Nokia 808 PureView to get continued Symbian development and support.

| October 19, 2012 | 98 Replies

Just a little follow up from yesterday’s post. Here’s further clarification from Developer_Nokia:

Dear Developer,


I would like to make short correction to our previous comments just to avoid
potential misunderstandings. When we were talking about maintenance mode we
were actually referring to our earlier Symbian releases. We do have new feature
development for Pureview 808 product and we periodically evaluate what updates
are needed to attract the end users. Your comments will we re-evaluated in
these cross-check points.

Best Regards
Nokia Developer Support

Cheers Mahesh for the tip!


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  • Don’t Be Silly

    Somehow doesn’t sound sincere.

    • Don’t Be Silly

      ok .. one moment they say A and then.. oops! they say B.

      Looks like unintentional slip of truth and then damage control .

      Nobody will blame them if they just stop Symbian development. They will blame Nokia if they say one thing and then doesn’t follow up.

      • migo

        It actually is to their benefit if they keep the 808 somewhat up to date so it’s still usable for their primary audience, at least until they have a WP based oversampling PV to replace it with.

  • Dave²

    It feels like Lucian is the only one active in the Nokia dev community lately..

    • Dave²

      Err.. From the Symbian side, that is.

  • Patata

    Sounds more like the usual blabla statement to calm down their customers. It doesn`t make sense for them to bring new features to the 808 but not for any other S^3 devices. We already know that there wonÄt be any new features for Nokia Maps / Drive and other Nokia apps on Symbian so this will affect the 808 too.

    • GS65

      Just read what it says:
      “In Nokia Pureview 808 gallery should be more functional. For example, send option should be added to gallery.—In its current state, the options for gallery is very limited.”

      These are not “new features”. The gallery is a joke. The old functions the gallery has had since first release of Symbian 3 are not there! You can’t even erese a picture! Nokia need to quit beta testing on loyal customers. We know Symbian is closing down. But at least a flagship camera mobile has to be able to send or erase images from gallery.

      • torcida

        What are you talking about??
        Of course it is posible to erase directly in the gallery (and also by marking the pic’s)

        • GS65

          Then I’m sorry for not understanding my 808 (I use N9 daily). You can erase single images, I know. But if you want to mark several images and erase them. I have no clue how to do this. I also don’t know how to select 10 images and mail them. “Clicking and holding” just bring out the tags option.

          • Weirdfisher

            You can delete multiple photos in FP2
            But still can’t send multiple images or create an album

            • Rinslowe


      • Tiv

        You can send individual pictures from the gallery but not serveral at once.

        And you CAN erase pictures from the gallery just klick the trash can icon then select the pictures you want to delete.

  • thanks for mentioning me guys.. 🙂

    • Alfr3d E. Neum4n

      You can also delete multiple picture/image files from the file manager. You can also send multiple files from the file manager but only via bluetooth and sms.

  • winson

    if belle fp3 exist it will be good..symbian is good but nokia only need to push symbian and rebuild back like bb10…because im 808 pv user..i hope nokia keep realesing updat to all bfp2 devise specialy 808 pv device..

    • migo

      BB10 is an entirely new platform. MeeGo was Nokia’s version of the BB10 plan, but it was screwed by partnering with Intel. They could have done that with Maemo (potentially) or webOS, but since they botched those two, there’s no way to do it anymore.

  • Janne

    I assume Symbian indeed is in maintenance mode aka bug fixes only/mostly now that FP2 is out and any plans for new Symbian devices beyond 808 shelved.

    However, I also assume 808 will still have things in development. As may some Symbian apps by Nokia, here and there. I don’t expect these to continue for long, though. After 2013 it will be bug fixes only until 2016, I guess.

    So, I expect the truth to be somewhere in between and those PR guys just fumbling and not knowing what the left hand is doing…

    • zymesh

      The only thing i think is worth developing on is 808s camera. Most probably development would focus on the Pureview1 and camera API, UI, etc instead on the basic functionalities of Symbian. Any other symbian phone would be on maintenance phase for bug fixes and pending change request. Im basing my assumptions on Nokias current roadmap of 2016 for Symbian.

      The only issue right now that i want them to implement is the multiple selection of pictures to be sent via Bluetooth.

      • Janne

        Yes, I’d expect any possible future 808 update be about the camera only.

        Maybe some Nokia apps on Symbian are still being worked on and receive the token feature update via betalabs or app update/store.

        Then it is just bug fixes. Symbian will likely start disappearing from Nokia’s materials/websites next year, I wager. It will be all about Asha and Lumia.

        Of course they will still provide service and bug fix support for Symbian until 2016 or something, so that devices keep going.

        • torcida

          It would be awesome if the complete symbian would look and feel like the camera UI!!

        • GordonH

          I know it’s bad for Symbian and Meego but we still got hope… right?

          • migo

            Why hope for MeeGo? If you’re into an an entirely open smartphone OS, there’s FireFox OS and Open webOS.

            • GordonH

              Yes, yes we understand your WP enthusiasm.

      • Alfr3d E. Neum4n

        You can send multiple picture/image files using bluetooth & sms thru the file manager in Belle OS FP2, as well as delete multiple files.

    • Jesse

      I think they are referring to the photo apps, like the gallery, which on the 808 still hasn’t the features that are on any other Belle devices (sharing multiple photos).

      I hope they are trying to enhance the camera app too, add a bit more intelligent metering, fix the tendency to burn the brights through and there was talk about the image stabilization tuning in video.

  • dafa

    I am just waiting for swype to update itself in response to belle fp2. The stock keyboard is killing me. I almost threw my 808 against the wall a few times now.

    • Janne

      Symbian does have that effect on people… 😀

      • Banderpop

        I think part of the problem is that Swype’s new owners, Nuance, are currently too busy trying to seem important to Apple and Google (so as to get acquired by one of them for a huge sum of cash) to actually do anything for Nokia. So the version of Swype in Beta Labs is likely to be as final as it is ever going to get for Symbian.

        Having said that, Swype worked fine before and Nokia did something to Belle FP2 to break it, so it is up to Nokia to fix whatever it is they or Accenture managed to mess up. It’s not acceptable for hardware to lose features with updates and then not have people working on fixing the problems immediately as high-priority bugs.

        You can’t just leave the problems to the app developers and say “we did something to the firmware that broke your app, you sort it out”. Except that’s exactly what has happened, and as a result the Symbian content in Nokia Store has noticeably shrank at a time when it was struggling to grow.

        • Banderpop

          To add to that, I really hope Nuance do not get bought by anyone who intends to make Swype exclusive, or kill it off. The work done with Swype could be valuable to future types of interfaces, such as air gestures and eye-tracking. It could be very beneficial to people with disabilities that restrict their ability to communicate. Seeing it become limited to one company’s world-telecommunication-domination plans only would be quite upsetting.

  • Razor

    I don’t get what Symbian people are whining about….
    If you get updates* to the end of 2012, or half (or all) of 2013, then you’ll have gotten FAR MORE support than N900 & N9/950 users ever got.
    If anyone should be disappointed, it should be N900& N9/950 owners/users.

    *& by that I don’t just mean minor updates that are mainly security fixes. But updates that include perf/stability & feature adds (perhaps only tiny but still numerous), & the occasional updated/new app(s) from betalabs.

    • thedead1440

      We got PR1.3 ~8months after release…The 808 was launched around the same time so end 2012 for updates is pretty much the same as us…

      Then again Sybmian is still outselling the Lumias something the N9 can’t due to age so Symbian deserves some resepct, huh? And i say this as someone who prefers the n9/900 anyday over Symbian…

      • Janus

        Belle+ devices (primarily 808) will have had WAY MORE updates (major/minor) all up by May next year, what’s the bet.
        Even in Dec, only 7mth after it 1st started arriving in folks hands, it will have had way more support.*
        Sounds like you dont own a 808, I can tell you, it’s on a trajectory for way more support, if not by Dec, then def. by May+.

        *note the definition of “support” I’ve already defined.

        “Then again Sybmian is still outselling the Lumias something the N9 can’t due to age…”

        Due to age? What are you talking about? The Lumia’s basically were positioned to totally supplant the N9 from the outset, & there was no follow-up N9 siblings, so of course they ultimately sold way better.
        The 808 does okay because it’s a highly specialised/nice device, that none of the Lumia’s can fully emulate, yet.

        • Razor

          nice = niche

        • Razor

          I’m not saying it’s utterly unfair, that’s always been the way at Nokia.
          Because Symbian’s always had a stronger hold, & subsequently a far larger market & portfolio spread, nothing new here.
          Was merely putting things into context for those Symbian-only folk, who think they’re somehow terribly maltreated.

    • Patata

      But the N900 has a lot more support and updates than any other Nokia device. Of course not by Nokia, but who cares?
      There is CSSU and even Opera Mobile got 2 new updates recently (2 beta versions of Opera Mobile 12.1)

      • Razor

        Well, kinda, it’s not the same as commercial grade support though.
        It’s great that the N900/N9 community has been able to become self-reliant like that over the yrs, it has had to, by necessity.

        But my point was: if Symbian users want to whine about how horrid support is or will be, perhaps they should take a a close look at the support trajectory of the N900/N9, then they won’t feel as hard done by.

  • it seems the letter is rethinking q3 results. Symbian can be the only option for Nokia

    • deep space bar

      Yep,stick with what you have and not what you think you need

  • Ed

    Hey guys, I need some advice, and I’ve always liked the community here (fanboys unite!)

    Earlier this year my N8 was stolen, so I’ve been sticking to a C5 (torture, after using ‘smart’ phones for years). I want to get a replacement but I’m torn between the N9 and the 808. Which one would you guys suggest and why?

    • shallow ocean shoal

      808, unfortunately the N9 is lag city and is unsupported now. With the 808 at least you will get a camera out of the deal.

      If I were in your spot I’d wait a couple weeks for the 920.

      • deep space bar

        ^LOL 920

      • AreOut

        is there any objective reason(= not design) to choose 920 instead of 808?

        • shallow ocean shoal


        • Marc Aurel

          Much faster processor, faster built-in web browser, better social networking out of the box, larger high resolution screen, probably better app support in the future?

          For camera centric use the 808 is still better, though. The Lumia 920 camera is an awesome design in its own class (small sensor phone cameras, that is), but apart from low light images of stationary subjects and stabilized video the 808 still has a much better camera.

      • Capt Obvious

        lag city? have you ever actually used one? it is the most fluid OS I have ever used, thats after symbian, iOS, windows 7.5, fremantle and Android. Ignorant comment. And to the comment further up the community support is far greater than any Nokia support has ever been on my n95, n8, n900 or 710. I am sending this from my n9 as we speak. Never switching from this phone unless Jolla brings the thunder

        • Ed

          Well I’ve heard the MeeGo community continues to thrive somewhat, which does sway me towards the N9. But I’ve no particular with Belle, plus the 808 has THAT camera.

          • Ed

            Plus a FM transmitter.

          • Razor

            If you’re already settled on those two…
            Then don’t take advice from anyone here, post at the main 808 & N9 forums, ideally seek advice from folks who own both.
            They both have their strengths/weaknesses, I don’t have time to go into detail here.

            • Madratz

              I do own both. And just today, got an offer from my telco to renew my contract for a Galaxy Note 2 at an affordable price.. Tempting right? But then again I thought I’d look like an idiotic tech junkie carrying 3 phones with me all the time coz I’m not ready to retire both the 808 & the N9.. yet! Both are unique in their own ways and set me apart from the iOS sheeps and the Android mummies.. So that temptation has been put at the back of my mind for now..
              Now, if u were to ask me which device I would take for a whole day given to choose only 1 of the 2 Nokia jewels, definitely it would be the 808.. Sure its a bit ‘clunkier’ than the N9 but THAT camera wins everytime. Other than that, there are far more usable apps on Symbian than the N9 could ever hope for. And the update to FP2 makes it more palatable than before.. I could go on with FM transmitter and all but I think u already get the picture. Sorry for being long winded.. /end

              • Ed

                Alright thanks for the advice, the 808 it is 🙂 Have a good weekend guys!

                • Razor

                  One opinion???
                  I’ve seen plenty of folks (me included) come to a different conclusion.
                  You’re best-off getting several, with more in-depth pros & cons etc.
                  I’d gladly offer mine, but it doesn’t do either device justice with just several sentences, & I don’t have time for a much lengthier write-up.
                  Some devout 808/N9 users often lurk here, Competitors sub-forum:
                  Post a thread asking them to add their thoughts.

                  • Ed

                    Wasn’t based on one opinion. I have been reading the forum, but I wasn’t going to create an account to ask one question. There have been comparisons done there, but I thought to ask here (just in case).

                    • Razor

                      There hasn’t been anything decent there yet, there was one but it wasn’t hugely informative, there is dual+ users there though, so starting a new thread may provoke a much better discussion 2nd time round.
                      Tis well worth your while signing-up…

                  • Madratz

                    Oohh.. come on.. He does acknowledge THAT camera is something that he would want. The N9 is great n all(thats why I’m keeping mine) BUT its camera can never match up to the 8|0|8’s nor does any other camera phone for that matter. Hence, 8|0|8 is pretty logical..

                    • Razor

                      It’s not as simplistic as that, there’s literally tonnes of considerations to be made.
                      Just because one factor comes to mind, doesn’t mean there’s isn’t dozens of others he hasn’t thought of.
                      The best approach is a massive in-depth pros/cons analysis, that’s the way I’d approach it anyway.

                    • Ed

                      Well, rather than regret a decision (only on a student’s budget after all), I’m gonna start a new thread there.

            • shallow ocean shoal

              I own both.

        • shallow ocean shoal

          Yes, “lag city.”

          May I direct your eyes to the currently 1,021 post “FasterN9” thread. One-thousand twenty-one.

          • Razor

            At least there’s LOTS of cools hack/mods/twks like that for the N9, the same cannot be said for WP7.x, hopefully that will change a bit with WP8x.
            And you don’t have to be technical genius to apply them, once in place your ph literally does become completely different from a usability & perf/stability perspective.
            Not the N9’s fault that Nokia shrunk the team behind it massively starting from when the N9 1st started arriving on shelves.

      • GordonH

        Shallow ocean shoal is an obvious WP troll here. How much do you get paid?

        • shallow ocean shoal

          You wish, numb nuts! You are the #3 troll here.

          • GordonH

            Look at yourself dude. Going around pushing WP to people even when it’s not included in the question. And yes you are a troll:-)

            • shallow ocean shoal

              If you don’t want to be called a troll, stop acting like one.

              You sit here, and tell people to go all balls in on Symbian like it’s 2005. Or I can sit here, and say you might want to consider waiting only a handful of days for the NEXT GENERATION OF NOKIA PRODUCTS to be released.

              You know what? I have changed my position.

              I recommend getting the N9 over the 808.

              Why invest into Symbian OS that is on feeding tube life support, when there is an active, and intelligent, hobbyist community to help with N9?

              When people run into problems, for example, when they discover joikuspot has been disabled for their country on the 808, who is going to help them, you? No, nobody will. To the contrary, the N9 community will show you exactly which file you need to edit from the terminal prompt.

              The intelligent Symbian developers moved onward to better pastures a long time ago. The N9 hobbyists who remain are doing it for nothing more than intellectual curiousity.

              • GordonH

                “You sit here, and tell people to go all balls in on Symbian like it’s 2005”
                I never even suggested to go all balls in on Symbian.
                However, I did suggest that you are a troll. Ok I take it back, you are a dumbwit.

    • Marc Aurel

      The C5-00 (which I assume you meant) is a smartphone. S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 one, to be exact. Of course if you have no prior experience on S60 v3.2, it may not be that great, but in fact it still allows you to do about 90% of the stuff a Belle FP2 phone would do, if you know your way around the UI.

      • Ed

        It’s actually the C5-03. Which uses the dreaded S60v5, plus a resistive touch screen. Which isn’t bad per se, but with my rather large fingers and being used to Swype, it took quite an adjustment.

        • Marc Aurel

          Yeah, it isn’t great by any means, but if you have used S60v3 or v5 earlier, I don’t find them that difficult to get back into. At least the C5-03 no longer requires the double taps earlier S60v5 phones did, and it’s faster, too.

  • Paul Grenfell

    Well, i find it difficult to believe, because they simply havent tried to sell the 808. Hardly any carriers, almost none on Plans and many countries cant even get it.
    I doubt if there are enough 808s out there to justify further support.
    I cant even get a genuine battery for it.. Nokia Australia wont even admit it exists.. can only import and no product support.

    • Pawlee

      Yeah though I see, and to an extent agree with what you’re saying… It is unfair for the people who did buy the Nokia 808 Pureview to get shafted so soon after purchase…

      … then again the same can be said about the N9

  • An Droid

    The word is that while Nokia ceased the development of Meltemi, not everyone was fired. Some people were moved to work on ‘Plan C’ project.

    That’s Android.

    Android is a cheaper backup plan.

    • Pekka

      There must be something like this in development. However, I’d like to see S40 in more high-end devices or a new OS that can use the same apps as S40. S40 with GPS and multi-tasking would be great.

      One option of course could be to buy Jolla or use Sailfish.

    • deep space bar

      jolla might actually actually be plan C

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Nothing quite screams ‘we really understand our customers’ like referring to us as “end users”

    Asimo Goto 10:

  • DanT

    They suggested we will see a video editor update soon (the one from N8 but made to work for 808), so there will be other updates. Probably small ones. 808 is too new to just leave it without any future updates … FP2 is an important update, but I think we will see updates at least for Nokia Store, Nokia Social, Nokia Maps in the future. I think they will keep having small updates at least in the following year, maybe not OS updates but included apps updates.

    They need to keep the clients happy enough to want to buy another Nokia in the future. I am pretty happy with FP2, but I miss a little the video editor from N8 so hope to see it really soon on 808 (I know it was supposed to be in the FP2 but they removed it for some reason, but I saw an official suggesting it will come later as a separate update).

    • shallow ocean shoal

      They could start by fixing Swype

      • deep space bar

        and skype

        • dss

          And the HSPA bug.

  • deep space bar

    you know what this means…….. they need to refocus on symbian users to keep nokia alive

  • Rodan

    Too bad Symbian cannot just live on as the OS for the Asha line or something like that. No need to kill it me thinks.

    • Marc Aurel

      Symbian^3 (including Belle) has too high hardware requirements for the Asha line (e.g. nHD display resolution is minimum, when Asha Touch uses WQVGA). S60 v3.2 has too antiquated UI to fix in a reasonable amount of time and no touch support, so using it in Asha is pretty much out of the question as well.

      • manu

        more low end handset like 500,603 should have been good

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  • twig

    I own the N9 and 808. I would go with the 920, its the best smartphone coming to the market that I’ve seen.

    • deep space bar

      LOL galaxy S3 is there already

      • Dave

        But it runs Android, yuk.

        • deep space bar

          better then WP

          • Xiao Ti

            Thousand years better than your zombie Symbian, yuck.

            • Noki

              how come people prefer to buy a zombie to WP?

              • deep space bar

                cause zombies have a longer lifespan then windows*insert joke*

        • dss

          I don’t like android at all.. such a mess.

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  • dss

    There is only one major bug, and they finally acknowledged it:

    I don’t think its fixed yet, but at least they know its there.

  • AFS


  • anon

    Well considering handsets like the E6, X7 came out mid 2011, it’s little consolation to those who forked out over $500 only to find out later that Nokia lied.
    Elop is your typical “full of shit” North American business executive. You just know he’s lying because everything he says is so well rehearsed and obviously pre-scripted.

    Come on guys, I’d expect this from an Android OEM, not NOKIA.

    • Marc Aurel

      The E6 and X7 have already received two major software updates (Belle & Belle Refresh). That’s more than most Android devices get. I agree that the users of those devices are in a somewhat worse position than the ones who bought the N8, C7 or C6-01 six months earlier, but that is the nature of device life cycles.

      In any case, Nokia will still support those devices with bug fixes and possibly even with some updates to individual apps. Especially the E7 is a business oriented device, which traditionally receive long lasting support from Nokia and I’m sure that as long as there are still Symbian developers working at Accenture, it will receive bug fixes at least. The consumer devices using exactly the same internal hardware (C6-01, C7 and X7) will probably benefit from those as well.

      I agree with you that Elop is a fairly typical NA exec as far as his public appearances go. Too slick to my liking, but to be fair all major CEOs sometimes give you less than the complete truth publicly. Plans also change and things that were firmly planned a year ago may be out of the window today.

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