Lumia 920 Dismantled and Scrutinized

| October 24, 2012 | 23 Replies

The image above is the official Nokia service manual for the Lumia 920, detailing the product code parts and numbers, mostly for internal factory use and what not. However the folks at got their hands on a Lumia 920; and decided to pop it open and have a look for themselves.

First up we have the motherboard, which is attached to the internal framework of the device itself (yes that tiny thing).

Here we have what the phone looks like directly after popping off the back, note the charging plate on the back cover (beneath the camera) as well as the coil attaching the back cover to the battery.


This whole piece is the actual induction/charging coil (part of the back cover), the charging coil itself, along with the camera sensor and the curved glass itself are the main reasons behind the width and weight of the lumia 920 (the camera sensor alone is 7Mm).

Worth noting is that the 920 apparently has only one single speaker, I’m not one to judge before trying but that doesn’t sound to promising, especially since the speaker on the 900 is absolute garbage.



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  • DKM

    hmmmm, interesting.

    TDK, I know they make magnetic tapes, good old walkman days.

  • Simo

    NOOoooo why would you do that to her 🙁

  • JGrove303

    Interesting, looks to come apart quite cleanly

    • manchester man

      Yeah it does. Will just have to be careful with the main flex, and hopefully the camera module is easy to align again, because is suppose to move isnt it?

      • KG

        The module itself stays fixed. It’s the components inside the module that move.

  • Mark

    If I’m being honest I’d rather they took out the charging coil and made it lighter.

    • arts

      Plus one.

      I dont see how this is not just a gimmick if the accessories are rumoured to be so expensive, and no wireless charging equipment are given in the package.

      • BJ

        Buying accessories is fun. I for one don’t mind that.

      • Zipa

        Expensive? Qi chargers sell for less than $20 on Amazon, not to mention DX and similar china-importers.

        • arts

          Not many are willing to pay that kind of money.

          Again, will see if they prepack it with a charger of that sort, then they are serious about pushing it to the masses.

          • nabkawe

            Well Iphone 5’s adapter costs 25$ with no alternatives available and yet millions are ok with paying for it.
            Nokia accessories are really good , Purity HD headphone are great (i own a white one)
            Nokia 360 speakers are so freaking good i can’t believe they run on batteries. (they have actual bass)
            If you want a lighter 920 , there’s 820 🙂 Don’t pick a wireless charging cover though.

            • arts

              Well Iphone 5′s adapter costs 25$ with no alternatives available and yet millions are ok with paying for it.

              Are you sure? o.0 i certainly dont see that. And, im pretty sre they wont go down fighting.

              Maybei need to be more specific, but its the wireless charging stuff im more worried about. In my country, chargers usually come with the phone. Not separately bought.

    • Vineet

      Agreed. It was a mistake. They put the wrong gimmick into the wrong device.

      The right differentiating factor would have been to make it waterproof or at least splash proof if not IP67 grade. Motorola and HTC both have competitors out with similar abilities and splash proof/water-resistant phones are genuinely useful. (Especially in Rain!!)

      Wireless charging offers *some* benefit vs traditional methods but virtually none compared to a well designed dock. In fact a good dock for the 920 would look pretty much exactly like the Nokia Wireless Charging Stand where you push the phone against the backplate and more or less just drop it to engage the microUSB connector at the bottom. Exact same thing with the wireless charger too…..

    • Peter L

      That coil is 0.57 mm thick and weighs only a few grams.

      • Mark

        Including housing, supports and connectors?

        I doubt the assembly weighs less than 25g.

        The fact is the 920 will be slated by the tech press for its weight. It’s a major mis-step by Nokia.

  • manchester man

    The speaker looks like the same as the one found in the n8 but is hard to judge without seeing the thinkness.

    Maybe the speaker output on the 900 was limited by firmware, As theirs now a mod on symbian which increases the loud speaker output to a higher volume.

    The 808 is so loud with it its awesome!

    • dss

      There is so much room for a good speaker in the 808 tho.. and ya, its very good. The iphone 5 has surprisingly good loud speaker as well. My 900 sucked compared to my n8/808/iphone 5

      I made a quick between the 808 and the iphone 5 here:

    • zymesh

      Yup, it does look like the n8 speakers since i opened up my old N8 to change its housing.

  • *****

    PLEASE bring this to more than just AT&T

    AT&T will KILL you!

    Remember, the Lumia 900 was the second best selling phone on AT&T, right after the iPhone.

    Yet ALL non-iPhones combined sell a bit more than 1 million per quarter. YOU WILL KILL YOURSELF NOKIA!

    Seesh, at least go with Verizon or T-Mobile

  • StefanP

    Quite interesting. Would like to see the camera with OIS in detail.
    Also how efficient is this capacitive charging? How much energy do we have to blast out to get just a fraction of it converted into charging current?
    And I am just waiting for claims that this magnetic field emitting from your bedside table will mess up your brain waves.
    But: As same chargers come in the form of a pillow, maybe we can even sleep on it, maybe it has even a therapeutic effect. 😉 Jay: you might do some experiments in secret on your patients. 🙂

  • chfyfx

    anyone worries about the micro USB port being loose?

  • Carbontubby

    Is 180-odd grams too heavy for a phone?

    Are you freaking kidding me? Maybe the American tech press is full of scrawny geeks who can’t even lift half a dumbbell 🙂

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