Lumia 920 & 820 Priced at $630/$490 in UAE- Available November 15th

| October 31, 2012 | 36 Replies

The folks over at WPCentral received the official pricings from the Nokia stores in Abu Dabhi and are reportedly:

  • The Nokia Lumia 920 will be available by the 15’th November latest coming at a price of Dh2349 (that’s $639).
  • The Nokia Lumia 820 will also be available by the 15’th and will be at a price of Dh1800 (that’s $490).

Further more we’ve heard to expect similar pricings for the devices in the MEA & LEVANT region; also keep in mind that most of these regions never saw the initial line of Lumias due to lack of language support  meaning the last time they saw such a beautiful design was almost two years ago with N9, I think the market’s primed and ready to go.



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  • in russia prices are much higher
    920 is for $800

  • Abdulrahman

    It will be available on nov 20th, preorder on the 15th according to their twitter feed.

  • gokul

    over priced almost equal to iphone.
    820 is almost 500 dollars means just 800×480 screen for huge amount
    you are getting 720p screens for 350$ . no one is going to buy this phones in india at this price. nexus4 priced at $400 so think about pricing You are under dog nokia

    • arts

      I really wonder how anybody is going to make money at this point. Does the androids vendor take turns to make nexus devices and sell them at cost now? I mean, the race to the bottom kills everybody.

      • migo

        this is the first time a Nexus has been this cheap for what it offers.

        but you’re right about the race to the bottom, you can’t just make an android phone and expect to turn a profit, so nokia definitely made the right choice with windows phone

    • Mohammad Zahid

      for ur kind info , the iphone 5 unlocked in uae and middle east region costs atleast 4295 Dh (1169 $)

    • v.s.i

      The Nexus 4 only compares to Lumia 920 as far as the chipset is concerned. Everything else just screams cheapness. Go ahead, ask a South Korean their opinion of Samsung versus LG. If you want a future-proof and feature-packed Android, get a Note 2. If you want the same but on WP, Lumia 920.

      • migo

        A south korean’s opinion doesn’t really count as they get an entirely different set of hardware over there than we do anywhere else. their experiences are with lg and samsung hardware the rest of the world never gets to see

    • Vikranth

      Its more than an iPhone…Maybe Nokia an underdog right now, but Lumia 920 will kill iPhone5…

      • Tom

        You are talking about a product that brings in 2.5 times the revenue of Nokia and about 60% of whole mobile industry profit.

        • Vikranth

          iPhone came in 2007…it was known all over the world after late 2009…i dont want to brief the history of Nokia which e1 knows….may be for the last 3 yrs iPhone might be selling good…lets see the future..already Samsung S3 has killed iPhone5 and Lumia 920 is joining the Party…Can you please mention any of a feature that is brilliant in iPhone than its rivals…i have many reasons to prove that iPhone5 is an under dog to these two phones…

          • Tom

            “Can you please mention any of a feature that is brilliant in iPhone than its rivals”

            If you count feature, Android beats everyone else hands down. People don’t buy looking at features only. There are specific feature that are required for each market. IPhone brings in more revenue than whole of Microsoft(yes combines Windows, Office and everything else). There are people who stand in line for 7 days to get iphone first. I haven’t seen anyone standing in front of MS store to get anything. Not that I like it or I shall ever do it. It’s the brand power. Microsoft simply does not have the kind of brand power apple or google has now.

    • Tom

      Nexus 4 is $299/ $350, much cheaper.

    • Vedhas Patkar

      For heaven’s sake do you understand Nokia’s devices are priced lower at launch in India than anywhere else? And tell me one 720p phone screen that we get for $350 or 18.5k INR. And Nexus 4 isn’t priced in India.

      • Tom

        I don’t know any 720P phone for $350 in India. The price of Lumia 920 need to be competitive with iPhone 5 and SGS 3 and Nexus 4 when available.

  • no surprise here why Windows Phone can’t properly lauch.
    with these prices they are just digging a deeper grave for wp.

    • muhsen

      actually in the middle east,these price r cheap
      the nokia wp8 range is now cheaper than any rival (920 is cheaper than the galaxy s3 and of less than half the price of iPhone 5 while 820 is of the same price of the galaxy s2 so these r very good prices)

      • Vineet

        It is not cheaper than the S3. Are you perhaps comparing 32 GB variant @ expensive brick and mortar stores?(S3 entry level: 16 GB. 920 entry level: 32 GB)

        You can easily get an S3 for 1850 AED. iPhone 5 hasn’t officially been released in the country. Once it is, the price will fall.

  • to buy LG for 400 is the worst decision.
    It’s like buying shit for the price of gold.

  • swain

    Lumia 920 for just $639 and 820 for $490 is a real steal. If Nokia keeps the same or a bit lower price in India, it may prove to be a turn around.

    • manu

      not gonna happen uae price is much lesser than in will be a good 5000rs-6000rs costlier in india.


      yes you are 100% right mate, good price, turn around about to happen 🙂

    • rynk

      we won’t get it for anything less than 35k at launch in India. A month or so later prices will probably get slashed. Either way we are probably still a month or more away from 920 in India, so no use getting antsy over the price yet

  • muhsen

    in the middle east,these prices r cheap
    the nokia wp8 range is now cheaper than any rival (920 is cheaper than the galaxy s3 and of less than half the price of iPhone 5 while 820 is of the same price of the galaxy s2 so these r very good prices)

    • Vineet

      They’re standard “new flagship” prices. Definitely not “cheap” or aggressive. It is demonstrably and significantly more than the S3. In fact about 500 dirhams more or………25% more. That’s not really competitive.

      It gets worse:

      Nexus 4 is LESS than half the price for a low memory 8GB version and LESS THAN 820! Do you expect people to opt for 820 vs Nexus 4?

      Basically, Nokia have priced this “just ok” with room to go down 15-20% in short term. They really needed a 16 GB version with microSD functionality to be able to go lower.

  • aboodesta

    guys, these prices are awesome. The iphone costs over $1000 here. The S3 costs about $550 but its 16GB.

  • Vineet

    The crucial and decisive factor in their success in UAE will be Skype. The Govt has a national Skype ban in effect and if the Lumias are delivered without Skype functionality, they will fight this battle with one hand tied behind their backs.

    I specifically asked them at Gitex what their strategy for this is since the Govt mainly hates the ‘voice/video chat’ and ‘encryption’ portions of Skype whereas from a market competition point of view, its the inbuilt text messaging and data allowances which are crucial (the UAE being a RIM Blackberry dominated market).

    • migo

      It’s odd that BB would dominate in a market that has bans on encrypted communication.

      • Vineet

        Indeed. There were plans to ban RIM as well but there was huge uproar from the influential people as they all had BBs. I’d estimate BB market share in smartphones to be more than Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone…COMBINED.

        (All due to the data plan pricing)

        • manu

          from where an u get s3 for 1850dhs??,on most retailers like axiom,carrefour,sharafdg etc its price 2400-2100.

          • Vineet
            • manu

     souq reliable place to purchase.i here that it sells mostly unlocked phones imported from u.s without warranty

              • Vineet

                If you’re looking for ultra reliable or rock solid warranties, try or Emirates Avenue (both online retailers). Their own warranties are better than manufacturer warranties.

                Same with Axiom (better than manufacturer).

                For Apple products, just get the cheapest you find (even if from small mobile store) since they have International warranties.

                Personally, I have no experience with Souq.

                Avoid big box retailers like the plague (Virgin, Sharag DG, Emax, Plug ins, Jackys, Jumbo, E-city, Costless).

                Avoid ‘official’ Nokia Stores. They are just merely branded partner stores and are much more expensive.

  • Nathan

    “meaning the last time they saw such a beautiful design was almost two years ago with N9”

    WTF? How do you arrive at almost 2yrs ago?

    • Maybe

      His patient will be unlucky
      Suppose to be the next appointment is in December
      Well for him it’s December next year

  • lumikola

    Just pre-ordered mine from Saunalahti Finland 597,60 euros. Should be available 22 november. Cant wait! Been using N8 for two years now and skipped over N9 and first gen. Lumias.