SlashGear: Nokia Lumia 920 first impressions (AT&T)

| November 1, 2012 | 12 Replies

Here’s SlashGear’s first impressions on the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920.

  • Massively dense (pixel) screen
  • Great to hold
  • pillowy, round edges yet secure and solid throughout
  • Very smooth glass that you’ll want to rub your cheeks on it.
  • Impressive speakers (I’m surprised. I’m looking forward to hearing them)
  • Camera section in full review
  • Extremely swift
  • Impressive display even in direct sunlight.
Cheers M for the tip!
And a video

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  • Vedhas Patkar

    Dear SlashGear is it 20 pennies heavy?


    hopefully the start of many positive reviews from tech blogs.

  • rishabh

    i think nokia has done it…. best execution i have ever seen from them. they seem aggressive with all the services ,exclusivity, ads, updates.
    most important they managed to stand out. i can see very few people bashing nokia. every one is supporting it. love to see this come back

  • Haroon

    The video shows no headphones. Does it come with any?

    • Janne

      AT&T version probably does not. International versions do come with headphones.

      • carsten

        Wh-208 in ears version is the one in box…

  • OogaBooga

    Is it possible to use a no wireless cable ?
    Because this technology isnt really perfect, when I get calls I can put a cable and still use my phone,if I wanna use my device while charging, what do I do ? Thats a very important point for me.

    • Grae

      Of course you can use a cable…

  • Svedu

    Elop can be blamed for all kinds of stuff. But finally there are products on the market that are really competitive. And it seems that also operators are in for this. I dont even remember when Nokia had relationship with Verizon previously. Probably something many years ago that Kallasvuo destroyed.

    Only thing that now is needed is marketing marketing marketing. Hopefully they understand that. If they do, I dont doubt Nokia coming back as king of the mobile industry.

  • M

    Damn do I just want to get this phone already. It seems its the closer to a potential launch I can remember that I haven’t know the where and when of a Nokia product. I guess we already know the who(Nokia), what(Lumia 920), and why(#TimetoSwitch).

  • rahul

    hey guys can u tell me does this phone’s camera uses pixel oversampling algorithm too…long with its on tricks which is hardware..pixel oversampling is more of software right??

  • rustyknight17

    Great to see Nokia finally putting a competitive smartphone out there ! It`s ahead of its rivals , except , of course the 808 and the N9 , possibly the Xperia S & T , and the Razr Maxx . But in several cases , like the 8X , the 920 isn`t far ahead . So Nokia needs to do better , and bring out the 10 series Lumias , reputed to be awesome !