AllThingsD: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Aims to Ride Out the Storm (And Hurricane Sandy)

| November 1, 2012 | 29 Replies

AllThingsD’s Ina Fried catches up with Stephen Elop as both are stranded by Hurricane Sandy. A 5 minute interview is available. I can’t seem to get it to load for me.


Cheers Viipottaja for the tip!


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  • jona

    midgets dont wears jeans

  • spbond

    Sandy why didnt you take him with you
    to canada
    or better to alaska
    and even better to the arctic

    • viipottaja

      Well,he spends a lot of time pretty darn close to the Arctic!

  • viipottaja

    good to hear him promise marketing for the 822!

  • yemko

    Please help! why is it only me that doesn’t like WP UI here @MNB?

    • Mark

      Oh shut up.


      • A-S-D

        What, he can’t have an opinion?

        Unlike you he’s not attacking anyone

        I suggest you shut up


        • Mark

          Sure, but posting the same comment in every topic?

          I think you’ll find that’s trilling, chief.

          • GordonH

            You could start by not looking at yemko’s comment?

          • A-S-D

            Fair enough but now you’re simply encouraging him.

            Its always best to simply ignore as suggested above.

    • Viipottaja

      Stop looking at it then! :p

    • There are lots more who dont like WP and also the tons of trojans that come along for free…

      • Mark

        What trojans?


  • belle beats lumia 920

    i hate ugly tiles too

  • Too bad Sandy didn’t free us from Elop. Nokia just can’t catch any lucky at all.

  • hary536

    This is a 15 minute interview, not 5 minute.

  • d12south

    terrible sound and . wft is going on with this presenters.??

  • GordonH

    If Elop and Ballmer were in the same room… whew… Nokia would be the one getting fu#Ked.

    • Bassman


      • GordonH

        I know it’s gotten boring with MS fu#king Nokia all the time.

        • Bassman

          Still yawning…..

          • Viipottaja

            What, you are not into CEO-porn? Man, people are so strange… ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Bassman

              Throw in Larry Page and make it a threesome then I’ll consider it…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I got to try the 920 and it sure is a nice phone
    The camera shoots great pics and avove all it is slim and sleak
    Hopefully this will move Nokia phones out of danger

  • Tom

    Android 75%, WP 2%, nice choice Mr Elop.

    • Mark

      Yeah? What are the individual splits for manufacturers and their profit margins?


      • GordonH

        And what are the losses for WP OEMs? Ooops

      • Tom

        Samsung making huge profit. Since Sony and LG stopped WP crap they are making money with Android(losses to profit). HTC making profit(less than what they used to make earlier). Moto is losing money still.

        Also no one is making any money with WP, Nokia almost dying.

  • nabkawe

    I don’t want to be insensitive so I won’t , but just for my peace of mind is he/she a he or a she?.