Apkenv – Run “some” android apps in Harmattan & Fremantle

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First we heard that there would be app compatibility layers for Harmattan. Then Nitdroid came along, and like it did on the N900, it gave us a near-complete version of Android to use on our N9/50s. Well, now we have a compatibility layer of sorts, that allows you to run a very small number of android apks. This is thanks to the great work of thp.

Check out this quick video demo on an N900:

My Nokia Blog, its bloggers, nor thp, condone the use of illegally obtained apks. This is simple a proof of concept app. If you would wish to try it out, here’s how.

gain root access in terminal (or via ssh)


for harmattan:  apt-get install libsdl1.2 libsdl-mixer1.2 libgles1-sgx-img

for fremantle:  apt-get install  libsdl1.2 libsdl-mixer1.2 libgles1-sgx-img libsdl-gles1.2-1

copy the appropriate binary to /home/user/apkenv and rename it to apkenv (the folder won’t exist so create it)

copy these files to /home/user/apkenv as well

To use apkenv, you will need to use terminal and run this command

./apkenv /path/to/application.apk

Remember, not all apks work.

Here is the Wiki page, with links to separate subpages detailing tested apks by the community, as well troubleshooting info.

Update: The files have been moved for some reason. Get them from my dropbox here




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  • kuzmichov
    • Silthice

      how to install apks in N9?

    • spencer1978

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  • Mariano

    This is why i like harmattan and not WP.
    In wp i not even can manage files

  • Wow, great! 🙂

  • stormtroller

    now apkenv
    thp godlike @_@

  • The link for the Apkenv Harmattan has a 404 Error

  • 404 Error ! is there another link ?!

  • Ronnik

    After i gained root access and entered the command it says
    couldn’t find package libgles-sgx-img
    Am i missing something?
    help me out here..
    I use nokia n9.

    • Ronnik

      i got all the stuffs right but, now when i try to run the apk file it says.
      missing library dependencies

  • Adnan Kamal

    Tried all the games possible, the installation goes pretty smooth but none of the games starts. Also tried with the N9 Quick Tweak but for no good. it would be good if it works.

  • Zirk

    Hi,Ive installed the apkenv file and the qml and all the files were there, but when i installed fruitninja it installed and showed in my home screen but when i tried to start it nothing happend.. Please help me?

    Many Thanks

    I have a nokia n9 Meego

    • Adnan Kamal

      @Zirk: Welcome to the party. Its a compatibility layer but seems at this stage none of the games or apps are working. I am facing the same problem as yours and lets hope that the devs will help us out within some time. Devs also require sometime to look at the issues and sort things out. So be patient and hope for the best.

  • Ranjan raja

    how to install apks in N9?