Nokia Limiting World-Wide Stock of Lumias Due to “Over Whelming Demand”

| November 14, 2012 | 54 Replies

telstra twitter

Telstra Australia were a quite active on twitter earlier today, first announcing that they’ve completely sold out of Pre-Orders for the Lumia 920 (Yay!), announcing that some limited in store stock will be available on the 27th of November. The more interesting part though is the fact that Nokia have limited the Global stock to meet demand; I assume by limit they mean that each region will only get a specific amount of Lumias at the current time, helping prioritize the larger market areas (mainly US & Europe? Possibly now the Gulf); which would explain why the Lumais are yet to land in India or the MEA.


Regardless of the fact that this is great news, I can’t help but wonder what Nokia have been doing for the past 6 months? Even if production had JUST started when the new range was announced they should have been able to push out a decent number (I admit I may be reaching with that, but on the other hand it’s impossible that the Lumias weren’t in production before September). Perhaps the rumors of limited component supply is the true culprit? (Components = Floating lens, Induction chargers etc..).



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  • Ujwal Soni

    Nokia is about to show Google what two eagles can do

    • Ujwal Soni
      • Dave

        You do know that the original quote comes from Vanjoki, and Gundotra copied it because well, that’s what they do best at Google?

        • Ujwal Soni

          Except that Vanjoki’s comment actually panned out..

    • Tom

      yeah.. When Nokia partnered with MS, they had 30+ percent market share. Now less than 3%(with WP). Android had a much smaller market share back then, now 70+ percent.

      So far the two turkeys haven’t done shit. Wait for Q4 results, you will see for yourself if you can’t now for some reason.

  • Noki

    didn’t we hear the exact same sort of thing about the L800 and the L900??

    We will see in Q4 results…

  • PlushDogHater

    Hmmmm. How are Nokia expecting to do a turnaround when they can’t even meet a relative small demand?

    • JamesSB

      Large demand. According to Telstra: “we did our best but demand was beyond amazing”

      • von


        • Pica pica

          Exactly. Same old BS as before with Lumia 900 and before that with Lumia 800. It’s amazing that some people still believe that “out of stock overwhelming demand” BS.

  • NokiaFan920

    Instead of a shortage of supply, there might be other reasons such as the amount of time Windows Phone 8 was finalized and when they could update on Lumias to be shipped. Another reason could be Nokia holding back product to produce a higher demand, but only Microsoft and Nokia knows the real answer.

  • et3rnal

    Just give me mine please 😀

  • Mark

    even the local store here in Saudi (Madinah) said they’ll be getting limited quantities.

  • If Apple and Samsung are able to churn millions of units out of the factory(ies) within weeks of launch, what’s so difficult with Nokia, whose manufacturing facilities are larger, doing the same!

    Wrong planning, wrong deployment, wrong marketing – all these are gonna be a feast for anti-Nokians to dine on

    • Dave

      A more intelligent question would be why HTC and Samsung have exactly the same problems putting their WP8 phones on the shelves.

      Oh sorry, that would kill your Nokia rant. Continue!

    • Harangue

      Primarily Qualcomm chip shortage, they can’t make em as fast as they are selling. Considering Qualcomm doesn’t need to favor any single OEM they just divide it equally I guess.

  • Mark Wilcox

    They practically had a fire sale on the last batch of Lumia’s because they overestimated demand. I suspect they’re being a little more cautious with the production runs this time and yet their marketing is a lot better.

    I’m still not expecting any spectacular sales numbers at the end of the quarter but a significant improvement from previous quarters would be nice – well essential really.

  • Gerard Leisser

    This is called “Chinese trick” when one promise that there will be no more stock or that price will be higher. This is to initial “hunter instinct”, if something is running then I must try to catch it.

    Well, the logical question is: if a demand is overwhelming, then why not just to produce more? Instead of limiting anything. For me to produce and to sell more would be more profitable, but perhaps I don’t get things properly. You could enlighten me please what is the hidden trick.

  • Viipottaja

    Could also be some chipset supply reasons (read a comment in another post that Qualcomm had said they have difficulties meeting demand).

  • viktor von d.

    reasons could be
    -problem with meeting demand from qualcomm
    -wp8 was barely finished at the end of october so that is when the actual manufacturing of the phones started to happen. htc is in the same boat as nokia with their 8x, the phone is hard to find. and the samsung ativ s is delayed till december and only a few carriers have announced it. so it seems it’s not nokia fault but microsoft
    -the restructuring of their factories isn’t over yet, they don’t opearate at full capacity. they have new factories in vietnam and argentina if i’m not mistaken
    -or they didn’t expect high demand so they produced small numbers
    -or they are producing normal numbers, but because they are launching this time in more countries earlier and on more carriers, they simply cannot move fast enough(lumia 800 when launched was only available in the second half on q4 if i remember right and only in 6 or 7 countries. the big rollout started only in q1 2012)

    and it could be a combination of the above reasons^^^

  • SmoledMan

    Sounds like they are selling out the stock of 10-15 units per store. LOL

    • viktor von d.

      10 units per store in thousands of store in just a few days is not too bad. what matters is too fill back the stock before people stop trying to search the phone.if you go 2,3 times into a store and they only have a couple of phones and only in one color that you don’t like, or don’t have a phone at all is very’s a screw up right now, some stores have 10 phones, others have 3, some have only black, others black and white, some red, yellow can’t be found, cyan has to be tracked down. add to this poor customer support from at&T

      • nn

        Ten units per store in thousands of stores means tens of thousands of phones. That would be really pathetic number for the opening weeks where you expect pent up demand from fanbois. With that Nokia can forget about having any impact on general populace.

  • zymo

    “Supply shortage” as a marketing strategy?

    • Pica pica

      Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Elopian economics strike again. 😀 No wonder Nokia is dying when limited availability is considered a good marketing strategy.

  • Doffen

    Nokia did close their European factories recently and now they can’t meet demands. Something seems to be wrong with their planing processes.

    • Pica pica


  • nn

    The only acceptable explanation for this would be that they are on the way to sell more than 10M WP8 phones in Q4. Which they clearly are not. The WP8 launch is botched from the start to end.

    But I’m sure WP fans will use this as one of the excuses as to why we should wait for few more quarters to finally gauge how Elop and WP8 are meeting targets.

    • Noki

      I’m sure we will 🙂

    • dss

      10 mil ? Maybe over the course of the year.. not in a quarter. And that is all their Lumias combined.

  • I don’t exacly know about what you think but you are coming with some conspiracy ones and I think it’s as simple as this:

    Apple can fabricate the phones in no time and all and whatever but they only have iPhone 5 to worry about.

    Nokia, as well as the release of the Lumia 920 they also are releasing Nokia Lumia 820, 822 and 810.

    The demand is big now… It’s normal they cannot do it all in time, besides windows finished wp8 really late…

    • SmoledMan

      Wrong Apple has to manufacture the iPhone 4 & 4S as well.

  • anon2

    A question to all the self proclaimed marketing gurus here – How exactly does crippling the 920’s availability help Nokia ?? Simple answer is that it doesn’t.

    A more likely scenario is that a limited production run of say 2 million Lumia 920’s was undertaken in order to meet initial demand. It’s extremely difficult to accurately predict demand in a fluid market such as the one for smartphones and the last thing Nokia would want is to build up unnecessary stock because ultimately this could have a negative impact on the profit and loss statement.

    • Noki

      Probably, also think nokia can afford another fail as the L900/L800 so Nokia is playing it really carefully minimizing expenses and marketing this time so it can show some profits at the end of the quarter (exclusive deals another examaple), I also think there are clear signs that the Microsoft/Nokia love affair is coming to an end (“Here” as another obvious sign),I belive Nokia is making sure it can survive to test anything else and try to have something that looks like a future in the smartphone area.

      • dss

        Too late for that… its Microsoft or letting the smartphones biz go.

        • Noki

          Depends how well the asha line keeps the nokia on float, I’m sure nokia will still be able to at least sub contract (like the L800) smartphones to test the market with little investment, question is more if nokia will be able to keep itself on float on top of Asha profits… unfortunately for Nokia don’t expect Asha OS to remain competitive for long and WP7 introduction in that price range is nonsense, with the licensing fees being more than the Nokia profit per device (plus it does not sale)

  • discordia

    Great news. Excellent stuff. Next up, hand over Pureview technology. Just be sure to rename it something more identifiable with photography, something cool like ‘Cheese’. ‘Nokia Pureview’ might scare Samsung and other OEMs. Never mind the fact that it was the same Samsung that used the Symbian branding for so many years. But this is Nokia and we are known for making smart, informed decisions. Thats why we are where we are now, right Mr. Elop?

    • Dave

      You don’t see the difference between an Apple device with Google maps, versus an Apple device with Motorola maps?

      Or a Samsung device with Symbian, versus a Samsung device with “Nokia OS” ?

      You think HTC wants to have “Nokia Drive” on their device? “Nokia Maps”? You think Nokia wants “Samsung Siri” on their device?

      It’s the same reason Apple fanboys can play an xbox without their head exploding, it’s not called “Microsoft Gamebox”.

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