Videos: Leaked At&t Lumia 920 Training Videos + 920 Exclusive to At&t for 6 Months

| October 17, 2012 | 49 Replies

What we have  here are a series of leaked At&t training ads, made to introduce the sales representatives to the Lumia 920 (and tell them which features to sell the customer on).  The videos showcase City Lens, Wireless Charging, NFC sending, Pureview, CBD PureMotion HD Display and more. One new piece of information gained from the videos is that the 920 is apparently exclusive to At&t for 6 months after launch.


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  1. Igor Paes says:

    so I will not be able to buy an unlocked when in NY in November?!

    • DKM says:

      The Nokia L920 is a pentaband phone i.e world phone so just ship it from europe or check expansys USA website.

      • M says:

        That one’s only HSPA+. I believe he was mentioning the LTE version unlocked as I am but unfortunately I wouldn’t count on it.

        • JGrove303 says:

          Are you sure? I thought tje UK carriets were gearing up for LTE rollout.

          • M says:

            Good point though based on my experience with the L900, they might have the LTE version available only through carriers to probably avoid potential consumer confusion and the fact that the majority of people who want the let one will buy it subsidized or buy it no contract through their carrier. Also it probably could be part of exclusivity deals by att and ee.

  2. JudaZ says:

    and they still can’t pronounce Nokia correctly.. :)

  3. anon says:

    ouch.. Our American friends won’t be too happy about the 6 month exclusive on AT&T.
    Seriously, next to Microsoft, Nokia has the most piss-poor marketing department on the planet. I bet it’s made up of a bunch of 50 something “YES” men sitting around a table in Espoo trying to make a one size fits all marketing strategy for the entire world. Sorry guys but it doesn’t work that way.

  4. JGrove303 says:

    Grnerally speaking, it’s always been this way. You can alwaus buy off contract, but it never lowers the monthly cost. It that sense, it makes it a deal to get the phone subsidized if you’re sticking to one carrier. There is no offset of price.

    The “answer” to unlocked phones is Cross-Atlantic partnership. So, if you’re going abroad, you have to use X carrier in Holland, Y carrier in the UK. It’s screwed.

    Now, the Lumia 900 and 710 never made it out of exclusive status in the USA. So only the Lumia 800 and 610 were available to us unlocked and unbranded.

    Not being able to unlock the phones is the real shitty part. Getting a killer deal on a Lumia through craig’s list has neber been in the cards, whetr as you can unlock and gain root access on an iPhone with one click. So no using AT&T Lumias on T-Mobile, no using Verizon Lumias on Metro PCS.

  5. Muerte says:

    Rumours tell that Verizon WP8s are delayed, because they are having hard time in getting their spyware working on WP8-devices. And Microsoft does not want to help Verizon with this, as it is bad for the customer.

    So, it is not up to Nokia at the moment, whether Verizon’s customers see the WP8 devices or not. (Probably at some point, but maybe not in the near future, unless Verizon gives up and does not want to install their crappy spyware to every device).

  6. d12south says:

    They should start by teaching them how to ocorrectly say NOKIA !!!

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