Head Scratcher: Windows Phone 8 no Longer Supports FM Radios

| November 9, 2012 | 94 Replies

Wow, this makes absolutely no sense at all, but for whatever reason the WP developers have decided to remove the FM Radio feature from WP8, meaning that no WP8 devices support FM radio (or even have a FM radio chipset at all). Sure there are plenty of Internet Radio streaming apps, such as the promised Pandora radio, tune in radio, XboX music and of course the amazing Nokia mix Radio; but why on earth would you remove features in a platform upgrade? What is there to lose?

WP8 Compatibility list: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/library/windowsphone/develop/jj206947(v=vs.105).aspx


Notice the removal of a “radio” option in the Music gallery

It is possible that Microsoft removed it to somehow increase traffic to the Xbox streaming service, but that seems highly unlikely; FM Radio isn’t a real threat to anyone (I’ve never used it on any of my phones but that’s mainly because all radio stations in Jordan suck).

So who said that Wp 7.X would be missing out on all the good stuff? Maybe MSFT did this to make early adopters feel better (that was sarcasm BTW).

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  • keris

    Meanwhile the ipod nano offers the ability to pause live radio. Looks like we shouldn’t expect a Windows Player 8 to replace the failed Zune anytime soon…

    • spencer1978

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      • incognito

        Will you ever stop with this nonsensical speculative spamming?

  • birju

    my nokia 808 is better with belle feature pack 2 🙂

  • wow!! microsoft, you are absolutely amazing!! not supporting FM radio??? wow!!! woww!!! & more wowwwwww!!!!!

    Not having fm transmitter (which my 808 has) is just ok for me, but no fm radio??? no wayy!!!!!!

    after my 808, maybe its time to consider android’s sony or LG, or maybe wait for jolla sailfish.

    • Bob

      The FM transmitter IS in the chipsets (same chipsets shared with Android devices etc.).

      This could be added as a custom piece of software if required.

  • I’m quite sure it’s because Microsoft are stupid and they seem to be the perfect partner for Nokia in terms of making obviously stupid decisions.

    I don’t use FM Radio myself (I stream over internet or DAB) but I can see how this would be useful for many, many other people.

    Perhaps it’s just one of those things where MS have incompetently run out of time and will bring that as an update (if it is true that 920 does have hardware for it).

    Not sure really what MS is playing at. You’d think they’d have their game on but seem to just give everyone else a free pass.

    • Bassman

      I was just reading on one of the android forums that the Galaxy S3 (both US and International versions) comes with FM transmission hardware, however the carriers made a stipulation that it be disabled.

      Maybe this is due to them wanting users to use their data allowances streaming music? Revenue generation? Maybe region specific versions will have this feature included?

      I don’t know the provenance of this claim so I’m taking it with a pinch of salt.

    • j

      well thats the problem with not controlling the os anymore. waiting for microsoft…again

      microsoft doesn’t care of the needs of non “rich world” countries as nokia did in the past. according to some people nokia should sell their feature phone division because there are “no profits”.

      nevertheless. i understand microsoft. their core product is windows 8, then they have to get into the tablet market and then after some other things comes windows phone.

  • Sleepy

    Dont know why anybody would want fm these days? Analogue radio stopped broadcasting in my area last year, shortly after analogue tv went off air. Most new cars no longer come with fm radios, so why would anybody really miss it in a smartphone? I could see the appeal of fm, like on the n8 and 808 where you could transmit, but you could still only transmit to old radio hardware.

    • Sonny

      Wtf? are you the only person on the planet with needs? Idiot!

    • Ztuka

      Go to sleep again 🙂

    • Luisito

      Digital radio transmisions… FM isn’t death, what’s death is the analogue protocol…

  • DesR85

    I suspect it’s more like Microsoft forgot about it rather than intentionally disabled the FM radio feature. Hopefully they fix it soon.

    Personally, I seldom use the radio at all on any mobile phone, and wouldn’t mind it if it isn’t there.

  • mirco

    I wouldn’t worry too much about it. They say that the API is missing but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to get a fm radio in a wp8 device. Nokia still could write an driver/app for this. Just third party apps cannot access the fm device anymore.

    Not everything needs to be done by the OS itself…. Especially in this case where analogoue fm radio will be switched off in many regions of the world soon.

    • Marc Aurel

      Where is FM radio shutting down? DAB failed everywhere else except the UK, and net based radios are still very non-robust tech compared to FM.

  • peter

    the most important to know is: does the nokia 920/820 have chipset radio?
    if yes: they can create the app for this
    if no: it’s a shame (for me) tha not encourage me to buy their devices. The S3 is better (microSD+Fmradio and it is… available!)

  • manubharath

    Its absolutely a stupid decision by MSFT and a deal breaker for many in India.. First there was no micro sd and Bluetooth file transfer which they brought back after understanding how important those are, and now this? God save Nokia..

  • mushfiq

    Go to hell nokia , m seriously thinking of quitting nokia , mynokiablog all things , m jus tired of nokia losin n losin , shut down nokia pls, even God cannot save u.

    • Timmo

      I feel your pain man… I felt exactly the same last night after reading this. For all those that say ‘oh this is a minor thing analogue FM radio is dead’ etc, they are not in touch with people in the world at large and are in their own bubble. FM radio is still the best way to receive free radio period. I have had a DAB (in UK where digital radio is supposed to be good) for many years and I always go back to FM… as for internet radio for me ok on home WIFI but forget it anywhere else. Even if they improve digital radio in – for example rural areas – by the time they switch to digital (proposed for 2015), there will still be ongoing local analogue FM broadcasts so it’s not like an FM receiver would become derelict on a phone even then. This is a case of clueless fat cat MS ‘tards who are definitely not in tune with ‘the people’. The point is whether or not you care about the FM argument or not, since the Lumia series has come out, they have slowly robbed us of key features which we had become reliant on in Nokia phones. Where’s multitasking, notifications, FM transmitter/receiver, TV/HDMI out, QWERTY option? Nokia for Godsakes grow a pair, start ‘reconnecting people’ and provide us with the continuity we need.

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  • fordcom

    It’s disappointing that MS has decide to remove FM radio from windowsPhone 8. What could be the reason behind this appalling decision. Im someone who listen to radio 24/7 and this could be a drawback for me. Though there are Internet radio available, you may used so match data to be able to used it. What about where there is no Internet connectivity. Wait!, are they trying to follow apple path?

  • Hendrik

    I whas thinking to get me the new noika lumia 920, but now it does not have fm radio. I using fm radio on the train, as data is expensive here in south africa. Dam if they can not fix it witgh firmware, I have to get a android again 🙂

  • Amazing. Who really much cares about analog radio on a high tech device such as a WIndows Phone. If you want to listen to a radio station just pull up Tunein Radio, if you want more of a music streaming service then there is iHeart, Slacker radio, Rdio, etc. I haven’t used a manual analog radio for years (outside of the car). No one else has a radio chipset in their phone. Just think that Microsoft saw the light and realized that the 2 people in the world that used in in the WP7 phones didn’t justify the extra cost.

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  • cadling

    After “windows rt” as a big shit this one is another little shit from Microsoft.
    just a tipp to Nokia: NO RADIO in phone, NO LUMIA for me ;). I’ll looking for a HTC with radio.

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