Video: New Features in WP8 (Sneak-Peak on Lumia 920)

| October 17, 2012 | 29 Replies

It seems we somehow missed this post, but last week WPCentral published an article dissecting one of the Lumia 920 demos; where several of the new upcoming features of WP8 were showcased. Of course these are still bits and pieces that we’ve been able to piece together, but rest assured all will be revealed on October 29th. First up in the image above you see a prompt that appears when the device is placed on a Nokia accessory, such as the charging stand or the fatboy pillow; we’ve heard that specific apps can be programmed to launch once the phone lands on its dock (presumably clock, screensaver, calendar etc..)- see image below.

Next up besides the new app/window that shows you the accessory you’re pairing to (which interestingly seems to be able to differentiate between accessories; meaning you should be able to customize a different action for each accessory); we have the new multitasking view, which although is identical to the current one in WP7.5 reportedly support 8 Windowed apps (instead of the current 5)- however there is no official word about whether or not WP8 will handle “multi-tasking” any differently.

Also we can see the “select multiple” option in the gallery; which is a huge relief for many who have faced the horror of wanting to delete more than one picture (god forbid).

Original video demo (french):

Check out the full article, including several other minor changes over at WPC



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