Video: Nokia Lumia 920 vs Lumiawannabe 8X

| November 14, 2012 | 34 Replies

Pocketnow compares the Nokia Lumia 920 against the KIRF 8X.




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  • viktor von d.

    this dude has the most boring reviews on the whole web. he is always talking like he is about to fall to sleep

  • ShadowLFC

    Thought you guys would want to know that Phones4U in the UK now have the yellow Lumia 920s. I picked one up just now 😀

    • :O Serious? 😮 zomg.

      • ShadowLFC

        Serious mate. Start running to your nearest. Been told they’re selling lightning quick

  • Luis C.

    I thought you guys ran a serious blog here. Damn it, i have the Nokia Lumia, and yes I also think HTC was too “influenced” byt the Lumia aesthetic, but come on this thing against HTC is really really childish. makes you all look like kids, and makes me feel like unfollowing your rss feed. sheesh.

    • Here Nokia is priority, and well what HTC did is kind of wannabe Lumia. 🙂

    • A serious blog? No, not at all. Title underneath says random, informal. I write and speak what I feel, and as long as HTC continue to spout that the 8X is a pure original HTC design, I’ll continue to call this whatever i see fit.

      BTW, I’ve already toned down what I would usually call this device.

      • paagen


      • Anders81

        No need to tone it down!

      • Prasenjit singh Bist


        and i will continue to torture HTC on their twitter account.. all these asian cartel companies are shiit filled bean counters no innovation only copy and paste

        • Francis

          I think you are self torture in your own room, please look around and visit Asia for better idea whether Asian has no innovation only copy and paste.

          Wake up !

      • Francis

        HTC is long established smartphone maker, no need to badmouth to it. They are pioneer in Microsoft WP since 1997, and Nokia just new comer and yet to shown their history of royalty to Microsoft.

        In my opinion, If we don’t like it, just be professionally comment and do not start to induce hate and fire, as this blog here carry a lot of weight. Let patent professional tell us who is right.

      • +n

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  • DJ

    Lumiawannabe 8X is a WP flagship phone chosen by Microsoft and promoted as one by Ballmer. Microsoft think is better then 920.

    • viktor von d.

      they have to do that so it won’t turn into a nokia only part. i imagine htc wanted the limelight and told microsoft they want to be the launch partner otherwise they won’t support wp anymore. but it’s irrlevant, even if microsoft endorsed the 8x on stage and ballmer had his add with a htc 8x, when he was on stage he said he carries around a lumia 920, the same with bellfiore

    • capedonut

      HTC might just be more willing to promote the “microsoftiness” of the phone than nokia.

    • Just Visiting

      @DJ… it’s a signature phone – i.e. it carries the signature ‘Windows Phone 8’ in the name (Windows Phone 8 *X*).

      Microsoft has NOT dubbed the 8x the *flagship* phone for Windows Phone 8.

    • Rinslowe

      Now way that sht is real…

  • JGrove303

    I got to say, I’m Curious what that HTC’s amp is even good for. The loud speaker on my Lumia 920 is LOUD and clear. I can not imagine needing an amp for headphone drivers under 50mm anyway. Stupid.

    • Mazze

      No, you don’t. It’s just a stupid marketing campaign from HTC.

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  • Benz

    I don’t know where the reviewer got the specs, but did you notice it had the FM radio listed?

    I’m 90% sure I’ll get the 920, but if it had FM radio, I’d be 100% sure… 🙂

    • nep

      The 920 supports Fm radio in it’s hardware but windows phone 8 doesn’t
      Perhaps in a coming update wp8 will, or Nokia will make an app if possible

      • AdiS

        SDK does not support FM

  • AdiS

    WP8 + FM = not love 🙁

  • Rinslowe

    Shocking video review. This guy needed a little prep first, as I’m sure he actually does know more about it than what came across…

    OIS is better because “it has that camera thingy”?? WTF man.

    • Chris

      At least he represents the majority of the smartphone users lol.

  • stylinred

    the 8X has fm radio? but the 920 doesnt? interesting

    • AdiS
      • stylinred

        in the video when he’s going through the specs of both phones the 8Xs spec sheet that he shows says there’s an fmradio when using earphones with antennas in them

        • AdiS

          In official specs page no radio
          In gsmarena specs page no radio
          In SDK no radio
          I know that 920 hardware has radio, but Micrsoft, with “cleverness” do not put radio support in SDK (Software Development Kitt), so Nokia has nothing to do. You can not make an application without tools (SDK).
          Maybe on 8.5 MS talk to us “Amazing. Awesome. Super-amazing. We have FM radio for you” And on WP9 “We have FM transmitter for you” 🙂

          • FM transmitter is never gonna happen in WP for sure..

  • So

    So, this man is reviewerwannabe but fail.