Officially announced: Nokia Lumia 510, our most affordable Lumia yet – Available in November

| October 23, 2012 | 55 Replies

We were waiting on the official announcement after CJ tweeted that pic, and here it is. Nokia Lumia 510, Nokia’s most affordable Lumia yet. Well, brand new anyway.

System Specs

  • Display: 4-inch WVGA 800×480, TFT, capacitive touch screen
  • Memory: 256MB RAM (4GB internal storage)
  • Camera: 5-megapixel auto-focus; video recording in VGA resolution @30fps
  • Size: 120.7 x 64.9 x 11.5mm
  • Weight: 129g
  • Connectivity: GPRS/EDGE, WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, GPS/A-GPS, micro-USB, 3.5mm audio connector (AHJ + WP Controls), Dual Transfer Mode
  • Processor: Snapdragon S1
  • Talk time: (GSM/WCDMA) Up to 8.4 h/ 6.2 h; Standby time: (GSM/WCDMA) Up to 653 h/ 738 h

The Nokia Lumia 510 will be available to buy starting in November in India, China, South America and Asia. It will cost approximately USD199, before any local taxes and operator subsidies

Good going. Launch now, available in a few weeks (just days until November).


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  • manu

    looks better than leaked pics and strikingly similar to 603.
    But no mention about 3G and wp7.8 update.

    • Peter L

      The specs page does mention 3G.

    • All legacy WP devices will get 7.5, it’s not Hardware limited so it’s safe to assume that this will too (it might even launch with it).

    • spencer1978

      [Spam removed. Pro Nokia, antiNokia, indifferent. Spam is removed]

  • Peter L

    Compared to Lumia 610:

    + Bigger screen (4″ vs. 3.7″)
    + 4 GB of mass memory
    + Cheaper

    – No LED flash
    – Generic cheap scratch-free glass (instead of Gorilla glass)

    • Peter L

      That 4 GB of mass memory should’ve been on the cons.

      • t t

        You can’t have everything at that price.

        • peter

          a microsd maybe?? ah! sorry! wp7.5 is not readay for microSD…

  • Don’t Be Silly


    • Pdexter

      Engadget says it will be upgradable to WP7.8.

      Thinking it will be released next month in India it must be released with 7.5 as 7.8 is coming early next year.

      • Pökö

        Is that stated somewhere that WP7.8 comes next year?

      • Param

        Wp 7.8 will be coming later this year,i have confirmed news from my source:-)

        • Viipottaja

          That would be excellent news! Hope your sources got it right.

        • arts

          any news on the 800,710s?

          if its anything like nokia the newer devices gets it first. =.=

          • Viipottaja

            As they should. The ones still selling in the stores should absolutely be the priority for 7.8. Revenue and profit first, us (too?) early adopters can come later. 🙂

            • arts

              the iphones dont do that right? =/ everybody gets iOS 6 at the same time?

              • Viipottaja

                True, but IF a staggered roll out is needed or selected, then those still selling best should have priority. 🙂

            • Marc Aurel

              All the other WP7 Lumias are still selling in the stores as of today. However, the prices of 800 and 710 are nearly identical, so I would expect either one of them to be discontinued soon. The 610 will probably continue in Europe for a while longer, since the 510 is going to go to the emerging economies first.

              • Viipottaja

                True, I should have said “more” or “longer” or some such qualifier. Anyway, I am sure you got my point. 🙂

              • KeiZka

                710 isn’t that popular here at least. Carrier stores have usually 800s on shelves, but 710s they have to order.

  • viilea

    The connectivity part has been updated in the blog, it now says also “HSDPA/WCDMA”, so it has 3G.

  • Patata

    4GB internal storage means about 2GB available to the user right?
    And no MicroSD Card support. No bluetooth files transfer (yet)… it has to be really cheap, even cheaper than it is now in order to have a chance.

  • yemko

    WoW! nice 603 spy. This most be the junk I’ve been waiting for since

  • zymesh

    200 USD is expensive for a non Win8 phone with that specs imo.

  • swain

    Nice look, big screen, good camera, acceptable processor and RAM.
    Why on the earth it has only 4 GB of non-expandable memory ? and how much memory is available to user ?
    May be it’s Nokia’s way to make phones with at least one disadvantage..

  • Dave

    Well, we got a short time between announcement and release to market this time 🙂

  • Deep Space Bar

    waste of time

  • incognito

    Wait, Nokia releases a new device with a de-facto obsolete OS with no future upgradeability plan? No matter the price, this is not smart. And before you cry `hypocrite!`, I think the same of the 808PV and my beloved N9 – in the long run they create more negative than positive effects as people who shelled out money for them realize they’ve purchased a one-time offer. Most of the people out there are neither tech savy nor follow tech news closely and those are in for a big disappointment which eventually backslashes at Nokia.

    I can at least understand such moves if you have some new tech to push and want to do it before the competition (creates positive marketing which counteracts later user disappointments) or when there is pent-up demand (keeping your loyal customers happy, again marketing benefits) but neither is the case with this device.

    It’s a pure grab money (no matter how small) and run release, and I strongly condemn any company that pulls such shenanigans.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      I dunno, I think it becomes a different category when the phone comes close to the “disposable” category. 200 bucks might be the psychological threshold, I dunno…

    • Bob

      Aren’t the android products that compete at this range android 2.3 Gingerbread devices with no upgradability path to ICS or JB?

      At the very least these devices will get an upgrade to WP7.8.

      • incognito

        Yeah, and that’s precisely what gave Android the reputation of slow, stuck in the past, unmitigated, unsupported junk (despite having the likes of SGSIII, HTC OneX, etc.) – a poor man’s iPhone if you wish – and turned many Android-would-be supporters to the competition.

        Disclaimer: Android is all that, but still it is far better than how general public perceives it based on their experiences with low-cost devices. It’s a simple math – the lower the cost, the more buyers there will be. The more the buyers – the more mouths to shout when they are left in the cold. That’s what started Symbian’s downfall and will eventually doom Android as well if they stop playing such games. WP hasn’t even established itself yet, the last thing they need is to have a public outcry of suckers who bought into the system, no matter if their ticket was low-cost.

  • viktor von d

    at 0:20 and 1:46 look how the light bleeds at the top of the screen.damn. they should have made it 3,7 inch screen to save money and put in 8gb storage instead

    • Dave

      They have, it’s called the Lumia 610.

      • viktor von d

        yeah but the 610 follow up will come in january or february with better specs

      • Marc Aurel

        Plus it would not have saved them much money to make the display .3″ smaller. If fact if it had saved them money, they would have used a smaller display AND only 4 GB of memory to make the device less expensive. As it is I am pretty certain they used the cheapest WVGA display in the 3.7-4.0″ range they could find.

  • nok

    Shit phone.

    Should have been 1 GHz and 1 GB RAM!

  • Mark

    Far too expensive. Needs to be half to two thirds that price.

    • viktor von d

      not with that screen size and camera. the androids in the price range have similar processors but 3,4 inch screen or 3,5 and 3,2 mp camera,similar storage capacity. the 510 is better for viewing content and browsing

      • Marc Aurel

        Not to mention typically with HVGA (320 x 480 pixel) resolution, which is more important than the size of the display. I think only ZTE Blade (don’t known about Micromax and other local brands) and derivatives have a WVGA screen in that price range. Samsung, LG etc. have HVGA.

        Of course Androids do get a significant practical benefit from usually having a MicroSD slot and BT file transfer out of the box. Let’s just hope Nokia will be able to address at least the latter issue soon. (It’s still pretty clear that MS never designed WP7 for emerging markets.)

    • Viipottaja

      Yes, it should be as cheap as the 308/9 and 311 – and come wrapped in $100 notes too! 😉

      • arts

        only? no diamond dust sprinkled on top? Im taking my business elsewhere.

  • JD!

    Far far expensive… Carbon has launched phone with 5inch screen, dual core 1 GHz 512 MB RAM, 5 MPx camera, etc for just 9.8K what is Nokia smoking!!!

    Another fail launch by Nokia!!!

    • Vedhas Patkar

      Karbonn isn’t exactly known for top notch user experience, is it?

      • swain

        this 510 is going to give a top notch UX..!!!

  • Kan

    Another idiotic product from Nokia – instead of concentrating on selling what they have they undercut it.


    Same old Nokia – same old problems.

  • nabkawe

    What the F about that weight, You can’t get a lumia below 100gm ?
    it strange how all Nokias are heavier than the competition.

    • swain

      it’s the build quality that drives weight. A cheap plastic will weigh less but again it won’t have the durability that has been a signature of Nokia.

    • viktor von d

      show me a competing product below 100 grams. and nokia needs to maintain the reputation of quality durable built’s one of the only things that still keeps consumers interested in nokia

  • Viipottaja

    Not bad, it is quite amazing to think that we now get these big screens in such low price points (about 25% lower than even the 610 was)…

    • Marc Aurel

      Crappy screens quality-wise, unfortunately. As I have wrote earlier, I would much rather have a decent quality screen at a lower resolution (like the Nokia 500) than a big high resolution screen with the kind of TFT quality you usually get in less than $80 feature phones. But I suppose screen size is so trendy selling point right now that everything else about the screen is secondary.

  • andres1905

    Mmmm… I am pretty sure that if the Lumia 510 arrives to my country (Ecuador) as it is supposed, the operators are going to sell it as if it was a ‘premium’ phone, the same way they do with all those basic android 2.2 phones… :S

    • KeiZka

      That’s just… plain evil. In all possible ways. :S

      • DesR85

        Well, you can buy them outright if you don’t like what the operators are offering.

  • krishna6233

    only 4GB n wil b gettin around 3GB space :/
    anyway i’ll sell my beloved E52 and buy 510 once 7.8 updates r released

  • migo

    USD $199 is still more expensive than the Lumia 710.