Wireless Charging on a Stove with Nokia Lumia 920 #Don’tTryThisatHome

| November 13, 2012 | 32 Replies

Check out the Nokia Lumia 920 seemingly charging on an induction stove.

Do not try this at home.



Cheers Jens for the tip!


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  • pezman726

    I wonder if this is like what the palm touchstone dock does. It enables the wireless charging, but doesn’t actually do any charging. Having no clue what the guy is saying other than “don’t try this at home” i’m not sure if he mentions if any power actually made it to the phone…but i’d imagine the heat isn’t too good for the battery!

    • paagen

      He’s is just trying this out. He hasn’t left it on long enough to see if it is charging.

      Note from m: It probably is charging but there will be a heat issue unless his stove can go really low on power.

      • Kumara

        Stove itself is cold and never is hot (hot is a pan and glass is hot from pan and not vice-versa).
        I don’t know how the conductive coil is heated or if actualy it is with wireless charging pad. Probleam would occour in other magnetic metals inside the Lumia (again: depends on a distance between a glass of a stove and magnetic material.

        • Silthice

          I’m just afraid the induction inside the stove will be too powerful for the phone as it might interfere with other metals/parts such as circuits instead of just the coil at the back of the phone…

          • paagen

            Exactly what I meant with “there might be a heat issue”. I too understand how an inductive stove works 😉

        • Jake

          He says that unfortunately it does not charge.

      • incognito

        It won’t charge due to nature of induction stoves – too high of a frequency for the coil inside of Lumia 920 to pick up any electricity. It could get heated, tho, as such frequency would move electrons from one side to other of the inductive coil way too quickly (and as we know, heat does not exist – it’s just speed that we perceive as heat), but copper and/or aluminum out of which the coil in Lumia 920 is made is not as susceptible for eddy currents as iron is, so it’s not likely that you’d cause any damage.

        Some residual electricity might occur on other antennas in the device, tho, and those might not be properly shielded, but I guess Nokia thought of that upfront – the same kind of damage could occur from a regular wireless charging as well.

        P.S. Power has nothing to do with this, you can have the stove set on the most powerful setting, it’s the size and configuration of the induction coil (and accompanying electronics) in the Lumia 920 which determines how much of that power should it tap into.

        • Anon

          Apologies for nitpicking, but the frequencies used by most stoves are in the 50-60 kHz region, while the inductive charging standard (Qi standard, Wireless Power Consortium) allows 110-205 kHz. The induction coockers are driven with a square wave, so there is a lot of energy in the harmonic components that fall within the inductive charging frequency range, even if you take the inductance of the cooker coil into account (and all the energy, also at the fundamental driving frequency, heats the phone). So, have fun with your phone while it lasts!

  • nusantara

    ahh…on an induction stove…tittle confusing, next thing you know, ppl might try charging the L920 on an iron, just saying 🙂

  • StefanP

    The next experiment would be to cook something on a Fatboy charging pillow! 🙂

    • Charlie


    • incognito

      If you can get cookware made out of incredibly dense ferromagnetic elements, like the ones you might find in outer layers of a neutron star, then I guess even the low frequency of it would be enough to cause eddy currents high enough to cook something on it.

      Then again, if you manage to obtain such material, cooking would be the least of your problems 😉

      • Noki

        hehehehhe 🙂 I love GEEKS

  • Mapantz

    This isn’t anything new to be honest, there are videos of people charging Blackberry’s in the same way floating about on the interweb.

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  • migo

    That would have been quite nifty if it worked. Almost would have made up for not having a gas stove.

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  • Francis

    As Electrical Engineer, sometime i really don’t know whether this so call wireless charging or in technical term i.e. inductive charging will caused any health problem to us.

    The levels of radiation or ionization discharge around the air during charging process needs to be ascertained for health implications (such as promote Cancer grow). I am in the feeling that we are like staying below the transmission line if we sit next to it, as the magnetic wave is so strong and able to induce current flow to object i.e. phone’s charging coil placed on top of it. Just imaging you are placing it next to your bed/head when you are asleep. May be someone here can give us some explanation for the standard involved especially in US/Uk’s guideline & regulation.

    For me, i just trying to avoid strong magnetic field in my living. However, these seem quite difficult as wireless communication wave is every way in this earth… As todate, still NO cure for cancer.

    • incognito

      As a fellow electrical engineer and somewhat of a physics aficionado – let me assure you that it won’t. It’s been more than a hundred years that fear-mongers are trying to feed on ignorance of the general population regarding physics, suggesting that the whole of science is wrong and that there is some magical principle by which non-ionizing radiation can cause cancer or other illnesses (and on the other hand, the very same bunch offers ‘devices’ that will ‘improve’ your health based on magnetism, go figure :D) that are not directly related to heating or electrical discharge, both of which are certainly not applicable to the wireless technology we are ‘consuming’.

      Non-ionizing radiation cannot do anything to you, period. Well, almost anything. Technically it can boil all the water in your body if the frequency and power is set right, just like you can be blown away with a laser, but the power required for that is so stupendously huge that you should not worry that some device getting its power from your power socket will ever be able to do such a thing.

      If anyone could prove by which mechanism sub-UVB radiation can affect you or your health (apart from burning you or de-sensitizing ‘photo’ cells in your eyes, but for that refer to the above), especially how it can cause cancer (you know, DNA is quite resilient, it has been on this planet for more than 3B years, a little bit of heating won’t change it), he’d get an instant Nobel prize in physics and medicine and would probably be revered more than Einstein as he’d prove that the whole of physics we did in the past couple of centuries is – dead wrong. What are chances of that?

      As for staying away from magnetic fields, that’s just ludicrous – unless you can find a fitting planet without spinning ferromagnetic core far-far away from any star in the Universe, you just cannot stay away from it. Staying away from non-ionizing (and to some extent ionizing) radiation is virtually impossible in this Universe just as well. And the amount of radiation we produce in our wireless communications is, on a planetary scale, completely insignificant – the Universe that made you ‘bombards’ you with far more radiation every second of every day than all of the humanity combined. In just one second our beloved Sun bathes the Earth with more non-ionizing radiation than what we can produce in a year (just compare the energies of measly 2.4GHz waves and the energies of so called visible light), and further – the light bulb in your room bathes you with more radiation every single second than probably all wireless routers, cell/cordless phones, radio alarms, etc. in city block – combined.

      So, stop worrying and enjoy the technology.

      • + A Gazillion! SO happy reading this! Well done! 😀

      • John2.0

        so wrong on so many levels I can’t be bothered to argue the point, you seem to underestimate just just how stupid people really are, for example it took 100 years from the 1st documented asbestos cancer case in the UK to banning it, I had friends fathers die from it with lung cancer 20 years before they stopped importing the damm stuff into the UK. Just how long did it take to ‘confirm’ that smoking caused a huge number of cancers in the population ? 75-100 years ?

        dont underestimate the shear ignorance of the scientific and medical professions, generally most people dont change their mind from their training unless something castrophic happens to them individually.

        I will tell you one thing, my dad was a scientist during the WW2, he told me that those working on radar died very early and of horrible diseases, hell in the next village to mine a group of conscripted youths 60 years ago were made to stand 5 miles from where the UK exploded a large nuke, then they were driven into it to see the effects it would have on a population, the gov is still denying it has had anything to do with the high cancer\death\kids malformed issues that they have. They really knew what they were doing – yes ?

        Never ever underestimate the gross stupidity of people at times. Just because something hasn’t been exclusively identified on a scientific basis as causing problems, doesn’t mean that it isn’t.

        Lack of evidence doesn’t prove safety, but it does with our current model. The fact we have every inch of the country covered in a dozen different microwave networks and we haven’t all dropped dead instantly. Doesn’t mean its absolutely safe for everyone under all circumstances.

        generally through out human endeavours it can take several generations to workout when something is wrong, but caution is usually thrown into the wind if money or power or convenience is involved.

        • Noki

          Asbestos in non volatile form is perfectly safe, in volatile form its as dangerous as say oak wood dust. Should we chop all the trees out of the planet?

          Popular media infused fear sells.

          • Viipottaja

            Nice. Perhaps scientists 1) think its less likely for people to get exposed to oak saw dust 2) or even that its not nearly as dangerous after all?

      • Francis

        Thanks for the long explanation, but unfortunately, i can not agreed with you.

        Most of the electrical engineer had no idea about cancer due electromagnetic wave, as they are dealing with or designing apparatus which promote the emission of electromagnetic radiation ! if they understand the dancer, they will not design it.

        Please read your phone manual than you will find many sentences talking about the health hazard and the level of radiation discharge by the product you just bought, but in extremely small font until you can’t read it properly !

        They many evident showing strong electromagnetic wave is causing cancer, but to prove it is very difficult as the root is invisible. From time to time, they are many scientist presented the report or finding about this danger, but mostly been covered up, or been ignored. This is due to HUGE financial benefit for many Telecommunication manufacturer (including Nokia too), and also ignorant by general public due to conveniences they received by using those electromagnetic product.

        Until, such time when the cancer been induced in their body, and the word to shout is “Why Me ???” !

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  • Anon

    Really, do not try at home. If you stove (like many) uses the ST7FLITE09Y0 controller circuit, then it measures the coil current at full power for 3 seconds to check whether there is a kettle or a pan on the stove. This 2-kilowatt blast (or more, depending on your stove) will try to stir-fry all the innards of your phone (battery, circuit board, all metal parts), not just the charging coil.

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  • Bo

    He is not using an inductive stove. It is fake, see the red glare on the pad next to it. It is an infrared stove.

  • Yves-Marie van den Brande

    Théorie de Tesla !! La mémoire est courte de se monde de fou !