Nokia Q3 Results published: Losses across the board, Impressive Asha Sales

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Nokia released their Q3 results recently, showing losses across the board. It is an improvement compared to their Q2 results (comparing the operating profit between the quarters), which hopefully is a good indication of the future. Its a fairly lengthy report, but the main figures are easy to read;

“6.3 Million Smart Devices” were sold this quarter, compared to Q3 2011 where there were 16.8 million. That is a huge drop! It could have been affected by people not purchasing Lumias due to the lacking update path for WP8. Hopefully this quarter will start to show some promising figures, as Nokia will be focusing solely on Lumia & WP8. In their Press Release, Nokia mention that “approximately 2.9 million” of the 6.3 million “smart devices” were Lumia. Thus, approximately 3.1 million was Symbian and MeeGo (note; both have one main device available compared to 4).

Feature phones were up 8% in comparison to last year’s Q3 results.

NSN profited, while Navteq also suffered losses.

Take a look at Nokia’s press release, as well as the full PDF for more in depth information.

Edit (Ali): Interestingly enough though Nokia’s stock has been on the rise for the days leading up to the announcement:

Closing at just under $3 a share yesterday, however the market itself is yet to open (9:30 AM ET I think)- so we’ll wait and see what the general investors look at the results is; although most people are reporting that  the results have “exceeded expectations“. Also keep in mind that this is the first Quarterly result in a year that is below 1 Billion dollars in loss.

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