Nokia Lumia 920 coming to UK 2nd November, Russia on November 6

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Two bits of news worth sharing one post.

First up, we hear that the Nokia Lumia 920 is coming to the UK from the 2nd of November with four colours at launch. Phew!

Black, White, Red and Yellow will be available, through EE, T-Mobile/Orange, and Phones4U. We learnt yesterday that EE/T-Mobile/Orange will have Black and White, whilst Phones4U get the Red and Yellow. Looks like I’m going to Phones4U for my shiny yellow 920 :D.


The 820 is said to appear on the 7th.

Source: NokNok (Cheers Mickey for the tip!)

Next up, Evgeny says Russia will get the Nokia Lumia 920 on the 6th of November along with the 820.

Hello! We’ve been confirmed that Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 will be launched in Russia on 6th of November (and they should go on sale this day). Both Elop and Ballmer will be on presentation so anticipations are really high here 🙂

Official prices are: 24 990 rubles ($793) for 920 and 19 990 rubles ($634) for 820. For comparison: HTC 8X is priced at 23 990 ($761) and HTC 8S at 13 990 ($443).

Source: mobiltelefon



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  • qromodynmc

    and What about Turkey :/ htc’s crappy 8x coming at november 5,Nokia must be fast.

    • Nokia has to show the UK audience what bloggers know in that 920 vs 8X, the 920 is the only one worth getting. Wireless charging, super sensitive screen, PureMotion HD+ display, PureView 2.0 optical image stabilisation.

      What does HTCrap have? The ability to attempt to make a Lumia?

      • qromodynmc

        I know but,people doesnt know!,sadly in Turkey most of people doesnt even heard of windows phone. Things are really hard for nokia here. :/

      • Helios

        HTCrap has the ability to sell their phone on all carriers with no exclusivity? I still don’t understand Nokia’s dumb strategy to push phones through carriers… If they say that Lumia 800 didn’t succeed because they couldn’t offer carrier exclusivity, I’d like to yell at the top of the world..NO… Lumia 800 didn’t sell because it was half baked product but for it’s awesome design. It didn’t have half the features that a five year old symbian phone had and why would people switch to Lumia 800?

        Now with 920 they incorporated some solid features and offer BT file transfer and SD card for L820 and now I was praying that Nokia won’t screw up this time. Before I could hold my breath they just started shooting on their leg all over again… Sigh.. and now you see EE has exclusivity in the UK. Earlier you could have brought your own phone and now you cannot till probably early next year. I’d rather get a phone from HK or Singapore, but worried about warranty.

        • nn

          Also AFAIK they tried exclusivity only in US with 900 on ATT, and the sales in Q3 North America absolutely tanked. So the argument that exclusivity was better than broad sales like they did in the EU seems pretty bogus and little light on data.

        • nabkawe

          Wait a minute , I thought that was also true in the Lumia900 case last year and Nokia still out sold HTC 🙂

      • arts

        they did make a well rounded phone, into a slim package with a very competitive price. To me its like the lumia 900 of the windows phone 8. No special innovations to speak of.

        Does windows phone 8 need jack of all trades, or does it need a super star (lumia 920) to actually take off? i guess we will find out soon.

      • Vedhas Patkar

        VZW’s 8x will come with wireless charging.

  • Paul

    Jay – Worth noting this, unless you’re going onto the EE network of course. EE telesales told me today that their 920s will be locked and, at present, they have no confirmation on whether you will be able to unlock them. All their other handsets can be unlocked after free months usage on the network. Thought you might like to know.

  • nn

    Again, in Russia it’s only retail, or carrier(s) too?

    • satanlovesyou


      • Satan

        No I don’t

  • Had a look at a dummy yellow 920 & red 920 at Phones4U. They told me they have no exact release dates but it will retail around 460-500GBP on pay as you go and they will add a free wireless charger on purchase.
    EE told me they expect the new Lumias around Nov 7-8.