      • Oswaldo says:

        And you should also be able to use it as a phone too! With the most advanced bluetooth accesories it could almost replace your phone.

  11. D Harries says:

    With the downturn in computer sales, there is a chance here as people downsize with their devices. You can see now how you can give up your laptop for an iPad with a keyboard/cover combo.

    • Marc Aurel says:

      Except that laptop prices have come so low that you can buy a decent laptop at the same price as a large (10+ inch) tablet.

  12. thoo says:

    if uefi securboot runs on those, you can easily replace/dual boot an linux distro out there on those machines

    • StefanP says:

      Sounds good, but I hate to pay for a MS license and never use their OS. Had already two notebooks on which I deleted Windows 7 immediately. They are simply not sold without MS OS. And Nokia would not dare this (or want this) either.

  13. Jiipee says:

    Interesting to see how they are going to differentiate. Eg Nokia Drive and transport are not that interesting on a tablet, just like camera. In fact, I will probably go with a tablet having only ffc myself. I also doubt that EA and others will make Nokia exclusive deals.

    Now that it looks like they will release on, I wish they have figured some groundbreaking services and features.

    • Zipa says:

      How is Drive not interesting on a tablet? People are using ipads as navis all over the place.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

      Do you not see how many people use the iPad to take photos? On my recent trip to EU, I saw no less than 20 people using iPads to take their happy snaps.

    • viktor von d. says:

      a 7 inch tablet would be cool. i would use it in the car honestly instead of the phone for navigation and media

    • Rocky says:

      Agreed, I’d rather see some unique stuff come to their tablets, leave that other stuff for their smartphone line, or bring it across but dont rely entirely on it.

  14. JGrove303 says:

    If this tablet does materialize around the end of the year , I may be do inclined to pick one up. I was crushing on a Xperia Tablet S, but if Nokia’s 8RT Tablet were to fall onto the same price range, it coild be a killer device. I can’t imagine Nokia would half-ass this Tablet after everything they’ve packed into the Lumia 920.
    It doesn’t need PureView, but Rich Recording would be killer. PureMotion display (it’s gotta have a higher res than 1280×768, maybe 1600×960 or to that effect) has got to be a given, wireless charging a given (since that bar has been raised) and audio/video editting applications. 2 GB of RAM and the Qualcomm S4 Pro running at 1.7+GHz with Adreno 320 would be stellar I imagine.
    I’m dreaming of Cubase RT on a Nokia tablet right now, laying tracks and recording live a Cello piece without mic feedback, then laying that on top of a demo video. Pack it up and fire up Nokia Maps on a large format screen with additional features and info not available on a handset.
    Screw making regular GSM calls, it’s a tablet. Skype is fine. And if MS were to release XBLA SDK on RT, I would have zero use for a desktop or laptop ever again.

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