Customers Lining Up Outside At&t Stores for Lumia 920s, Reports of Very Low Initial Stock

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What you’re seeing above is an image tweeted by WPDesignTeam that shows customers lining up/queuing outside their local At&t store waiting for it to open for a chance to buy a Lumia 920; of course these lines aren’t as glamorous as you see on iPhone launch days, but it’s definitely a good sign. WPCentral also have a second picture from their local At&t store showing a good 20 or so customers waiting to get their phones (is it just me or si the guy in the white cap wearing an Amazing Everyday lumia shirt?:

ATT Lines

However customers are reporting that the initial stock per store is VERY low, clocking in between 5-20 devices per store; which is pretty sad for a launch day device, I know Nokia are hard pressed to get these out in time but  it’s not a very nice gesture to customers when only the first 5 in line get a phone and the rest have to go home. True we live in an age were showing up in the store is almost optional, with practically every global carrier taking online pre-orders with launch day delivery; but some people prefer the old fashion way of picking it up themselves, or perhaps they just want to get a good hands on before buying?  I don’t know how many iPhones Apple usually stocks each store with on launch day, but I’m sure it’s a lot more than 20 per store; I know “Sold Out” sounds sexy making the device more appealing, but let’s work on those actual sales please 😀

Other customers are reporting that At&t were refusing to sell the 920 off contract:

Did any of you guys pick up your 920 today? Got any pictures of lines/stories for us? Share them down below!

-The store I went to were sold out an hour after opening. The guy I talked to said they got 5 920’s in and they were all gone.

-confirmed that stock is very low by me. My wife got the only red 920 in stock at a large location here in Scottsdale, AZ…and we were there are opening. They also did not have the free wireless charge pads in stock, however they are mailing her one directly in the coming week.

-Same thing at a major store downtown in SF. They only had 3 reds, 1 white, and 14 black.

-In north jersey area no stores have cyan in stock. Read online that it’s an online only color…which makes no sense to me…
Also the ATT stores that I called didn’t seem to know much about launch of WP8 in general…reminds me of Lumia 900 launch days…not good

-Stock was good. They had red, white and black. However I was the first and only person in my store when it opened. The store manager wasn’t aware if the free charging pad. They all know now. He went around telling his staff when I was done checking out, was even kind enough to show me that no stores in my area had the pad in stock. All in all, good experience, minus showing him their website about the free pad. This phone is smoooooth.

-Only 3 colors are available, red, white and black at store near my location. Rest will come out after 2 weeks.

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