Weekend Watch: Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5 video

| November 10, 2012 | 19 Replies

Colour me slightly over saturated. Apparently in this video, the Nokia Lumia 920 (with obviously more stabilised video, wider angle) appears to have much more saturated colours than the king of over saturation on the right, the iPhone.

Nokia always used to go with more natural colours, which were good for purists but some complained Nokia just didn’t get that users wanted punchy, popping, vibrant colours. Well I haven’t used the 920 camera myself or seen sufficient camera tests, but I have on occasion noticed comments of over saturation. Not necessarily always a bad thing if done right. (I always hoped for a simple setting option that would remain regardless of camera setting unless you changed it – supercolour/oversaturated vs natural). Or has the iPhone just toned down colours?


It’s currently autumn in the UK so the warmer tones sort of suit the video better. Everyone has their own personal preference around these things.




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  • eli

    Nokia really does have the best video of any smartphone.- excellent audio quality and the sharpest output. Its a shame reviewers dont heavily weight that quality.

    • spencer1978

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      • Edgar Mkrtchyan


      • abs

        Proud Nokia fan!

      • flava

        Please, stop your lenghty copy-paste comment.

  • The Lumia 920 looks excellent, better than the iPhone5. Well done Nokia!
    Am curious as I have seen no videos comparing the Lumia web browser to any other device. Perhaps the reviewers don’t like doing videos which make ios and Android look bad compared to Nokia?

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  • Joker

    Your over saturated argument doesn’t stand. At least with this videos and images. Overly saturated is in relation to the real scene color from human eyes. Not in relation to some subjective imagination. I am not in the scene of course, but there is no way anywhere on this planet any trees and surroundings should look like what is in ishit’s video. On other hand, the left one (920) one looks real to me.

  • anonymous

    over saturation becomes a problem when there is man in the subjector it is the main object since they will look darker…

  • Kan

    There is no control to show us what the realistic image / saturation should be. Naturally if we see two images and one is more vibrant than the other we will assume its over saturated but in fact it could be more realistic than the undersaturated image.

    You should always compare against a control image not againt each other.

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  • Tetlee

    Not a fan of iphone but I’m surprised anyone can defend the video examples of the 920 here.

    I mean watch the actual video footage, the 920 on the left looks almost as though it has one of those clear yellow wrappers from a Quality Street sweet over the lense, completely un-natural.

    Photos from the 920 look pretty good, especially low poor light static images, but for me this video looks very poor and I wouldn’t be at all happy with it. It’s all subjective though, each to their own taste.

    • aleci

      If Nokia over saturate its colors its fine. But if with the iPhone its called so unrealistic.

      And it works bec. its autumn. O_O

  • anon2

    Funny how reviewers scorned the 920’s camera for producing colors that were too soft/natural, yet the minute saturation is increased it suddenly becomes a bad thing. These “flip-flop” men/women are absolutely pathetic.

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  • Quang

    I am a Nokia Fan, I love my Nokia offline map. BUT I am not a fanboy, no way L920 is far better than iphone 5. stop calling your favorite features as an important features like wireless charging or super sensitive key touching..To me L920 only has better camera for low light, iphone 5 has better camera for normal light that is it. the rest is clear win for Iphone5 even the margin is pretty small. If you cannot give Nokia constructive feedback they cannot build a better product.

    • Harley

      Saying your a Nokia fan from the start hardly hides you are an Apple fan. haha, the Colors on the Lumia are saturated, but without the real scene in front of you, it looks a hell of a lot better. And the Lumia video is a lot sharper and clearer, which can be seen counting pixels, and is fact, not opinion

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