Ke$ha Shows off a Fabulous Yellow 920 in New “Die Young” Music Video

| November 8, 2012 | 35 Replies

Here’s another bit of obvious product placement by Nokia, showing off the gorgeous Yellow Lumia 920 in Ke$ha’s latest music video “Die Young”. The 920 gets a decent amount of screen time, first showing up in some steroid munching bad-boys surprisingly small hands (it makes the phone look huge), then popping up a couple more times while sending a text and just swiping down the home screen.

One of the greatest advantages of the awesome Lumia colors is that they’re almost instantly noticeable, no other phone can stand out and catch your eye lie they do; which is always a good thing. Also is it jut me or does that screen look rendered? does the text in the message seems a bit too large?

If you’re brave enough check out the video down below, my only word of advice to Ke$ha is to stick to auto-tune….. because this sure aint any better.

Thanks for the tip Nabkawe



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