Videos: Nokia UK Nokia Lumia TV ad (820/920)

| October 30, 2012 | 14 Replies

Remember a month ago we heard Nokia invited some people to film an advert for the new Nokia Lumias?


I think this might be their ad. Maybe. Maybe not.




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    the adds are getting better and better.

  • Did she say integration of Whatsapp into people hub??? If so I am SO excited! why the hell wasn’t that mentioned!

    • Harangue

      Noticed that too, if it doesn’t happen I find it highly misleading in the ad. But, Nokia was working with the WhatsApp people to provide a unique feeling/integration of WhatsApp for Nokia Windows Phones.

      WhatsApp probably can’t get worse anyway, so bring it on.

  • Harangue

    I am tempted to say that this might just be one of the best ads Nokia put out recently. The people involved are actually contributing to the product that needs to be sold, instead of just dacing around idiotically or rambling on as if they were high on acid.

    It shows how WP can be YOUR phone and doesn’t look like any other WP. The same message MS is trying to get across. Yeah, this is looking pretty good. All I need is either an 820 or 920 in my hands now. Release dates for all European countries Nokia?

    • Bloob

      Well, there are basically 3 kinds of ads, those that create interest and awareness ( the dancing kind ), those that reveal / explain a featureset/list, and those that focus on a specific feature or two, basically tutorials / introductions to technology that people might not realize the benefit/s of.

      These are basically the 2nd kind. I like how they a) keep the phones constantly on the screen, b) have several actual people going to through the featureset instead of a narrator.

  • DKM

    Pricing in UK

    So the @Nokia #Lumia 920 is priced sim free at Phones4U for £459.95 and pay as you go for £449.95 + £10 topup. Not Bad

    Where is my Matte Cyan L920, got to get the budget ready (£460)

  • DKM
  • twig

    More great ads coming from micro on the windows phone and more on the features at YouTube. Love this Surface.

  • If this is on as much as the ‘amazing everyday’ ads, they will annoy me to the point where I attack the TV, but in terms of content it’s a really good commercial.

  • hytheam

    wow nokia lumia 920 is the best in the world simply it is gorgeous

  • Bluecheesified

    I am living in Ireland and nokia Ireland just said on Facebook there would be no information regarding any new lumias until December!!!! Thing is its my gf’s bday in 3 weeks and she has being eyeing up this phone for a while now is there anywhere I could order this from Britain to here ??? It’s either this or il have to buy her an icrap as she has been holding out for months now waiting any longer is just not an option :(.

  • petejoff

    the 820 would look nice with a curved screen like in the first ad at the end!

  • rich

    They’re better, but it doesn’t show anything that iOS users will want to swap for. That advert doesn’t explain why Nokia maps are so good (“We have maps too”), or that apps aren’t needed for Facebook or Twitter (“I have those apps too”), saying it’s built right in doesn’t mean much to most people until they see it properly.

    No mention of pureview, the amazing screen and so on. Apple’s marketing works because they plainly state what is so great about the phone, implying that other devics don’t have those features. The 920 genuinely does have features that no other phone has, so Nokia needs to be explaining that.