Nokia Creates DVLUP for WP Devs

| November 8, 2012 | 11 Replies

Nokia have started a new initiative for Windows Phone developers and they are calling it DVLUP (a pun from developer level up as shown in the video). The aim is to “reward developers who complete challenges”. It is currently only open to WP developers in North America for now, and is still in a somewhat private beta.

DVLUP is a game and reward system created by Nokia for Windows Phone developers. Windows Phone Dev Center members in the US and Canada can complete challenges, compete with each another and earn points, badges and rewards.

DVLUP is currently in Private Beta. If you don’t have a code yet, stay tuned to to find out when more will be available! You can visit the site at

Check out the video below!

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  1. alai says:

    Why Nokia is responsible for doing something like this. This should be done by Microsoft. Their system, their problem how to collect developers (ms should pay nokia a part of profits from app store). They are wasting money. Ms should open WP for everyone, then developers will find their chance for doing something unique. Allow people to root WP devices, make internal changes. The UI of WP is old fashioned. Why this crappy system is consuming so much resources, why simple android device, symbian, meego is always able to do more? If Microsoft is not able to make good operation system, then they should open it. Open source community do it better. It looks like Nokia is paying for developers who will make software for their competitors, it’s insane.

  2. Anckmorph Unckler says:

    When will be such a thing for MeeGo Harmattan or for Symbian? For me and many common users that would be more useful and fruitful!!

  3. JGrove303 says:

    Ypu will never see root access or super user ability in WP8, as that would comprimise Windows 8. No one has had accrss to the Kernel in a Windows OS sinc Vista, and noone’s going to get it.

    WP8 is built to secure. If you want something, patition Microsoft and they’ll allow access to thay thing without compromising.

  4. JGrove303 says:

    Security professionals work with firms with large IT networks that tend to use multi million dollar software that took yeats to develop and is not compatible with anything beyond Windows XP. XPises the old kernel, and a piece of shit it was. I work at Kaiser Permenente, and even the new work stations with Windows 7 preinstalled get rolled back to XP because of these programs. And you’re right, they’ve got tons of protection set up.
    WP8/RT amd Windows 8 are built on the improved Vista kernel, the kernel that you must physically freeze the memory with liquid nitrogen during boot, read tne memory and reinstall before it thaws to hack in. This discovery is why a lot of harddrives and SO-DIMMs are soldeted in place on newer enterprise portable computers.
    This was when we all found out OS-X could be hacked in 5 minutes over an internet connection.

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