Lumia 920 Demo Shows off “Grouped Tile/Folders” Possible Nokia Exclusive?

| October 30, 2012 | 13 Replies


Well it seems Microsoft didn’t announce all the WP8 features yesterday, seeing as how a new feature was discovered in a video today; an eagle eyed viewer spotted a Lumia 920 with “Grouped Tiles” on the home screen, grouped into “Games” and “Media” ins a sort of pseudo-folder. Even more interesting is the fact that users who have gotten there hands on the HTC 8X (and fully reviewed it) failed to point out such a feature, so is it possible we’re looking at the first of Nokia’s Software Customizations of WP?

Check out the video below at the 9:35 mark to see the grouped tiles in action:

Thanks for the tip Peter L.

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  1. viktor von d. says:

    there are videos with 920′s already and i haven’t seen it anywhere.chances are it is just an app,although i don’t understand why microsoft didn’t implement it. it’s very clean looking and makes the start screen fell less cluttered and more elegant

  2. c0br4 says:

    @AliQudsi the tiles folder is a game you can see it in xbox games at 6:07min. But I didn’t know about the captions on the homescreen yet :)

  3. twig says:

    Didn’t Jay design these for his win8 concept phone? His also worked correctly in landscape.

  4. eli says:

    Nope. look at the App list- no MY tiles app installed!!!!

  5. jayceria says:

    Sorry but there are other apps that do the same thing as “My Tiles”. In this video the app in question is called “groupy”, and serves the same function. You can see it in the app list when he is scrolling.


    “Groupy is a free app that helps you organize your Windows Phone start screen by letting you create group headings for live tiles.”

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