My Dream Nokia #71: Carbon Fiber Nokia Lumia 940 concept

| October 25, 2012 | 28 Replies

This is the Nokia Lumia 920, made from ‘Carbon’ (I’m guessing Carbon Fiber?).

It comes from a regular here at MNB and MDN, Edgar Mkrtchyan.

I like the minimal and even bezel. More screen space!


Quite a large battery, dual core 1.5GHz, 4.5″ screen (but since less bezel, possibly shorter than the 920) 12mp


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  • stevebarker66

    Amazingly beautiful, but one problem: carbon fibre blocks radio signals.

    On the high performance R/C model sailplanes I fly we have to route the receiver ariel outside of the moulded CFRP airframe.

    Guess this is why the Motorola Droid RAZR only features a CF back panel.

    • Jesseri

      Actually Motorola uses dyed kevlar/glassfibre which looks like carbon fibre.

    • JGrove303

      So strange, considering carbosn fiber ist radiolucent, yet RF will pass through brick walls loke it’s nothing. Stupid electomagnetic spectrum; Get your act together.

      • JGrove303

        Then I remember that even a single leaf cand make the difference in wifi reception.

  • rhodnie

    wow cool phone love this

  • Karl Frohlich

    I just enrolled in a ‘basket-making’ course, maybe I can weave one myself?

  • Zipa

    Too little bezel, that would probably be really uncomfortable to use.

    • migo

      Quite the opposite. It’s a pain to have to reach across the bezel for the keyboard in landscape mode.

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  • Rinslowe

    With such a minimal bezel, would be great if the screen was brought all the way down, with the three standard buttons integrated into the UI instead. WP9?

    Then for web surfing, images and movie’s the tab could disappear altogether.

    Dunno what I’m raving about really but I picture that to be an improvement…

    • viktor von d.

      it would look ridiculous with the wp ui to have on screen menu buttons.
      as far as i’m concerned only meego looked good with no buttons.

      • migo

        Having on screen menu buttons would be perfect. It shifts the keyboard up slightly to make it more ergonomic in portrait mode, so they can use narrower bezels for more ergonomic use in landscape mode.

        Definitely something they should copy from Android.

  • jill

    Can I watch live broadcasting or similar services on WPhone?

  • Alet Suverhy

    Radio wavers can go through – that depence what kind of fiber and especially what additions were used. The process of making this body is identical (almost) to making boats from fibreglass. There is a tool which makes proper shape, fiber is like regular material for clothes, can be shaped. A special kind of epoxy resin plays role of glue. With use of preasure and temperature the resin form solid however elastic body. Advantage is it will be lighter, much more lighter and much more damage resistant. Note the pattern on photo – this is the weave carbon fiber mats. It is visible as resin is transparent. I suppose this can reduce weight of body more then 50%, and characteristics can be even better (damages, etc.) Nanotubes can be used to make it more durable. Good idea. I am not sure but I doubt if radio waves will be suppressed – even if this can be easy solved. the body can be painted or coloured (with colour resin and additions to it). I like the idea.

  • SS

    Hell no, I dont want these supersized phones.
    For F…ck sake, I must have a phone with 30% less volume of the handset, actually 3,5-3,7 is more than enogh but a battery at least at 1800mAh.
    Further more, I want loudspeakers to be loud and mounted on the front.
    Jsesus, I am so tired of this hysteria monster phones. I have a laptop for gods sake.

    • migo

      It’s not hysteria, people’s usage is changing, and the way people use their phones now, larger is more useful.

      I used to like small screens as well, but that’s when I was using a phone the same way I used a slider. Particularly after getting a tablet, I’d rather have a larger screen. 4″ is really becoming the minimum, except for people with really small hands.

  • Simo


  • JGrove303

    Ya, pre preh mat. Dry lay up. As strong as can be with the least resin, equally distributed within the fibers. The vety same procrss by which the front panel of my Xray cassettes and Bucky Grids are made of,

    However, I did read where iPhone covers made of carbon fiber have attenuated 40-60% of GSM signal. I’m supposing these covers were made in the quick and dirty wet lay up method, which makes for a thiker, heavier product that is weaker.

    But now with dual band n wifi, it’s likely the difference would be negligible in reception

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  • georg

    i find it a shame that Nokia left maemo and the qwerty behind

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