Nokia Music Getting Over 1 Million Downloads a Day; in India Alone!

| October 22, 2012 | 35 Replies

Earlier this week we contacted the folks behind Nokia Music asking if they had any numbers to share with us, regarding Nokia Music and Mix Radio. Unfortunately at the current time they couldn’t share too much information regarding the number of Mix Radio plays, conversions and downloads but one astounding number we did get was:

“With Nokia Music in India we are seeing over 1 million MP3 downloads a day”

Seriously 1 Million tracks per day in a single country is pretty crazy, I can only imagine what the numbers will look like after Nokia Music picks up some traction in the US.

On a slightly related note what’s you favorite Mix?

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  1. j says:

    which platform? i doubt it is on wp.

    • Aliqudsi says:

      Pretty sure this is collective of all platforms (Symbian + WP + Whatever N9s are available in India).

      • Patata says:

        If so, why this news is only in the Lumia and Windows Phone category?

        • kunwar says:

          where is this mentioned that its about Lumia or WP , the Article is about Nokia Music and the image shows :a) a nokia device, b)nokia music running on a nokia device

          so is there something wrong?

          first the nokia management was split in MeeGo,Symbian n now the nokia fans are split between WP and Symbian,MeeGo

        • Aliqudsi says:

          My bad, wasn’t paying attention; I was thinking of Mix radio which is Lumia only…

          • Patata says:

            No problem and thanks ;)
            It was just a little confusing. Of course would be great if Nokia Music on the Lumia range alone would have been that successful in India (for Nokia, not for me who still thinks that another iOS like Ecosystem isn’t really something the mobile world need, but that of course is just my opinion ;) )

            • Rinslowe says:

              Yes, thankfully we have N9′s to satisfy that itch,

              Having said that on a day to day basis Lumia’s are greatly under appreciated…

              • manu says:

                windowsphone and iphone is not practical in india.and will be a pain in day to day usage.lumia series is a big disaster in india.

                • samystic says:

                  Nokia’s stupid decision not to introduce N9 is a bigger disaster… at my job where i deal with 150+ people everyday, only 2 people have Lumia (800 and 610)… 610 user has moved to Android… bad decision Nokia (Nokia India at least)


    • Rinslowe says:

      Besides the point…

    • spencer1978 says:

      [Spam removed. Pro Nokia, antiNokia, indifferent. Spam is removed]

  2. Rahul says:

    India is a huge country though. I’d like to see numbers from iTunes in the US for a fair comparison.

  3. vignesh says:

    In India N9 is not officially available. So that no. will be less. But Asha series, thy r doing a great job here. Most of the downloads will be from them.

  4. Zipa says:

    Mix Radio kicks ass! I find myself mostly tuning in on one of the jazz/blues mixes. Great balance of classics and good but less known material.

  5. Jiipee says:

    Doesnt Microsoft just announce/launch their own music store? Id expect that to be standard for WP.

    • kunwar says:

      that wud never come to India, Nokia Music in India FTW on all LUMIA SYMBIAN and ASHA

      • kunwar says:

        also on the PC as in India, nokia has restricted on-device downloads to be of low quality(32kbps) you can only download high quality(256 kbps) music via the PC client … i just hope in future they remove this restriction

    • Vikas Patidar says:

      Microsoft may have launched it’s service but Nokia has largest ever collection in every category: local, regional, devotional, language based, artist based and almost everything in Nokia Store. MS can’t match Nokia for the time being and they have to wait a long time.

    • Viipottaja says:

      I gather you mean Zune, now Xbox Music, which has been around for years? Yes, it comes standard with WP, but you can use others as well. Nokia Music is strong in a few markets (including India and Brazil), and could gain traction in others.

    • Rinslowe says:

      So long as they aren’t thinking about limiting Nokia’s own app’s for Nokia’s WP devices then this is fine. Nokia Music & MS’s music service could co-exist, surely.

  6. Pradeep says:

    For me, Nokia Music was a reason enough to stick with Nokia, now a happy owner of Lumia 800…

  7. Vikas Patidar says:

    I have bought voucher for 1 week at just 57 Rs and downloaded at least 10 GB of songs (more than 300 songs).

    Indeed Nokia has an incredible collection of Bollywood music.

  8. Remco says:


    Where did you find that picture with the grey lumia? Is it real? It isn’t a Lumia 920.

  9. JD! says:

    LOL… I gave INR 281 to Nokia as a gift… I purchased 3 months subscription, but now Nokia says it is not supported on earlier 701 models…

    Good going Nokia!!!

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