Nokia Denmark show of Magenta Lumia 920

| November 4, 2012 | 20 Replies

Nokia Denmark have posted a video to their official YouTube channel, showing off what they are calling the “Open Song Project”. The concept seems pretty cool, at least to me. What is even cooler though, is that the Product Manager can be seen in the above screenshot touting what looks like a Lumia 920 is glossy Magenta.

Will you be getting a Magenta 920?

Source: YouTube

Cheers to everyone for the tip!

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  1. tim says:

    i really dont unterstand why the manufacters dont do it like tablets or smartphones!
    When you want a green one than you just schould order one and nokia produces them! it would be more expensive but if you want a quad core than dual core then do it if you want 2gb ram then do it if you dont need lte dann dont buy it. if you want a mega large camera than do it.
    Maybe you wold end at 800 but the i phones cost the same and you dont can order like this.
    but it would be a long wait to get it like 6 weeks??

  2. N9Fan says:

    Impressive to get a Product manager title in a country where no productization is ongoing!

  3. I liked the little write-up at the end of the video, stating what was and wasn’t recorded on the 920, looks like they are taking no chances this time.

  4. viktor von d. says:

    No, there is a red 920 in the video, but the light in the studio and camera contrast makes it look pink. I think nokia dropped the magenta because of low sales and introduced the red

  5. yemko says:

    After considering many things, we are happy to announce MNB as changed to a.l.a MLB

    • nabkawe says:

      There was a time where MNB could be called my Qtblog, MyMaemoblog , Myn9blog….

      It’s a PERSONAL = MY , Nokia >=Lumia , Blog <= News source.

      • Noki says:

        “There was a time where MNB could be called my Qtblog, MyMaemoblog , Myn9blog….” but that time as long gone, is now all about wp.. despite wp representing a tiny tiny fraction of nokia sales.

        • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

          I agree. However, that is due to Nokia News being all about WP. When there is other news, we will post about it. In fact, I have a draft about Belle FP2 update.

    • rinslowe says:

      Better than making up the news, um, probably…

  6. dss says:

    I suspect the interest toward the website will go down as more people move from Symbian to Android, and then pick up again when we get more new WP customers… that is just my wild guess.

    I think Jay&Company have done an amazing job with this website overall, trying to cover as much as possible from the world of Nokia, and also tolerating all of our bragging, complaining, etc.

    So.. one big thank you to the team! Good job.

    • says:

      it had to happen sooner or latter, i agree with that, MNB will become more popular inline with nokia’s increasing popularity,

  7. nep says:

    Hello all
    This is a link from Denmark’s largest mobile page, after our talk of a magenta Nokia Lumia 920, they took hold of nokia Denmark and the man in the video ..
    it is not a magenta colored but a red 920 he holds in his hand, and he rejects that there should be one in the color … in Denmark at least,lid.24390/

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