Apkenv – Run “some” android apps in Harmattan & Fremantle

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First we heard that there would be app compatibility layers for Harmattan. Then Nitdroid came along, and like it did on the N900, it gave us a near-complete version of Android to use on our N9/50s. Well, now we have a compatibility layer of sorts, that allows you to run a very small number of android apks. This is thanks to the great work of thp.

Check out this quick video demo on an N900:

My Nokia Blog, its bloggers, nor thp, condone the use of illegally obtained apks. This is simple a proof of concept app. If you would wish to try it out, here’s how.

gain root access in terminal (or via ssh)

for harmattan:  apt-get install libsdl1.2 libsdl-mixer1.2 libgles1-sgx-img

for fremantle:  apt-get install  libsdl1.2 libsdl-mixer1.2 libgles1-sgx-img libsdl-gles1.2-1

copy the appropriate binary to /home/user/apkenv and rename it to apkenv (the folder won’t exist so create it)

copy these files to /home/user/apkenv as well

To use apkenv, you will need to use terminal and run this command

./apkenv /path/to/application.apk

Remember, not all apks work.

Here is the Wiki page, with links to separate subpages detailing tested apks by the community, as well troubleshooting info.

Update: The files have been moved for some reason. Get them from my dropbox here




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