Video: Nokia Lumia 920 drop test

| November 12, 2012 | 24 Replies

Quick heads up on this drop test for the Nokia Lumia 920.


by Phonebuff via PhoneArena.

Apologies, I can’t insert hyperlinks on this stupid, stupid, iPad. Wll update later.

cheers rishabh for the tip



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  • incognito

    Now we wait for Viipottaja to do a proper drop test with his own Lumia 920 *grin*

    Under proper I mean at least three same-height drops by three different people to maximize the chances of it landing on some of its soft sides (if any).

    From the above test the only concern I can see is the black marks on the scratches – either the asphalt colored the outer shell or the polycarbonate is not painted through in white but rather it has just a white coating. If that’s the case, it’s a serious step back from the previous Fabula-based casings.

    • Viipottaja

      Just give me a few weeks and I am sure both I and my two kids will drop the phone a few times on various surfaces. 😛

      in anticipation I did get am at&t insurance…

      PS. Thanks for the honorable mention, not sure why I got it though. Perhaps I appear more clumsy than most here? 😉

      • incognito

        Well, you’re the only person I noticed around MNB who openly said he got their hands on a Lumia 920 (and carried it home), so… And of course, since you’ve said to adore its stylish Ferrari-red looks on couple of occasions, it was a harmless stab at suggesting that some hurt might come to your precioussss 😛

        Either way, I’m glad that they didn’t skimp on thoroughly-colored property in the new incarnations – while damage will always be visible on white and glossy surfaces, it still is nothing like pealing paint and those who get the matte version would in many (at least hip-drop) occasions barely notice any difference – my ex matte black N9 arrived already slightly damaged (yeah, it was difficult to obtain an unboxed one at that time) and I haven’t even noticed it up until couple of days later (when it was too late to complain, tho in all honesty the damage was so superficial that I wouldn’t complain anyway). My unicorn N9, OTOH, I keep almost under a glass – it so far doesn’t have a single scratch anywhere on its body (I even protected the camera plate with clear varnish) – tho its bottom right edge is a bit less sharp than the others as if it melted a bit, but that’s how it arrived straight from Salo, so…

        It’s nice to know that Nokia has kept at least one of the anecdotal characteristics it was known for – device durability.

        • Viipottaja

          Yeah, I know, I figured as much! 🙂

          I should that my L900 has indeed gone through some extensive drop testing and has come through with flying colors with a couple scratches. I am hoping the 920 is at least somewhat similar although the glossy finish and the more exposed display will make more careful.

    • Veli-Pekka Nousiainen

      it’s still coloured through and through
      the asphalt attached into the white plastic
      I think I’ll have a protective glove over any smart phone I’ll own
      the screen needs to be recessed

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  • Lamppu

    As Mr Montana wrote those marks don’t exist anymore, it was JUST asphalt.

    • Carbontubby

      Heh, the 920’s so strong, asphalt rubs off on it! Here’s a toast to smart industrial designers who didn’t put stressed glass on *both* sides of a phone…. Jonathan Ive, you singlehandedly spawned an entire industry catered to making cases for iDevices.

  • nabkawe

    That baby doesn’t seem to mind the weight..
    Lovely test

    • ADER

      Yep. This whole weight issue is blown way out of proportion. If even a baby can hold it, and has to be encouraged to drop it, why can’t some of the blog owners carry it?

    • Viipottaja

      I come from the N900 and L900 so I am used to some bulk and heft, but for me the L920 feels very comfortable (feels much better and thinner in hand than L900 does). The weight is combined with quality and does not feel out of place. A Rolex weighs more than a Casio, no? 😛

    • Andrew_b

      If a baby can hold up that dead star material phone in one hand, he must have been born on the planet krypton :rolleyes:

      Or maybe those idiot bloggers just got showed up by a baby.

      It breaks my heart to see this guy intentionally dropping that phone when I want one so bad.

  • krishna6233
  • ashutosh kaushal

    this monster can survive any drop test,,,


    i hope lots more bloggers do more tests, make the 920 an urban legend for durability,

  • Mads

    Hope I was just very unlucky with my Lumia 800, it killed the screen when I dropped it (Both blacked out and broken glass) :/

    Is the 920 supposed to have stronger glass? (Gorilla glass 2 is not stronger, just thinner with same strengh)

    • JGrove303

      Lumia 920 uses 1st Gen Gorilla Glass. And good for it.

      It really does feel good in hand. Friggin’ lovin’ my Red Lumia 920

    • nabkawe

      It’s really about where you drop the thing , it’s like bringing down a building by knowing what column to bring down.
      But I think Nokia has worked really hard to increase the hardness of that shell , because if you think about it it’s 185g. it’s like a galaxy s3 being droped from a foot higher which is impressive in it’s own terms.

      Gorilla Glass 2 is Lighter and thinner, the weight of the Lumia 920 doesn’t suggest GG2 🙂

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