MNBRG: Problem with Belle FP2 alphanumeric keyboard?§

| October 15, 2012 | 46 Replies

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We received an email from Symbian fan, Alex, who says that since the Belle FP2 update, his alphanumeric keyboard has become unusable. Are you experiencing similar issues?

Hi Jay,

I’m not sure if you use it and are aware, but the new T9/Alphanumeric
keyboard on Belle FP2 (e.g. on the 808) is pretty terrible and a big
step back in usability. I’ve posted about this on Nokia support here:
and on AAS here:

It seems plenty of people agree with me, as you can see. I’m trying to
get Nokia to take notice and do something about it and wondered if you
would consider putting a poll on MNB asking if people agree or not,
please? (i.e. is the new FP2 T9/Alphanumeric keyboard better or worse
than before FP2?)

If you do, please could you make it clear this is specifically only
about the T9/Alphanumeric keyboard and not the portrait or landscape
qwerty, which I think everyone agrees are a definite improvement! The
problem is that a great many people find the T9 keyboard the fastest and
easiest to use (or did, before the changes). And obviously text input is
critical on a phone, so this is a signficant story that is worth running.

Many thanks,

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