WP8 SDK (Software Development Kit) Now Officially Available for Download

| October 30, 2012 | 15 Replies

Seeing as yesterday all of WP8 was unveiled (underwhelming to put it shortly); today Microsoft are holding a developer based event to give the goods to app developers  and convince them to develop for Wp8; a critical step of which requires the SDK to be in the hands of the developers. The SDK tools are now officially available online at the Microsoft Site, HERE (requires Windows 8).


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  1. twig says:

    A survey in the u.s. shows 22 is the average number of apps on smartphones here.

  2. M says:

    Build going on right now.

  3. Doom says:

    when I thought , wp was doing the right thing , suddenly get this sdk , a complete fail, will only be used in W8 and other insane requirements I do not think WP have a good future

  4. SLAYER says:

    “(requires Windows 8)”

    Umm… WTF?

  5. Wazapp says:

    It requires Hyper-V, that’s why W8 is needed.

  6. JGrove303 says:

    40 bicks to get a better optimized OS and powerful tools to develop quality apps for WP8 and RT? Still a bargain.

    And tomshardware.com has a 20 page write up on W8 and how to make it more usable for the REAL PC user.

  7. SDK is most important software Development kit.Developer use this kit to easily developed software.

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