Microsoft ran out of time to get notification centre in WP8?

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Whilst there are plenty of areas for you to see notifications on WP8 (lock screen, home screen, toast notifications, me tile etc) there’s still quite a demand for the unified notification area.


We could go the way of Android/iOS/Symbian and have that pull down screen. Or in a somewhat N9/Metro way, have it as a third homescreen on the main menu.  Or perhaps activated by an extended volume menu (the one that currently controls music buttons/profile)

Whatever way it was supposed to happen it was definitely something intended for WP8 it’s just that MS, with all of it’s might, ran out of time.

Rather than delay WP8 release, we get what we have now. Well as long as it’s still super fluid and bug free.

Whilst we’re at it, how about landscape view and orientation lock controls, eh? I’d certainly find the notifications screen more useful for me as a shortcut to things like screen brightness and other quick controls (bt/wifi).

Source: TheVerge

Cheers all for the tip!


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  • Bob

    I would suggest 8.1 to bring more ‘feature’ changes.

    8.0 is the base OS re-write (in effect a new OS).

    • et3rnal


  • migo

    I hope WP8 is still stable. That was a big advantage that WP7 had over the competition, it’d be a shame to lose it. Missing features are a fair trade off if the system is rock-solid.

    • Ali Abdulla

      exactly, im switching from symbian to the 920 mainly for that..
      its nice to FINALLY have a great browser and kb, while not losing nokia maps,services and hardware… but stability it is, a phone i can count own, and have peace of mind etc..

      it would be a real shame if there were many bugs, cant i have one stable nokia already? 😛

  • N9/Meego style would be awesome

  • JGrove303

    indeed, N9 style.

  • stormtroller

    any words on LPS screen jay?

  • Patata

    “Well as long as it’s still super fluid”

    Hopefully more fluid than in the video about Nokia’s customizations and a little more fluid than WP7 gets after using it for a while and installing a few more apps 😉

    • Viipottaja

      Really? I have not noticed any.. err.. noticeable slow down on my L900 in the 6 months I’ve had it. Perhaps your L800 is a Monday unit? 🙂

      • Patata

        Some noticeable slowdowns for me are in the applist (yes it scrolls fast, but faster then the appicons are able to load) and while using surfcube, and games like fruit ninja and angry birds are noticeable more laggy compared to the Symbian versions.

        • DesR85

          I suspect slow icon rendering, not the overall OS slowing down. Not a big issue on my L800 if you ask me (been using it from February onwards).

          Fruit Ninja did perform decently for me, with slight short pauses sometimes, and Angry Birds (trial version, by the way, before I changed to the Malaysian marketplace, which I regret now) did play fine even though it lagged a bit when you first start it but became smooth afterwards.

        • migo

          In the case of specific apps you can attribute that to poor coding rather than the OS. The app list I’ve heard complained about before. I’m surprised you found enough apps that you like to be able to populate it to that extent though.

  • MeeDroid

    No notification?! WTF!
    I wish Nokia would dump Windows Phone and make an N9 successor or Android phone! Windows phone is a joke!

    • Grendell

      Yes fingers crossed. Who wouldn’t want a 4.5″ N9 but I hope you understand why that is so far from happening rit now.

      • Maybe

        It will be 4.8″ in the 920 without the 3 buttons at the bottom

      • migo

        TI is exiting the mobile SOC market. MeeGo would need to be ported to work on Snapdragon or Exynos chips. Delaying it even further.

        • Shane

          Except it was never exclusively on that platform, quite a bit of groundwork had been laid for others, U8500 & it’s progeny as just one example.
          And even if that work didn’t include snapd/exynos or related*, your assertion’s a red-herring, especially when it comes to the Linux/FOSS world.

          *& assuming that’s truly the ONLY path, which is still not “ironclad” longer-term.

    • stormtroller

      not sure in detail, but its not happening. The CPU vendor used by WP and MeeGo Harmattan very much different, Qualcomm vs OMAP. There will be manpower needed to re-write MeeGo harmattan’s driver..

      I may be wrong tho

      • jiipee

        There would already be HW adaptation for Qualcomm by now for Meego/Maemo.

        • stormtroller

          >>Qualcomm for maemo

          for maemo..really? o_0

          • migo

            If they hadn’t made the deal with Intel, yeah.

            • Shane

              Not correct, there was never any exclusivity, MeeGo was always about x86 “AND” ARM…
              You were never involved in the slightest in that community, doesn’t stop you spreading FUD about it as much you can though.

      • incognito

        If there is one strength of Linux kernel, it has to be its immense versatility. After all, that’s what allowed Google to proliferate everything with Android. There might be many issues with using MeeGo as your prime platform, but ability to switch SoC (or any hardware for that matter) ain’t one of them.

        P.S. Most chip makers today release their hardware with at least a Linux driver.

        • Tom

          Desktop was MS era. In mobile, both Android and iOS has unix/linux kernel. MS has a 2% market share.

        • migo

          Actually, that exactly was a problem. Qualcomm offered some help with porting Maemo to Snapdragons, and MeeGo never made it off the OMAP3 platform. It won’t be until Linux 3.7 that switching mobile processors isn’t a problem.

          • Shane

            Lying again, it was widely known in the community last yr that much prototyping had been done for OMAP4, same for STE chipsets, others were leaked/rumoured too.

      • Gäst

        Isn’t it rumored that there was an RM-716 version of the N9 that run Qualcom, it’s the one loaded with WP and showed as sea ray that later became Lumia 800.
        If you look at the sea ray you will also see that it didn’t even have any on screen buttons as the Lumia has since it’s actually the hardware for an meego device.
        You can see that in the first video (highres) it’s the same screen as the N9 with no buttons and ffc in the lower right corner.

        Now hardware/architecture support is where Linux is the strongest and unmatched by any other kernel in the world.
        It should work out of the box but needs an graphics driver but Qualcom supplies that for Linux.
        Now some optimization is always needed on an phone so that wouldn’t be a surprise with meego.
        So i wonder what is the big re-write you talk about?

    • Sammyl

      It would be great to see a N9 successor.

  • Zipa

    I don’t get the bitching about the notifications. That’s what the live tiles are for. And if I’m not bothered enough to pin a live tile of the app to my home screen, I sure as hell don’t want that app cluttering any notification center either.

    I’m obviously not against bringing one to WP, I just don’t get where all the whining stems from.

    • stormtroller

      i am using the old old iPad 1, the iOS version still below 5. each notification for apps were labelled at the app’s own icon. kinda hard to notice it if you have gazillion amount of apps installed.

      not sure if recent iOS have centralized notification center

      • Weirdfisher

        Yes it does have

    • Hypnopottamus

      I agree. I can’t think of a notification I need that I don’t get from either the Me tile or the app live tile I pinned to the start screen. In addition, on W8 there is now the ability for apps to get a notification on the lock screen. IMHO, this is much ado about nothing.

    • DesR85

      Me neither, and I think it’s just bogus that Microsoft ran out of time to implement one because the Tiles already display notifications so why is a notification panel/centre needed?

  • ummNo

    buaha… It has started… preparations…

    “Wait for WP8.1! It will change everything!”

    • Tom

      Moving goalpost mate.. that’s what WP is good for.

  • Cod3rror

    Notification Centre coming in WP9… You’ll have to have buy a new phone for it. Haha.

    • Tom

      We could not implemented in WP9, wait for Wp10 and buy a new phone.


  • efekt

    As if this can’t be solved by someone who’d write an app for that. It may also come to this having lots of “notification center” apps for the WP8 user to choose from – this can be very nice. Not everything should be dealt by the OS’s designers, you should always leave room for the community to develop things by their own.

    • Patata

      the question is, if such a thing will be possible on wp8. Does wp8 have the nessesary apis to create such an app? Could such a app read out all required informations from other apps / the system to get those notifications?
      We are not talking about Android / Maemo / Meego or Symbian here 😉

    • incognito

      But unfortunately, it cannot. WP ain’t no Symbian/Maemo/MeeGo/Android, it doesn’t give you the ability to change its look and feel nor to tap into its internals. You’ll have to wait for Microsoft to come to their senses…

    • efekt

      From what I saw in the WP8 API documentation – you can access notifications and messages with your app, so the answer is that its possible.

      • Viipottaja

        Thanks. Interesting to see there are such differing interpretations of the situation – I mean I am sure incognito has checked this before making such a definitive stament. 😉

        • incognito

          No, he didn’t, he has a lot of things on his hands now (which is why he’s procrastinating by reading & commenting on MNB afraid to sink his teeth in the amount of work that awaits him) but he did listen to the Build transcripts and gathered enough information to be quite confident that you can’t implement a notification center as a 3rd party solution.

          You might be able to gather notifications in your app, but you can’t modify the home screen whatsoever to provide it swipe-down Maemo/Android/iOS type of notification center, nor you can add a third screen on the left to give it a notification screen like in MeeGo/Harmattan. That is something you most definitely cannot do.

          What use is a separate app then when you can’t keep it always running and you have to access it like all other apps?

          • Viipottaja

            So you could have an app that gathers all notifications and have that app update the lock screen whenever such a notification comes in, including with the content of the notification?

            That would sound fairly useful to me, even if I then had to go myself to the relevant app to read/reply/react to the notification.

            Further, could you even have within that app the possibility to click on a specific notification and have it take you to the relevant app (i.e. say in the Notification Center App you would have a list of your emails and texts and you could click on one of them to be taken to the email or messaging app, respectively)? If so, then you could have the Notification Center App live tile on your homescreen. That too would be fairly useful to some, I would think.

            Sure, not quite what you have in mind but at least some solution.

            • Peter L

              That it is exactly what my notification concept a while ago was about.

    • migo

      That is one of the things that I think helped app development on the iPhone explode. On the other hand, when Apple decided to implement some of the apps/hacks as core OS features, they didn’t pick the best ones.

  • Shane

    Really? …