Nokia Possibly Holding Back Android Development by Owning Patent for Multiple Users on Phones.

| October 30, 2012 | 57 Replies

Yesterday among the hubhub of the Windows Phone event, Google held an event of their own, in which besides announcing the latest Nexus device (the Nexus 4 at a crazy unlocked price of $300) also announced JellyBean 4.2 for Android. Which carries among a set of new features the ability to have multiple user accounts on tablets; allowing each “user” to have his own account (like on PC’s) each account would have their own set of individually installed apps and settings.

The catch is that this feature is only available for tablets (which admittedly is where it’s more useful); Cnet have speculated that the reason phones have been left out is due to a patent held by Nokia under the name “multi-user mobile telephone”.

yet there has been no official word if the feature has been left out due to patent disputes or simply because it wouldn’t be as useful on phones.

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