Engadget Lumia 820 Review

| November 12, 2012 | 20 Replies

Nokia Lumia 820 review Another Windows Phone that's a little cheaper

Earlier today we posted a link to the Lumia 820 review by PocketLint; who claimed that it IS the phone to get if you’re looking for a WP device.  They point out that as far as the camera goes its no slouch; but nothing mind-blowing either, check out their sample image:


Nokia Lumia 820 review Another Windows Phone that's a little cheaper

The Overall verdict?
  • Flagship-quality processor
  • Covers offer wireless charging, extra functionality
  • Decent low-light photography
  • Disappointing screen
  • Lacks all the camera skills of the Lumia 920
  • Unwieldy

Unfortunately the Lumia 820 can’t offer enough to warrant not splashing out the extra cash for the 920 model.



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  • Sonny

    Wow totally the opposite of what pocketlint said. just shows you cant trust what these reviews say these days.

    One thing though is that you must always buy something that you feel is right for you and never buy something which someone in a store recommended to you

    • Rinslowe

      It just proves different people may have different opinions…

  • Well as the Nokia Lumia 920 is selling for 1000 euro in Finland,the 820 makes a lot of sense for many people

    • Heikki Niininen

      It is just the preorder price. When the product is in the customers’ hands the overcharged money will be returned.

  • mazaa

    It´s not 1000€ in Finland like Heikki says. It is sold by 599€

  • twig

    Like the Verge, you have to see who funds these websites. Theverge is part of Vox and in part funded by ex apple president and his fund along with other hedge funds. You will never see what you are looking for if you read Wall Street lies. Apple does have the largest hedge fund in the world by the way. In Reno, Nevada.

    • migo

      Steve Jobs’ hedge fund makes money off Droid sales. So if that’s the case, you should see them praising the shit out of BLUR.

  • Paul Stevenson

    You can justify the 820 over the 920 when only the 820 is available 😊

    I have to day its a lovely device.

  • himanshu nainwani

    but were are cinemagraphy apps that nokia previewd at the launch..

    • Pj

      In the store, they are not preloaded on the device you have to get them yourself. I was stumped by that too

  • Sometime the Cons List is just humiliating to the reviewer like
    Lacks all the camera skills of the Lumia 920

    Of course it doesn’t have as best camera as 920, that is why 920 is there in first place afterall. Or that is why 820 is not as pricy, big, thick and heavy as 920!

    • migo

      Yeah… it’s rather bizarre when stuff like that shows up. Indicative of not having consistent or predictable review criteria.

  • xyz

    I don’t get it… the screen isnt a real “CON”-argument… Yesterday I checked out the Lumia 820 in a local store. The screen is pretty decent, I wasn’t able to see any pixels from the regular viewing distance, even when I got closer – no pixels.

    To be honest: I compared it to the L920s screen.. I like the bright L820 amoled colors more. But that seems to be a question of personal taste.

    • viktor von d

      not to mention the clearblack tech and supersensitive screen also,how can it be dissapointing for a mid range device. biased reviews. they still don’t understand that some peole can’t affor that extra price of the 920

    • Exactly my point as above.

  • Mark

    I think I’ve decided – an 820 it is for me.


    1) 920 is too big and bulky for my tastes
    2) I like the fact you can change the colour shells
    3) Expandable storage
    4) Camera not as good as 920s but still amongst the better smartphone cameras.
    5) Same internals as the 920

    Off to CPW it is!

    • Paul Stevenson

      I have an 820 and its good. Cam not bad. Battery life much better than my 900 was even though it has a smaller capacity. OS improvements showing through here.

  • Alvester
    • Mark

      A bit inconsistent. Yes it’s 600×480 but it’s fine.

      Also the design isn’t boring at all. It’s rather nice.

      The important stuff got decent marks though, although the camera’s a 7, not a 6.