Official: Lumia 920 on At&t only $99.99 820 $49.99 (w/ 2yr contract)

| November 6, 2012 | 126 Replies

Just now At&t have FINALLY released the official pricings of the two long awaited Lumias, the 920 will clock in at an amazingly low $99.99; which buys you about as much innovation that you can get on the market; while the 820 will sell for an even lower $49.99. The big question is will anyone either buying the 810  from T-Mobile at $150?

(also worth noting is that the HTC 8X is also selling for $99, but that’s only for the 8GB version, the 16GB will cost you an extra $100- which means another 1-up for the Lumia).

Edit (Michael): These prices are available when you sign on to a 2 year contract. The outright prices are, to my knowledge, yet to be confirmed.

Thanks for the tip everyone who sent this in



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