Rumour: Verizon Lumia 9xx; 2MP FFC, higher MP 920 camera module, $149 on contract

| October 14, 2012 | 44 Replies

I got an email overnight about the Lumia 9xx launching on Verizon. We have already seen a super blurry photo of what is apparently the camera module, with some speculating it is a 41MP Lumia. The email I got said that the Lumia 9xx will have the same module as the Lumia 920, but with a higher MP count. This can be used to back up the 41MP rumours, however, I doubt Nokia would shoot themselves in the foot, seeing as the AT&T exclusive Lumia 920 would barely sell if this were true. I am leaning towards possibly a 12MP, as we have heard that figure a few times, mentioned in relation to a Lumia 9xx series device.

Next, we have the front camera, which is supposedly going to be bumped up to 2MP. This could be Nokia’s way of trying to beat the HTC 8X’s FFC, or simply giving Verizon something over AT&T. Finally, I was told it is to be priced at $149 with a Verizon contract.

I can’t verify the credibility of this source yet, so attack this with a 10ft pole. (I think that’s the expression anyway :p )

Have you guys heard anything? Let me know in the comments section.



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  1. arts says:


  2. Chief says:

    I’ve had it personally, from a guy I fully trust (who does work for VZW) that there is a high end Nokia in testing right now. They don’t know if it will be picked up for sure or when it would come but they are testing one. Couldn’t get any other details.

  3. shallow ocean shoal says:

    T-Mobile? Anyone? anyone? any….

  4. Joker says:

    Details not important. If the high end goes to verizon by year end, it’s huge news, whatever it is.

  5. dss says:

    12Mpix on the same sized sensor would bring down the pixel size to 1.1 microns… just look at some pics from the new 13Mpix LG, which shoot at 1.1 microns… its awful.

    • Janne says:

      Unless of course they add a camera bump and a larger sensor. I guess it isn’t completely impossible within still the realm of a “920 variant”. (I’m expecting a PureView Phase 3 to be a completely new phone, maybe next spring.)

      We have known for a long time Nokia’s strategy for WP8 is carrier customized models. We have already seen that with the 820 variants and for sure there will be some 920 variants. The big remaining question has been, will they come to other U.S. carriers…

      Wll Verizon get one this holiday season and are these small camera boost rumours correct, I don’t know. But I guess it doesn’t sound completely implausible.

    • Marc Aurel says:

      I am seeing here the dreaded and long buried, but apparently again rising myth that small pixels mean lesser quality. There is no such relationship. If the LG has poor images, it is because LG’s probably home grown sensor (LG does make CMOS sensors) is not up to the technology leaders (i.e. Sony) in quantum efficiency and/or controlling read noise, or possibly because the optics and image processing engine are not that good.

      • dss says:

        Maybe the DSLR makers are missing the whole point then.. no need for 6.0+ micron pixels, you can get the same quality with 1 micron pixels.. yes ?

  6. Heron says:

    Interesting. And for $149, it could be the buy of the year.

  7. Janne says:


    I am not expecting anything in the “41 Mpix Phase 3″ segment until spring, so if Verizon is getting something high-end in 2012, I’d expect it to be a slight 920 variant (like the 810 is slightly varied 820). Small spec changes, different chassis, that sort of thing.

    • Marc Aurel says:

      I am not sure there’ll be a “41 MP” device with WP. Camera humps are not really mainstream and Nokia does not want to alienate the masses by producing a phone that is too much out there. The 808 PW was a technology demonstrator that was also made available to the discriminating photography enthusiast buyers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there won’t be any direct followup to PW Phase 1.

      Then there is also the issue that the Qualcomm chipset used in current WP8 phones can’t handle anything above 20 MP (IIRC) and I am not sure how much liberty Nokia really has with the chipset choices. We are yet to see the rumored WP8 phones with STE NovaThor chipsets. Perhaps we’ll see one next year, possibly shoehorned into a canceled dual core Symbian phone with an U8500. The 710 needs replacing rather quickly, since the current street price is nearly identical to 800…

      • Janne says:

        I doubt there is any technical reason for Nokia not doing a 41 Mpix Lumia. The 20 Mpix limit is without supporting hardware/trickery, without which 808 couldn’t do 41 Mpix either. Referring to such a low limit is just speculation not supported by logic or Nokia’s statements on the matter.

        I’m guessing we’ll see a 41 Mpix ballpark device Lumia next spring…

      • freestaterocker says:

        If HTC can add a dedicated image processing chip to the 8X why can’t Nokia? In reality I think the future release of a true WP successor to the 808 hinges on the market penetration of the current Lumia lineup. In other words, if Pureview sells enough they’ll make it happen. No sense manufacturing a phone if you know it won’t sell…

    • viktor von d. says:

      i think it’s just a simple 12 mp camera like the n8, without the pureview moniker. it would justify this small price

  8. tim says:

    I know you guys are all looking forward to this but half a year ago the 900 was brand new and hot so when the 9xx comes it wouldn be before april or may so this are Nov/Dec/Jan/feb/Mar/Apr and then when the 9xx is out yout got new infos on 10xx or something.
    MAybe elop will announce it in barcelona 2013 where he is gonna to speek!
    I think the N9 unibody design wouldn match to a big large sensor so hope they will have an new iconic design which macht to a large sensor!

    • Janne says:

      Maybe, but for spring I’m expecting something even bigger than just a rehash of the 920.

      I think all pointers are, barring some catastrophic change, that a PureView Phase 3 monster megapixel optically image stabilized brick of a Lumia is coming in spring…

      So, my guess is, if Verizon gets something high-end for the holidays, it will be a 920 variant with new chassis and small spec changes. I’m guessing Verizon will also get the PureView monster come spring, but at this time, if something high-end comes out for the holidays I think that will be a different product.

      • twig says:

        Remember Nokia says they are coming out with some Zune like things in spring also. As far as Verizon vs Att its more up to what kind of coverage you have in the area in the u.s.

        • Marc Aurel says:

          Media players? Why enter that rapidly shrinking and dying market now? It might have made sense five years ago, but then again Nokia already sold much more MP3 enabled phones in 2007 than Apple sold iPods; in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Nokia sold more of such phones than ALL MP3 players sold put together.

          The only media player which might make sense would essentially be miniature tablet with let’s say 4″-5″ screen and integrated WiFi, but without phone functionality. Then again that market is now dominated by the iPod Touch so thoroughly that even traditional media player manufacturers like Creative don’t seem to try and compete with it directly. The lower end media player market still has swarms of competition (besides Apple and Creative) and is shrinking. There is no money to be made there, as Microsoft already discovered with the Zune project.

  9. llaadd says:

    personally I think, and hope it’s just a CDMA version of the 820

  10. Santeri Hiitola says:

    Hope it looks the same, and comes to Europe. =P

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