First Ever Instagram Client for N9 “Instago”

| November 6, 2012 | 63 Replies

It would seem the Meego community doesn’t like being left out of anything; either that or when they hear an app developer say “No, we don’t have any plans at the moment” that translates into “I dare you to do it yourself”. Either way we should all be thankful for the skilled guys out the who are clever and savvy enough to do what most of us normal old folks can’t.

Instago is a Reader ONLY Instagram client for the N9, that allows the user to access their Instagram profile, view their feed and pretty much do everything you can do on Andorid or iOS as long as it doesn’t require publishing to the site (you can’t post photos or comments, and as of now notifications are yet to be implemented).

The app runs surprisingly well seeing as it’s still in early beta form; and perfectly mimics the Instagram ui; loading times of images doesn’t take any longer than on any other official instagram client, and in my opinion it at least looks better than the iPad version. All in all Instago is  a pretty nifty client and for anyone who uses instagram but has chosen the Meego way it’s a definite must have.

Download Instago here:


Update from the Developer: 

Looking at the video makes me want to make the touch areas bigger for the buttons, though :)

The new developer betas actually already support posting comments and search. A new stable beta with those features will be released this weekend (I hope).

Regarding the upload discussion that sparked here: Relax people. I’ll just develop a silly little app for a cute little platform and let’s see what happens next. Will Instagram grant me whitelist access to their (already existing) upload methods? Unlikely. Will ask try anyway? Yeah, no harm in doing so.

And even if they deny the request (or more likely don’t react at all) there may be other ways of uploading images. It’s actually not impossible, it’s just against the Instagram TOCs. Not saying that I will attempt to do so. Or did. Just saying.

Regardless how this turns out, for me it’s fun and relaxing to write this little app at the moment. And as long as that’s the ase I will continue to do so.

Have a nice day, all.

*note: Alot of people here mock instagram, which is slightly justified, but as a social network (forget the ugly filters) it’s not too shabby; and even if it were a horrible invention a lot of people use it, which means it SHOULD be available (WP I’m looking at you).



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