Video: New Features in WP8 (Sneak-Peak on Lumia 920)

| October 17, 2012 | 29 Replies

It seems we somehow missed this post, but last week WPCentral published an article dissecting one of the Lumia 920 demos; where several of the new upcoming features of WP8 were showcased. Of course these are still bits and pieces that we’ve been able to piece together, but rest assured all will be revealed on October 29th. First up in the image above you see a prompt that appears when the device is placed on a Nokia accessory, such as the charging stand or the fatboy pillow; we’ve heard that specific apps can be programmed to launch once the phone lands on its dock (presumably clock, screensaver, calendar etc..)- see image below.


Next up besides the new app/window that shows you the accessory you’re pairing to (which interestingly seems to be able to differentiate between accessories; meaning you should be able to customize a different action for each accessory); we have the new multitasking view, which although is identical to the current one in WP7.5 reportedly support 8 Windowed apps (instead of the current 5)- however there is no official word about whether or not WP8 will handle “multi-tasking” any differently.

Also we can see the “select multiple” option in the gallery; which is a huge relief for many who have faced the horror of wanting to delete more than one picture (god forbid).

Original video demo (french):

Check out the full article, including several other minor changes over at WPC



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  • air-dex

    WP Central french source is

  • DKM

    Nice to see WP8 features, i am more interested to see Nokia features in WP8.
    I know they have exclusive apps but Elop said Nokia has an agreement that they can do things to the WP8 OS, other OEM dont. So I will be waiting to see what fetures Nokia brings to the OS other than MS.

    • Viipottaja

      The only things are likely to be the camera app built in extra features. Would not expect anything else.

      • twig

        I’ll bet Nokia can do a lot more exclusive things that the shared software can’t. That screen looks really nice on the yellow.

  • Patata

    Without multitasking some apps are almost pointless under WP. That should be the first thing to improve, not only under wp8 but under wp7.8 too.
    I miss being able to use Nokia Maps in background and listening to music while the phone is in my pocket. Or that sports tracker keeps running in background and not just resumes / just quits without any chance to control that behaviour. Symbian^3 and even Symbian^1 v3 on my 6720 was able to handle such simple tasks.

    • scorpion

      there are background agents for voip and location on wp8
      so these stuff can work with out problems

      • Patata

        Hope so… But too bad that wp7.x won’t benefit at all. Nokia should start some kind of exchange program for those who were loyal / dumb enough to get one of those Lumia Feature Phones 😉

    • Hypnopottamus

      I have listened to music and used maps together. I think the order of when things were opened (when it comes to this scenario) matters. Music runs in the background. Maps do not. If you start music playing, and then open maps up for navigation, you can get directions and listen to music. I’m not sure you can do it the other way around (open maps, then start music). Not sure about Sports Tracker, though.

      • Patata

        But since there is no voice support, you will have to leave the phone in your hand all the time. And you will use your current route if there comes an sms or whatsapp message or mail and you want to read that message. It’s something I really need… being able to use navigation completely in background. Nokia should make sure that at least such basic features (by Nokia’s standards) work on WP if they want to sell it to their Symbian users as the new and improved main plattform.

        • Patata

          *Lose not use

        • sandandan

          um… I guess you haven’t used WP7.5 that much. Navigation route is not lost when sms, mail or whatsup message arrives and you read it. This is totally false information. You just simply switch back to Drive and the routing continues. Also with sports tracker you can use other apps at the same time. Just switch back to ST through multitasking view and it continues.

          • Mark

            Correct. Another troll busted.

            • Patata

              Sure, everyone with another opinion is a troll, and never used WP 7.5 😉
              The navigation should resume frome its previous point after leaving the app, but there are many (random) cases where it doesn`t work and that`s really frustrating

          • Dave

            Dude I’ve had sportstracker quit halfway on me when I take a picture on the way. You have to be really freaking careful to always put ST back on top, and in my case I launched the camera with the button (from lock) and ST was not running anymore after that. Restarting it, it didn’t offer any “interrupted by saved up to X” information. It was just completely gone.

        • viipottaja

          what do you mean exactly with no voice support? Nokia Drive has voice guidance. Also, there are many voice controls (e.g. When listening to music on a bt headset and BA text message comes in).

          • Patata

            I was talking about the voice guidance on walk navigation 😉 I’m used to having Nokia Maps in the backround while listening to music or sometimes surfing the web while the voice guidance still gives me informations about my current navigation.

        • viipottaja

          what do you mean exactly with no voice support? Nokia Drive has voice guidance. Also, there are many voice controls (e.g. When listening to music on a bt headset and A text message comes in).

  • SS

    I react with the tiny font size…one reason why I couldnt stand Lumia 800.
    I am not alone in this matter…big screens but no chance to adjust the font sizes…even Nokia E6 is easier to handle text and much more on a 2,5 inch screen…

    I also hear that pwople are getting eyes problems staring at small screens all day long…we will hear more about this future problem, much more than regarding hearing problems listening to loud music in headphones. mark my word!

  • Audrius

    A few weeks ago i saw in one of the videos (might be the same one) when notification pops up at the top of the screen ( accessory was paired or something like that) and the guy swiped it away.

  • He says that the NFC logo on the charger means you can program the charger do to what you want when you tap it, like switching to silent mode if it’s your charger at the office for example. Nothing special, we already knew the wireless charger is NFC and you can use it do activate what you want (like playing music on the PlayUp when you put the phone on it)

  • manu

    i was wondering can we charge lumai 820/920 using normal charger

    • Bloob

      Yes, normal USB-chargers work fine.

  • twig

    That yellow phone is so beautiful with that curved screen and I love how you can make any tile super big. The guy was talking with his hand while holding the Nokia, please don’t do that.

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