WP7.8 Update Confirmed as “Shortly After WP8 Devices Released” -Bring Rooms and Xbox Music as Well

| October 31, 2012 | 18 Replies

Windows Phone Italy have been helpful enough to share some information about the rollout of WP7.8 for the current range of WP devices:

The upgrade to 7.8 will be available for versions 7.0 and 7.5 shortly after the marketing of the devices Windows Phone 8.
Among the features there is the new Start screen , the sharing of the calendar using the function Club and ‘ access to key services and content Microsoft, including Xbox Music Store library that can be enjoyed by Zune and Xbox SmartGlass .
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Interestingly the update will also contain the new “rooms” feature, so early adopters haven’t been completely left out in the cold; this along with the confirmed BT File transfer and other features exclusive to Lumia devices should make for a decent upgrade.



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  • Janne

    I wonder if Xbox Music includes only the library (i.e. songs) for content purchases and not the other services. That is the feel I got from Microsoft’s past comments regarding WP7.x.

  • Kevin

    I wonder when after marketing is? Months weeks?

  • Ravi

    I dont care about start screen or xbox music … it doesn’t matter to me .. get us some useful feature like USB mass storage mode, bluetooth transfers, camera features, etc

  • JGrove303

    considering the 920 doesn’t have micro SD, it really doesn’t feel like the first gen Lumia usets arw going to miss out on much at all! Nokia is getting their shit together!

    • JGrove303

      almost makes me want to get a 900 second hand until I get mt 920.

      • ms.nokia

        yes indeed, the previous lumia phones will become very relevant to many consumers,
        the huge wp8 marketing campaign and the wp7.8 update will only help sales of previous lumia’s

    • DesR85

      I read in one review this morning that the HTC 8X does support USB Mass Transfer, and that phone also have no SD card slot. So it is safe to assume that the 920 can support it as well, unless I could be reading the wrong article as I was still groggy at that time.

      • migo

        Pretty sure the 8X lacks expandable storage, while the 8S supports it. The Lumia 920 doesn’t have anywhere to stick a µSD card, so it couldn’t support it.

        It’ll probably let you browse the device using MTP instead of UMS.

        • DesR85

          Just found the quote from the Phone Arena review (Link: http://www.phonearena.com/reviews/HTC-Windows-Phone-8X-Review_id3168#1-):

          “Interestingly, our PC is able to recognize the handset as a removable device – allowing us to quickly download photos and videos without the need to use Microsoft’s Zune desktop software. Likewise, we’re able to directly copy other items, like music and videos, onto the handset.”

          But yeah, I agree that it could be using MTP but at least easy transfer of videos, pictures and other media files without Zune or other software is much better.

  • Patata

    please change the headline as there are no infos about xbox music for wp7.x. all they say is that it will be possible to access music bought with xbox music (on wp8, xbox or w8) can be accessed with zune or smartglass app on wp7.8

    And wp7.x is pretty much dead already. just check out the marketplace. There are almost no new app releases and even updates by Nokia already getting rare (just a few more overpriced ea games).
    Do you really think that this situation will get any better now after wp8 was released?
    Not even Nokia will continue to support wp7.x with app updates (why wasting any time on that trainwrack that wp7 is if they have so much more possibilitys with wp8?

    • Janne

      I don’t agree. 20 000 new apps have been added in the past few months, new ones are popping up constantly and they are all WP7. I can see new games moving to WP8 quick for obvious reasons, especially since many game ports have waited for the WP8 native code, but other than that you are calling it too quick.

      Nokia will also definitely continue with app updates for WP7, the Scalado features are coming for example. Updates to Nokia Music and whatnot have been frequent as have other app updates lately, I see them maintaining those as before. With the release of the Lumia 510 just around the corner, I don’t see that stopping for quite a while. Maybe this time next year your comment would be more valid, I don’t think it now is.

      • patata

        Maybe it is just me who expected a little more than those half backed apps that we get for wp7. Nokia Drive, Maps and Public Travel for example are still far behind their Symbian pendants in some aspects. They should not only be on the same level, they should be far ahead considering how much better WP was meant to be. Of course I know that wp8 is the better os, wp7 was just a preview version

    • Janne

      I agree about Xbox Music part though.

    • Brian

      Patata:”And wp7.x is pretty much dead already. just check out the marketplace. There are almost no new app releases”

      You must be one of those “Symbian pedants” you referred to in another post. What you’ve written is just ignorant.

      I actually develop WP apps in my spare time and it will be some time before I move to developing WP 8 apps for several reasons:
      1) There is still a much bigger WP7 market and any WP7 app I develop will automatically be ported to WP8 by MS. That way I get to sell to both markets.
      2) The WP8 SDK was only released generally a day or two ago. As an existing WP7 app developer I was offered the RTM version by MS a month or so ago but saw little reason to take them up while the WP7 market is so much bigger than the WP8 (and frankly despite the RTM label it seemed likely that there were still changes in the pipeline and developing against it might very well have incurred redevelopment costs to cope with any changes. No point in trying to hit a moving target for no gain). This will likely change but as long as I can develop for both markets I will.
      3) None of the apps I have on the drawing board require features which are in WP8 but not WP7. This may change.

      There are WP8 specific / WP8 only apps out there but they are mostly from the big companies and are there to take advantage of WP8-specific features. One example would be the Skype for WP8 app which is much better than the Skype for WP7 one.

    • viipottaja

      I thought you said 7.8 will only get the homesceeen? I thought you KNOW.

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  • migo

    But no IE10 🙁

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