Nokia Lumia 920 support videos

| November 5, 2012 | 17 Replies


Here’s a couple (and I’m sure more will come) of Nokia Lumia 920 support videos.

First up – getting started with the microSIM card.

Managing roaming when abroad.


I adore this yellow 920 😀 Hurry up Phones4U 😀


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  • bandrews

    I’m with you Jay. I’m at the end of my contract with money to burn. Sort it out Nokia/EE/P4U!

  • Glenn

    That data roaming video is incorrect it should be this one

    • DesR85

      Doesn’t seem like there’s much difference between WP7.5 and WP8 when it comes to switching between data to Wi-fi.

      I’m not sure if Data Sense demoed at the WP8 launch can automatically switch off data when connecting to a Wi-fi network, as all I heard from Belfiore’s presentation is reducing data use when doing so.

      It would be cool if they can introduce an option to automatically switch to Wi-fi when connected to a Wi-fi network and switch off data use at the same time. It’s troublesome when you’re connected to Wi-fi and yet it still uses your data instead (and it sucks when you’re on prepaid). Then again, my uncle’s dual SIM Galaxy phone also does that so I wonder if that is intentional.

      • Zhi

        Well, I use the Situations apps on my N8 to shut off my 3G internet and automatically connect to wifi wherever i’m in a known wifi network. I hope Nokia releases an app like that for their WP devices (or at least Betalabs, just like Nokia Situations) because I’m getting the Lumia 920 too.

        • DesR85

          Make that for both WP8 and WP7.x. By the way, didn’t know such an app existed.

        • incognito

          I thought that Symbian Belle supported automatic switch from 3G to preferred WiFi networks natively, just like the N900 and the N9 – didn’t know you need an extra app for that.

          • You don’t… It just ensures that apps that have their AP set to a specific one like mobile data wouldn’t be able to connect.

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  • Ali Abdulla

    man i read the title too quick :(, i missunderstood it as “lumia 920 supported video types”..

    gotta google that now, hopefully not limited to only divx 🙁

    • Glenn

      You are not the only one, wishful thinking. I do think WP8 supports more formats than WP7.5 though

  • Pierre Lebravoux

    Why again and again I am thinking to myself that my Nokia N9 with Linux MeeGo does it, have it, and is easier and better? Perhaps because current posts are showing “new” options well known from long long time and used everyday? It also can be as I am one of those very few who are so lucky to have and use Nokia N9 with Linux MeeGo, which so far has ALL those new options either in system directly or as a free open source software or as a pay software. And so far works perfect by all means.

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  • JGrove303

    Ypu hit the nail on the head. You were fortunate enough to have used an N9. A lot of us did not have the device accessible, be it the unlocked price point on that it wasn’t subsidized pn one of our carriers.

    As bitchen as the N9 was as an open platform, it was unfinished and faulty, much like my beloved Belle is now.

    The promise of an OS that ticks like a Swiss watch yet is capable of all the features our “always been able to to that” OSs, but without eating shit once a day, I believe is what a lot of us are hoping for. And why not? WP8 has already shown that it’s not as limiting as iOS in file sharing and the development for WP8 is far more flexible. It’s always nimble, and the kernel is solid with support built in already for more processing cores and RAM than one will ever see in a mobile. This should make updating WP8/RT exceptionally easy and quick.

    Walls around the garden is fine, especially if their are gates. Keeps the shitheads out.

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