Nokia Lumia 920 low light untouchable (vs HTC Lumiawannabe 8X)

| October 31, 2012 | 71 Replies


It’s a shame that for all that extra lightness in weight all you get is an emptier pocket. When you whip out your Nokia Lumia 920 and it’s low light, you’re sure to get that picture in. What’s the point in getting the KIRF?

The above was tweeted by Vlad Savov from the Verge. He says the 920 is untouchable in low light. Note that the WP 8X from HTCrap is supposedly great in low light. Well, it might be like how my little cousin is pretty good at football for a toddler but is obviously not a Pro.

Thanks @chilko for the tip!


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  • rajamass

    HTC is having less weight becoz its empty 😀

    • Shaik Rasool



    worth the extra 20 pennies

    • dss

      I dunno.. we will have to wait for a proper GSMarena review of both cameras.. soon.

      Btw it says “Windows Phone 8X” on that picture.. I guess that is “the” windows phone.

      • I stop trusting on most of the reviews and gsmarena’s reviews are on top of not trusting. Hardly any reviewer show the actual life-run progress and all of them focus on specs and whatnot. Yes those are important too but not if in day to day life it failed to cover masses.

      • Mark

        Most of the early reviews have the camera as either good or average for daylight shots with rave reviews for OIS and night time shots.

        Nokia, wake up: the expected standard is the iPhone 5. Washed out colours don’t cut it. Sorry Dinning, get it together or get someone who understands what sells.

        • HP

          Hey, if the iphone need the low light mode to be on to compete against 920, then why doesn’t compare the 920 pics with vivid colors option (dunno about windows phones, but earlier Nokias have that to get those iphone like bumbed up saturated candy color reality distorted pics…)


        u have to try better, your troll skills are failing you,

  • Jake

    Can’t wait until dpreview gets their hands on the 920 to see what the camera really is worth. All these low light shots are quite cool, but I would like to see the real picture quality in good light compared to the competition.

    • stylinred

      would dpreview actually review the 920 though? I thought that they only reviewed the 808 because of its compact camera aspirations and its epic sensor

      • hary536

        They reviewed iphone5. So 920 should be on their list.

      • dss

        They will.. they finally realized that mobile photography is going to replace P&S .. of course, we knew that in 2010 when the N8 came out.

        As far as the 920.. quality will be average, in all conditions.. pretty far from the benchmark.

        • capedonut

          If the 808 is the benchmark, then no disagreement here. Would be interested to see its overall performance against the iPhone though

          • dss

            From what I can see so far, the iPhone 5 will produce better images in daylight, and play catch up in low light, but in both cases the difference in quality between the two will be negligible.

            And yes.. The 808 is the benchmark.

            • Dave

              For someone whining about the 1.4 microns, care to elaborate why the i5 with worse specs in every measure compared to the L920 makes better pics in daylight, and has a hope in hell of catching up in low light?

              It’s not because it has a shiny apple on the back, and you’re one the biggest Nokia trolls here?

              • dss

                “difference in quality between the two will be negligible.”

                In case you missed it the first time.

      • Jake

        They recently opened their “connect” site where they focus on mobile photography ( So far they have reviewed the HTC One X, the Iphone 5 and the Nokia 808. So I’m hoping for a 920 review aswell. 🙂

      • stylinred

        ah i see good to know

  • JGrove303

    HTC makes a pretty colored shim for leveling a wobbley table

  • Luisito

    MMM… Someone got really mad over there… I know HTC copied/take inspiration of the Lumia design language, but guys… You’re getting a little annoying

    • Pdexter

      Comparing two main Windows Phone 8 handsets is trolling?….ok.

      • stylinred

        i think his issues is with the language used, and i happen to agree it’s a bit overbearing

        • Pdexter

          Ah ok, i can agree with that. You wont win anything with that language.

    • Agreed. Rather pointless.

    • arts

      kinda agree. They do have something unique in their phones too..

  • M

    Oooooooooooo that means we can be expecting the Verge review coming soon.

    • Dave

      ecosystem: 4. pictures not as good as the iphone 5. While it has a higher dpi and resolution than the i5, it will “feel” not as good. Sound will “feel” worse. LTE will “feel” slower.

      Doesn’t have the same corners as the i5. Doesn’t have the same weight and dimensions as the i5. Doesn’t run iOS. Does not run Android. Does not have first party google docs support. No apps.

      Final score: not an iPhone, 3/10.

      Sound about right?

      • Zipa

        Yup, that’s about as I’m envisioning it.

  • Xsever

    Check this out on my 920. 920 vs 900 very low light shot

    • dss

      …its usable, but the 808 will produce a much better result at 800 iso, guaranteed.

      • Just Visiting

        Surely; but the pleasure of using an OS other than Symbian, and a camera that is better than other phones (save the camera on the 808), the Lumia 920 will be the logical choice.

        • dss

          Its not better than other phones.. best case scenario is “on par” with other phones.

          As far as Symbian.. it still does a lot of things better than Windows NT.

          • arts

            The way i see it, the 808 would be like the Yamato battleship; biggest guns, heaviest armor, but when wars are won by how balanced your fleet is, rather than the size of your guns, the Yamato never stood a chance. Nice for bragging thou.

            • dss

              Did you mean the Battlecruiser from Star Craft ? That one had a “yamato” gun on board.. as far as I remember.

              What bragging ? I am just pointing the obvious, you can choose to believe whatever your heart desires 🙂

              • arts

                lol. WW2.

                yeah, i know, im just sharing what i think, just like you. =)

                • dss

                  right on.. I am just a consumer, and I like calling it like it is. The 808 has a shitty browser and lacks fancy apps, who would even argue ? But the 920 is not the better phone overall, it just isn’t.

                  I have an iPhone 5 as well.. and that one is also lacking in a lot of areas when compared to the 808.. so its just the way it works.

                  • dss

                    I forgot .. not the better phone overall for everybody, not in general.

          • Dave

            Dude stop being a freaking rabid Symbian fanboy. The L920 camera is great and next to the 808 and N8 the only real remarkable mobile camera at the moment.

            “On” freaking “par” to the average other phone my ass.

            • dss

              I wasn’t talking about the average phones.. obviously we are comparing high end stuff here, since the 920 is priced in that bracket, so.. I was talking about iPhone 5/GS3/Xperia S, etc.

              And yes, the image quality between all of these will be very similar.

        • arts

          If smartphone wars were won by the capabilities of its camera, Nokia would never had lost its place.

  • Just Visiting

    Lol! Lumiawannabe – a very apt description 🙂

    Not a secret – I despise HTC and have since WP7. HTC will never get my money.

    • dss

      I call it the HTC Lankku … its a great design, I would copy it as well.

      The problem is.. Nokia had it almost 2 years ago(nokia n9), but they chose not to do anything with it, so now I suspect that HTC will get most of the credit for it

      • KeiZka

        Didn’t do anything with it? I can only count four devices that have the likeness…

        I still call HTC blatant copycat. Anyone remember Nokia World in London?

  • dfghtehrtht

    Can’t wait to see pictures of ALIVE objects…. I expect one big blur.

    • dss

      Well.. in night photography sometimes that is the point, to simulate motion. You use flash if you want to freeze action, which.. considering the LED flash, it will be hard to do anyway.

      As far as long exposures., I really don’t see the point when you image will be a sea of noise and grain.

      I will get one soon, and I will test it against the 808.. but I can tell already, no contest.

      • Dave

        Except for handheld no flash. Who wants a brightly lit face with red eyes on a completely black background? When it comes to serious flash photography a mobile xenon is still the worst of the worst of xenons.

        You should really stop being so insecure about owning a 808 and just enjoy it.

        • dss

          err.. no.. I am pretty sure that even handheld the 808 will produce much better results.

          I am just saying, I am not telling you that the 808 has a better browser, right ? Because that is obviously not the case, but the same can be applied to the cameras.. but the roles are reversed.

          And.. how can one be insecure about a phone ? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

          • Cut Up

            The 808 can’t give you good low light pictures if you don’t use a tripod. You can’t set the exposure time and without that it’s just not possible.

            PureView doesn’t help that much in low light.

            • arts

              I rmember you can. 2.7 seconds max. But i think handshake would betray any attempts to take a photo before that time is up.

              • Cut Up

                That 2.7 seconds is the reason why it’s not possible to get good low light pictures with the 808 if you are not using a tripod.

            • dss

              It helps, a lot.. it produces far less noise at higher iso speeds, which leads to better image quality overall.

              Its all talk now anyway, I will have to get my hands on a 920.

              But..look at this, taken with a 920… unless its defective, the image quality is no where near the 808.


              • AreOut

                lol this is worse than N8, and by a margin…

                • dss

                  The N8 will be a bit better, considering the sensor/pixel size and jpeg algorithm. I would love to know if they were able to port their software jpeg stuff over from Symbian to Windows NT.

                  I still don’t understand why people expect amazing quality from those small sensors.. there really (at this point) is no way to do that.

                  I think apple got the most out of a 1/3″ 8Mpix sensor.. so if Nokia can match that, it will be great, but don’t expect anything beyond that.

              • Cut Up

                Unfortunately while 808’s PureView improves the image quality, it just can’t give you more light. Cranking up ISO will decrease the image quality no matter what you do.

                That picture was not taken in low light.

                The 808 is not such a good camera in low light because you can’t set the exposure time. It’s not very handy trying to figure out the perfect ISO while the device won’t even tell you what the exposure time is when you are taking the picture.

            • AreOut

              it actually does, and if you don’t have a tripod you can lean your hand on something to get the leverage, I mean if you are really interested in quality…

              • Cut Up

                For some reason there are very few low light pictures taken with the 808. Lot’s of medium light pics such as sunsets or pics taken shortly after the sunset.

                • dss

                  I’ve tested it against my iphone 1-2 hours after sunset .. here you go


                  • Cut Up

                    can’t find the server at


                    • AreOut

                      works for me, and there is a bunch of low light pictures on flickr, with and without flash, with short and long exposures…

                    • Cut Up

                      Seems to work now.

                      It’s extremely hard to take those last 4 pictures taken in low light. That’s simply because you can’t set the exposure but you have to experiment with it.

                      For the iPhone you can at least get an app for the exposure time.

                      It’s more than probable that 920 annihilates the 808 in low light just because it’s easy to use it.

  • HTC shouldn’t bring the weight issue, this will bite them in their back so often they wouldn’t be able to walk much. I respected HTC but this is really something Apple would’ve done and I hate Apple.

    Considering above, the images are bitch-slap to HTC. I am not the strongest person but I don’t mind weight, I hold up 7 inch tablet from Ainol while watching the movie, for whole 1:30+ hour and that’s not a problem for me, I don’t think 920’s weight will give anyone any trouble to walk back such technology-packed handset. Screen, Camera, Battery and Wireless Charger alone worth the weight.

  • dss
    • dss

      @Cut Up you don’t need to control the exposure on the 808, just set it on 400/800 iso and shoot away.

      • Cut Up

        Can’t do that without a tripod. Too hard to use.

        • dss

          No.. its not. Unless you have problems with your nervous system and your hands are shaking a bit too much.

    • To be honest buddy, I am seeing lot more grains in iPhone’s picture in your given images. Which means 920’s picture is better. However iPhone’s oversampling giving slight edge in few places but overall I like 920’s better.

      • dss

        .. slightly more grain, but more detail as well. Color reproduction seems warmer on the 920, which is new for Nokia.. their Symbian smart-cameras were always on the cooler spectrum when it comes to color reproduction.

        Anyway, the sensor is 1/3″ (slightly bigger for that 16:9 aspect ratio) just like in the iphone, so they can work on the software to improve the performance.

        Again.. way off the benchmark.

    • labodilsen

      It’s a sad day when i have to admit the Iphone picture looks better. there is so much more fine detail in the iphone picture. eg. look closely at the building with the green roof in the background, and the railings beneath it. sad day indeed.

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  • OogaBooga

    Hi guys,
    I dont wanna seem to be rude but everytime I come here there are only this argument : Low light test , low light vs, …
    Really, do you think this argument will make Nokia sell plenty of this device ? That’s not a killer function, I know some of you will tell It is for them, but really, are we going to take pictures with a phone always by night with no light ( or few light ).
    Price, OS, and HUGE advertising is the key nowadays.

    • arts

      I think the more important distinction is that it works in low light, not at NIGHT. And its very easy to show off that it works.