Video: Skype for WP8 in Depth Demo + People Hub Integration

| October 18, 2012 | 37 Replies

Somehow a video has appeared on youtube giving a full blown demo of Skype on one of those Lumia Knock-off HTC’s (either the 8X or the 8s not really sure); either way the app itself is integrated into the OS. Running in the background and receiving calls in the usual WP UI, as well as being integrated into the people hub itself, allowing you to call a skype contact through their contact card/tile.


Also note the new People-Hub layout which now runs vertically rather than horizontally, fitting more contacts on the screen and essentially allowing more than the current 8 maximum recent contacts:


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  • SS

    Impressing, it is indeed!

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Is that other thread a sausage fest, or what?! Fresh breath over here!

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Does that HTC thing look chintzy in these pics without their flair colors, or is it just me?

  • Michael Faro-Tusino

    Taken down by copyright claim by AOL/Endgadget 🙁

  • Maybe

    Isn’t N9 have this feature all along?
    seems like N9 is 1 year ahead compare to WP

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Yes, it does. All that good design and development is indeed finding itself reincarnated elsewhere

      • Maybe

        That’s mean Nokia find itself went back to last year with N9.
        With September introduction and November release?
        Nokia with Lumia means Nokia is stagnant (in smartphone) for one year helping to develop WP meanwhile all those stuff that only available now (in Wp8) are already existed in MeeGo Harmatan all along. Wasted one year for all the losses and gaining something that it ditches one year ago.

        • torcida


          WANT MEEGO BACK!!

      • Francis

        n9 lacks skype video calling, unfortunate as my gf has a lumia with no gtalk video calling

    • Von

      The N9’s social integration is very very superb!!!

      • Rinslowe

        I’ll seconds that…

        • scorpion

          if you compare it with wp7 its crap

          • Francis

            i agree but the feed is much more accessible with the n9 but all others (posting liking replying w/e) is much better with wp

          • Razor

            Depends on what exactly you’re comparing, social integration’s a very generic term.
            Overall & for my usage pattern, the N9 comes out on top.
            But WP is def. better than any of the other major platforms.

    • tomwhat

      Yes i has it already since 2011…
      The only thing missing is Video, but this is probably just another irrational management decision as with some Nokia Maps features and not a N9 problem per se.

      The integration of messaging in N9 is better than in most other phones where you always need an app for everything. Chat accounts (XMPP, Skype, SIP, etc) need to be part of the core OS and extendible by “protocol plugins”.

      So in that way N9 was already much ahead of WP…its definitely nice that it also comes to WP this way… but you need to be a WP fanboy to get thrilled about such things.

      • Ujwal Soni

        Yeah..and the FFC on the N9 was so good! /s

        • Francis

          N9 ffc is the same as any from its time, even some newer ones like the one s has a vga resolution, besides only gtalk works with the ffc. point is messaging is seamless with the n9 just as the n900.

          i only use gtalk anyways

    • KeiZka

      Not to forget N900, which had video calling baked in as well.

  • JGrove303

    this HTC looks awkward, with the screen so low on the device. Extra glass on the bottom I can understand for one-handed handling reasons, but this is for…what? To make it 20 % differrent?

    • shallow ocean shoal

      I forgot to mention the other day

      You know Jeff Minter (Tempest 2000, JagCD VLM) did the visuals for the Xbox music player? It’s totally underappreciated! You can control it with the 4 controllers…

      I assume none of his stuff has made it into Win Phone… we should beg him to bring some stuff over for us.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        Xbox 360, that is

    • Bloob

      The screen isn’t much lower than on the 920, but the top has way more bezel ( likely due to ffc ).

      • Ujwal Soni

        Lumia 920 has the FFC on top too..but the top bezel is very very slim..overall, in %age terms, I think bezel on the 920 is very normal.

        Would still rather have a 16:9 with smaller bottom bezel :p

        • Maybe

          The answer is MeeGo then

  • krishna6233

    This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by AOL / Engadget.
    Sorry about that.

  • Doug

    Can we transfer files and update our status???

  • Maybe

    Will Microsoft be using HTC on oct 26?

    • dss

      Why wouldn’t they ?

  • Patata

    Oh another thing that isn’t Hardware related but will never come to wp7.x…
    There so so many things that MS could bring to Wp7.x, but they won’t since they don’t care about those who bought devices based on that is (wp 7.8 doesn’t count… What’s the point of a new homescreen if there won’t be any improvements like a better Skype version?)
    And no, those limitations aren’t related to the ce kernel either. That kernel could do a lot more (see win mobile)
    From that perspective it’s good for Nokia that they’ve sold only 2.9 million of those I’ll faded devices 😉

  • Rinslowe

    I’m looking forward to playing with WP8 in the “Real”

    How many sleeps to go?

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  • lmiked

    that 1st picture after the video where you see the end call button, the end call button is just like MeeGo’s (N9) end call button, kinda squircly… Those f*****s really copied a lot of stuff from Nokia!!!

  • lumianer

    Will there be a live channel for october 26th in the web ?